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positive note on blogging

>> Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm not the kind of person who'd keep a personal blog or journal. Most people would have a public blog, then have a notebook stashed somewhere in their room, filled with their personal insights and secrets. I do have a public blog (three actually), but never a notebook. I've tried writing down personal issues, stories, and experiences in a notebook, but I always end up only filling up ten pages or so. Then I leave it empty. There was one time that I forced myself to finish one notebook, but it wasn't personal. It was just filled with ramblings and nonsense. I just talked about how bored I am in a class, enjoying the texture of the pen touching the fine recycled paper. I never ever wrote about secrets. I didn't write how I was angry about something, or happy that a crush touched my arm, or cried because I didn't get better grades.

The reason why I don't write personal stuff in a notebook because there will come a time that someone will come across it and read it. The events are personal, mine to keep, without any intent of sharing them to random people. When someone would come across it in the future, it's like losing a part of me.

That's why I blog publicly. I blog about stuff I would like to share. I keep to myself the feelings I think would be best if kept private. If I blog it to my own mind, I am assured that no one will be able to pry it out of my mind, unless I am willing to say it. When I have a problem, I tell it to a friend, not write it down.

I write personal stuff in cryptic text. I do not mention names or specific venues. I write them down in a way that no one would relate to, unless I tell the details over ym, the phone, in person or through text messaging. If I blog, I lock my entries to certain people, people whom I've told over the phone. I sometimes post songs, then add one or two sentences saying that it's for this certain person or an explanation of the whole experience. Nothing in detail.

Benefiting Me

Blogging in general topics help me in my writing. I've been blogging since 2004. There would be times that the topics would be shallow, like a sudden burst of emotions over a basketball game or a tennis tournament. I remember one entry I wrote that didn't include any periods. I just kept on typing and typing without stopping. Sometimes, I write repeatedly, with one sentence popping out in every paragraph. There are random stories, sometimes drawn from experience. (Here's a secret: The cindy series are based on an experience, then I tweak it a little bit to make a smooth flow of the plot) I post pictures I took, linking them back to my deviant art or my flickr page.

When I backread, I would see how much I've changed in the way I write. I learn something from the first drafts I write in my blog. The blog is one big shitty first draft, the rawness of my craft. I guess I would say that I've improved since my first blog post. There is still a lot of things to improve on, and I'll get there one entry at a time.

As I age, the technique changes too. Topics change too. Before, I wrote in Taglish. Now, I can write in straight English. I think in straight English too. Blogging has its benefits. It has helped me in my writing.

Blogging x years from now

I will never ever write in a notebook. I will continue writing generally in my blog, going along as how I want it to be. There will be times that I'll flood my blog with youtube videos because that's what I want to share. The message I want to convey is there. There will be times that I'd talk about certain experiences, because I'm happy to tell everyone about what I experienced. There will be times that I'll post one sentence. Everything will be poured in one sentence, the burden all in a few words.

I'll blog till God-knows-when. What you read are things I'd like you to learn about me. What you see are fragments of who I really am. It's up to you to decipher what I'm going through at the moment. All the clues are right in front of you, and that's all I'm going to give.

No, this is not an April Fool's Joke. :P


Cielo 12:13 AM  

you are a true-blue blogger sister...hope you will never loose the creative juices you have in writing, ofcourse there are low points in blogging wherein we suddenly become inactive, but i wish when you experience that ul be up and about always ...keep it up sis

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