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Role Playing

>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Role-playing is a great activity to get someone into creative writing. I'm not talking about the RPG in video games because I don't have the finger dexterity to collect gems, build cities or whatever you do in a role-playing game.

Chikai, Trish, Martha and I have been doing this role-playing stories through text. It's been a habit whenever we're talking about someone (most of the time when it's about favorite artists), we involve them into some imaginary scenario.

Where is he now? I ask, to which one of them would answer, "He's on the stage, performing this song."

I'm here at the buffet table. Food's great! It's like having seeing them, imagining that we are all in one cosmic place, having fun. It sounds delusional, I know, but it's fun. It gets my creative mind working. We describe the stage, the place, where people are situated, how the plot thickens, how the story ends at night. It's like a play forming through text messages.

Hey, you can actually make a play out of this experience. A play about a play through text. Oooooh. Box in a box in a box.

Hours before the so-called party in our heads, we would do the pre-productions. We prepare the VIP and guest list. We have featured performers. A party should always have live music!

Martha would tell about how she would prepare for the event, what she will bring, who she's bringing with her. Chikai would always be the event coordinator. There was one time that she made a poster for a birthday party (boredom during class, perhaps? haha). Trish is always missing in action, leaving us alone to be with her date! Humph. *laughs out loud* I'm the party pooper, looking out for juicy stuff. iScandal! And I'm always hoarding the food. Our primary job: keep addicting stuff away from our favorite artists or else they'll go hyper!

Great examples:
1. keep coffee away from Mikey and Gerard way
2. pixie sticks from Josh Groban

It can be a good idea for a class activity. A collaborative work by the minds of an artistic class. Creative writing is fun. I love my course.


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