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me and my mate

>> Monday, March 03, 2008

I don't have anything else to post, but I want to post something.

I was browsing through my pictures and I found a set that my friend Jason took of me. This was taken last January, when I went out with Cerz, Paulo, Geopet and Jace to watch Sweeney Todd in TriNoma. We spent the afternoon chatting in Starbucks and at the same time do a great lot of camwhoring.

The great thing about friends with cameras is that you get to have a picture. Since I got Joshua, I rarely have pictures of myself. I'm always clicking away, taking pictures of other people. It's gonna look weird if you point a huge ass DSLR to your face for narcissistic pictures. But since Jace has his own DSLR (waves to Ford), my face gets published on the world wide web.

It's another picture post. My face picture post. Rather, me and Joshua. Haha

Ok. I have to shut down this computer and take a nap instead. Today is a Galileo holiday, after having Saturdays of events. Rest day for my brain. I'm gonna lie down now, let my brain wander by itself and discover the magic of dreams.


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