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meeting the sun

>> Saturday, March 29, 2008

My friends and I dropped by Ateneo to hang out. Classes were over, so technically we had the whole place to ourselves.

We checked out the "12 Senses" art installation between Dela Costa and Soc Sci. It's interactive, you have to use your senses to make them work. I couldn't get the rubbing dishes to sound off. It's like running your finger on the rim of a wine glass. My hands were getting hot from all the rubbing, and I couldn't hear a thing. I gave up.

It was nice to be outdoors again. We realized that we miss school and SOME (note: some) of the classes. Nothing beats the student life!

Jace writes on the wish table. You write your wish using a paintbrush and water on the tablet, and the heavens will "absorb" it. :) Very nice concept.

Geopet trying to meditate inside a Nautilus.

*evil laugh* sorry Geopet, Cerz's taken.

Geopet gave me a title for this. :) "Wallflower"

Cerz and Me! (and the new glasses. :P heeeeeeeee)

The rest of the pictures are in my Multiply. I saw the Nana, the Marco (I got a hug!), and Raph. :)


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