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oliver hopefuls

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

Andrew Lloyd Webber is in the search for the next Oliver for the restaging of Oliver! next year. It has the same set-up as last year's "Any Dream Will Do," a reality show to find the Joseph for West End's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This year's show is entitled "I'd Do Anything," and they're looking for a Nancy and an Oliver.

This show is different from last year, because of the voting style. The audience will vote for the Nancy, while the panel will be choosing the Oliver. John Barrowman is one of the judges!

They aired the show last March 15. I hope it's downloadable somewhere in the world wide web, because I'm sure that this is not available in the country.

I'm attaching a video of the Oliver hopefuls. They're so cute and huggable. I have an instant favorite: Gwion. One of the Olivers, Jordan, reminds me of last year's Joseph hopeful, Keith. Keith was the runner up to Lee Mead. Lee will always be my one and only Joseph. AY. hahahaha

Here are the Olivers singing "Electricity" (it's eel-lectricitee for the British :P)

Let's see how this show goes. If there are no episodes on torrent, there will always be youtube to save me. :P


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