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One morning of superhero surprises

>> Saturday, April 05, 2008

Actually, it's a day of surprises.

Chapter 1: ONE MORNING
Yes, there are other morning shows besides Unang Hirit of GMA 7 and Umagang Kay Ganda of ABS-CBN. And no, it's not hosted by Rosa Rosal. (Oh camon, "Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko" yon eh!)

Galileo had this guest appearance in One Morning yesterday. The initial plan was that Mrs. Matti and Apple would be interviewed about the program, while we (T. Beth, Adi, me and the kids) would be in the background doing a Galileo session. We were there at 5:30 in the morning, prepared to show our faces on national tv.

Show started at 6. At birthday pala ni Gloria. May pakanta-kanta pa.

I thought we were like on for like only 5 minutes, then we could leave before the show ended.

But no, we were there for the whole show. Kamusta ang exposure before commercial breaks.

Saw More Than Medals Wushu team. They were interviewd and they did some exhibitions. Didn't get to say hi to Sukey. Kasi naman, we couldn't leave our spot. Ah well.

News, some guys who performed (and sang Happy Birthday for Gloria), features, news again. Ang tagaaaaaaal ng segment namin. The kids were starting to complain na, "Teacher, kelan tayo?"

I entertained them by showing them what goes on inside a studio.

Finally, at I-don't-know-what-time-that-was, the PAs told us to be on standby. Behave mode uli ang lahat. Mrs. Matti was interviewed on the couch, then Apple on the other side with us.

Then the unthinkable happened.


San ka pa, on the spot kung on the spot!

Buti nalang my brain didn't shut down. AT buti nalang hindi siya channel 7 or 2! hahahaha

The best part? They spelled my name as Yumi MITARGUE. HAHAHAHAHA

I am nooooow Teacher Yumi Mitargue. =))

The interview was long. Demmet, ang daming tanong. Imagine my sigh of relief when the host turned over the mic back to Bobby Yan. I glared at Apple and joked, "AKALA KO BA WALANG INTERVIEW?!?!" Hahaha

Walang ka make-up-make-up yan. Lip gloss at kabadong mukha.

the heart throb roque and the pretty charlize

standby everyone! standby!

Chapter 2: Superhero madness

We rushed back to the office to prepare for our surprise party for Mrs. Matti. Good thing she had a lot of meetings that required her to be out of the office. I stayed on Ann's computer and shooed Quincy and Mel out of the other room because we were trying to cram a surprise for them too.

Ailen and I rushed to Asia Tower to set up the venue. The others followed.

Apple did the stalling, we did the decorating, and... SURPRIIIISSEEEE!

Mrs. Matti was screaming when she entered the room. Who are these weird people in costume!

We had games, food, Lolcat speak surprises, a love letter, and the runway.

Project Runway. Mrs. Matti was the judge.

DUNDUNDUNDUNDUN... And the winner is...

THE JEDI MASTER LUMINARA! I wasn't able to put the make-up on my chin, because there was no time anymore. My headdress ripped when we played games. Aisa kasi eh! :P Ah well. All the painting and preparations were all worth it!

Thanks to:
Tita Mimi for the skirt
Tita Mercy for the eyeliner (which I didn't get to use)
Fabric warehouse for the cloth
and the winning prop: Chino Reyes for the wong wong light saber!

The pictures are blurry. That's how hyper we were. :P

Two nights before the party, I prepared my Jedi costume already. Thanks to Joy for sending me Cosplay links. :)

Wong wong wong

The finished product:

the new justice league (crazy edition), superhero heads

we will rule the world... with insanity! the jedi master, the wonderwoman, and the green lantern.

What a great way to end the week and welcome the long weekend!


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