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New clothes for the Joshua

>> Saturday, April 19, 2008

I so want to buy new lens for my camera. I get frustrated when I can't get a shot of something so far away (my lens can only go as far as 55mm).

Ian showed me this and now I want one. 300mm!!! I won't ask for a macro lens na if I have this:

That costs around 28k. It might be cheaper if I buy it in Hidalgo. (According to online sites, it can go as low as 17k) That's the next to buy after I spend for the Josh Groban tickets. I hope to get hold of this by December. I also need to drag Dad to accompany me to Quiapo. Heee.

I also want to buy waterproof case. When I went to Taytay Falls, I was holding on to my camera like a bomb. DSLRs aren't waterproof and if it gets wet, that's 23k down the drain. So if I'm going to the beach or any place with water, I'm gonna need a waterproof case. I won't really care if it can only fit the 18-55mm lens, as long as I can bring it to the water. I sent a message and asked for the price. If it's affordable, I'm going for it. I wanna try those shots where half of the photo is in water, and the other half is out of the water. Ooohlalalala.

I got a reply already. It costs 4k. Daym, ang mahal. Hahaha


Optional 3:14 PM  

yahooooo!!!! ang saya ng lens na yan, 26k-28k range, di ka na lugi dun. pag nakabit mo na sa camera mo yan, di mo na tatanggalin :)

actually, lalabas, 22-23k lang yan, after mo mabenta ung 18-55 :)

yumiskee kulitskee 9:48 PM  

eh kamusta naman, sinong bibili ng 18-55? :P haha

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