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knowing me

>> Monday, March 10, 2008

When I'm not in the mood, I keep quiet. I can try to be hyper and happy in instant messages, but my face would be blank and expressionless. There would be times that I'd force myself to laugh, but I can only manage a smile. It'll be evident in messages if I'm not in the mood. Answers will be given in a sentence. Sometimes, even just a word. To excuse myself from being a beeyatch, I would go offline and say that I have to do something.

What do I do?

I sleep. I read a book. I stare and zone out. I turn on the television and change the channels every one minute. I sleep. I sleep.

What destroys my mood?

When I'm sleepy and people drag me into stuff I don't like to do.
When I'm plain sleepy.
When I'm busy and people pester me for a conversation.
When certain people diss their work almost every day. I don't mind if you diss your work, but for an everyday habit just to catch my attention? Be smart enough and stay away from me.
When people frequently argue over silly things.
Slow pokes during an urgent meeting.
FC = Feeling close people

I don't have a quick temper. As much as possible, I try do extend my patience because those people probably don't know that they're annoying me. But once I tell them to stop and they continue to be beeyatches, that's when I keep quiet and shoot dagger looks at you. I told you once, so get a hint bozo.

No, I'm not in a bad mood today. I'm just sleepy. Three hours till I go home and get some decent sleep. Shoo, don't pester me no more.


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