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Lack of jobs

>> Monday, April 07, 2008

- According to statistics, over 2 billion million Filipinos are unemployed.
- Fresh graduates prefer to work outside of the country because of the lack of job openings.
- Fresh graduates go abroad because apparently, the pay is bigger.

Question: Are we really in a crisis?
Answer of rallyists, the opposition and leftists: Yes.

The real answer: NO.

I disagree with what the media is saying about the lack of job openings. Online recruitment shows that there are lot of companies that need employees, and there is no need to leave the country to earn money.

It's all common sense.

Take for example, nursing. How many students take nursing as a course? When the nursing results come out in the newspaper, it takes up one whole section of the newspaper. It doesn't even cover all passers; they only post half of the passers, then post the second half on the next day. The font size is barely readable. There are a loooot of nurses.

How many of them have the heart for nursing? I feel bad for those who are nurses at heart, they become part of the group that take up nursing because "they want to earn money." Gone is the respect for those who is taking up nursing seriously, who plan on making a decent job out of taking care of sick people.

There is a need for nurses in Philippine hospitals. But what do these nursing graduates want? Work outside of the country. They don't have the burden to help the country. All they think about is helping themselves and their own family. They don't realize that there is a greater purpose for work, and that is to give back to the country. The Philippines gave them the education, they should give back to their country.

You may reason out: The pay is not that nice here.

Who said that you'll be an instant millionaire? It takes decades to reach your first million. There's no job that will give you your first million after a few months. You work hard for it. Everyone has a fair chance of getting a million, all it takes is the RIGHT job and the RIGHT heart for it. Besides, you still need two years of experience before you are accepted in a hospital abroad. The hospitals will not just get any applicant, they will screen and accept the best. So if you just slack off, there's no chance that you'll make it outside.

The hype on taking up nursing results in the imbalance of the demand for employees. I bet majority of the students want to take up a different course. I bet most of them want to take up arts, engineering, music, architecture, and business. It's simple math, and the people do not understand it.

Let's give an example. There are four cups of equal size. All you have to do is to fill them up according to what is needed. First cup is yellow, second is red, third is green and fourth is blue. You have a bag of beads. Because everyone wants yellow, you dye 80% of them yellow. Fill the cups according to the color. The yellow cup overflows because there are too much yellow beads. There is still a lot of space at the other cups.

Think again, lack of jobs? Or the employees are not distributed equally?

How many companies are in need of engineers? How many companies are in need of scientists? How many schools are in need of excellent teachers? How many companies are in need of psychologists?

I shall ask again, lack of jobs? or different set of priorities?

People blame the government for the lack of jobs. Blame, blame, blame is all they do. The government is spoon feeding the students too much, that they are blinded with the real need for real jobs. They put up call center buildings. They encourage the fresh graduates to leave the country. What is left of us?

I don't have any grudge against call center agents and nurses. It's fine with me, as long as you're called to become that. If I had the gift for customer service, I'd be a call center agent. But it's not my thing and I don't want to earn just because I need money. When it boils down to earning a large amount of money, then that's a different matter.

Forget about the government. Forget about politics. No matter where you go, there will always be corruption. Focus on your work, your gift, your calling. As the cliche goes, "be true to yourself." If you have the gift for painting, please take up arts. You'll find your way to painting success without having the need to leave the country. Yes, the demand is as large as nurses, but once you are excellent with your craft and when someone recognizes you, the reward will come in tow.

The secret is to study. Finishing high school will only take you this far. Finish college with excellent marks. If there is a need, take your masteral degree. Take graduate studies abroad because they can give a different kind of input. THEN GO BACK HOME and share what you have learned from your international teachers.

Build a new generation. I hope that will be the goal of every Filipino. With their talent, they should give back to the country by being a mentor to a new set of leaders. You just don't keep on collecting. Don't be a millionaire by the bank account, be a millionaire at heart.


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