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ASEANS on the move

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Imagine a kid's eyes twinkle as he reaches out to a new toy. Imagine the excitement when that toy is purchased and placed in a crisp new bag. Imagine his hands, wrapped around his brand new toy, as he sits in the car on the way home. His face beaming, smiling with pure joy, clutching a new toy.

Imagine that expression on my face.

I got a new book. I was brimming with happiness when the book was placed in a paper bag and handed to me. Whenever I buy a book that catches my eye, I always have this giddy smile plastered on my face. Just remind me to pay for the credit card bill when it arrives. Thank you to plastic money which delay the loss of money for about two months. Hahaha

This is the time where the young generation is stepping up into their game. The future is now.

It has been predicted that Asia will rise up and dominate the West. Three countries are in their improvement stage: India, Middle East and China. Did you know that India now owns BMW? India produces the best scientists. China consumes the most energy. I quote from a Discovery Channel documentary on China: "Soon China will need a new planet for the developments." The Middle East is making a new world. Dubai is constructing malls, buildings and new lands that will be the eye of the world. Gone is the American Dream. It's now on the East.

The book is about young Southeast Asians being excellent in their field. 40 men and women being recognized in what they do best. They're out to change and help the world in their own ways. This book tells their stories.

I was pretty surprised at the owner of Charles & Keith. I was expecting someone like Tommy Hilfiger, someone close to his age. And American.

Surprise, surprise, a Singaporean has taken the scene.

That's not the catch. The real reason that pushed me to buy this book is because of one Filipino who is part of this group. He was under the category "Creativity."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yes, that is Christian Bautista. I was surprised to see his name (and his face) in that book. But then, I remembered that he's quite famous in other countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia. I have to admit, I have his first album (thanks to Mom for surprising me with it). I've seen him in a stage play, though I wasn't aware of it. (Let's watch West Side Story in October!) He's not the greatest singer on earth, but there's something about him that made me like him.

I haven't finished reading the book yet. I only read the introduction, written by Bam Aquino and took a few snapshots of the book. I'm still addicted to the smell of new books. The glossy pages emit a beautiful aroma. I keep on running my fingers across the cover.

I'm part of this budding generation. Now, what do I have to offer my generation and the next?


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