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So, you want to be CSI?

>> Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm a fan of CSI. Whenever I watch an episode, my mind plays along, making conclusions on who killed the victim. I jot down the evidence in my brain. I pick up terms like "abrasions to the neck" or "death by asphyxia." There will be times that I would want to be a forensic scientist and be on the Grissom's team. But of course, there's more to those cool gadgets and medical terms. Before you become a real CSI, you have to go through rigorous training and memorize a lot of terms. Being a CSI is a very big responsibility and there are no short cuts.

For fans like me, Rice University set up an online forensic game that allows the visitor to become a CSI rookie for a few hours (or minutes). They created a game called "CSI: The Experience." The characters are based from CSI Las Vegas and they will guide you through the different rooms in a CSI lab. They will teach you how to analyze evidence such as the autopsy, drug intake in the blood stream, DNA markers, and bullet analysis. I played the game and learned a few tricks done in the show.

My favorite was the DNA analysis because Greg Sanders is the "mentor." He's cute and you'll focus on him rather on the DNA. *laughs* Kidding. Even if Greg is my favorite character on CSI because of his witty one-liners, my favorite room was the autopsy room with Dr. Al Robbins, the coroner. It was the most interactive room, where I got to virtually do an autopsy. There were tools presented and I had to choose the right tools to open up the victim's body. They taught the proper way of slicing up the chest. A y-section (meaning the cut should form a Y), is done first. Then you cut up the ribs using a rib slicer before you can examine the body parts. Blood is extracted from the heart and sent to tox for analysis of drug use. If there's nothing to be seen in the body, you slice open the brain and crack the skull. It's the medical "chainsaw massacre." There is a specific saw to do a cross section of the skull before you can take out the brain. It's surgery without the blood on your hands.

Click on the pictures for full view. No, it's not gross. There's no blood squirting on the screen (*sigh of dismay* I so wanted the blood and gore. hahaha)


There are four training sites to go through. One is the Medical Examiner with Dr. Al, then the Forensic Biology with Greg Sanders (squeeee! I'm his lab rat. HAHAHAH), Firearms and Tool Marks with Cath Willows and Toxicology with Sara Sidle. Firearms and Tool Marks is my next favorite to Medical Examiner. You get to shoot flying targets while answering a quiz on Ballistics. I know how a gun works now and how to analyze it.

I still want to be like Grissom (except for the affair with Sara hahahaha). He's my favorite supervisor among all the other CSI teams (Horacio from Miami and Mac Taylor from NY). He's like the walking literary guy, quoting from Satre to Shakespeare. Horacio sometimes annoys me with his one-liners (and the famous shades). Mac Taylor will always be the Lieutenant from Forrest Gump. Grissom is the man! And I like his pad.

So, you want to be CSI? There are two options:
1. Play the online game.
2. Visit the exhibit and be a CSI for a day. USA is so far away, so I'm content with the online game.

It's a fun game, especially if you're waiting for new episodes of Season 8 to arrive. Waiting for April 24 is taking forever. I want my CSI episodes now. :P


xtrigger_mimai 4:48 PM  

I'm such a geek when it come to forensics. I always wanted to be one. :P I'm not really a big fan of CSI, I prefer NCIS more (because I love Abby Sciuto!) You might wanna check it out too, she's a bad ass forensic scientist! :]

yumiskee kulitskee 9:43 PM  

heyaaah mimai!

OMG. I watch NCIS too. Abby is the character in a bulldog necklace right?

xtrigger_mimai 7:18 PM  

Yep yep. She's the smart goth forensic scientist. :]

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