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Daddy Minolta

>> Monday, March 03, 2008

Dad remembered this camera hidden in his filing cabinet. He mentioned it after lunch and told me that it was an SLR.


Yes o yes.

I remember this old chap. I used to be so ashamed of it during high school. During high school graduation, all of the other parents had their eyes away from the camera, with screens flashing in front of their faces. My dad had one eye closed and one eye to the eyepiece of the "hideous and huge" camera. They had the digital cameras, my dad had this unknown camera.

Who would've thought that a so-called hideous for me would be so oh-so-cool now?

The camera's a Minolta with two lenses and a flash. Lucky Minolta, my Nikon doesn't even have a swanky flash. I don't use my flash because it doesn't produce nice results.

There was no film around, so I just tinkered with it and took pictures of it. If I'm gonna try out the Minolta, I would need someone to help me with it. At least a professional photographer. I don't want to waste my 36 shots because I'm a noob when it comes to photography. :P I can't afford to waste a roll of film on pffft pictures. I want an ooomph on film.

I went "ooohhhh" and "woaaaaaaaaaah" at the knobs on the lens. In a DSLR, the aperture and shutter speed is controlled on a knob on the camera body. The aperture, zoom and depth of field is controlled on the lens. So many numbers on the lens! Manual is the way to go!

I took out the lens and toyed with it. I remember RJ explaining aperture to me over ym. I had no clue on his first explanation on what aperture meant. As I twisted and changed the aperture settings on the Minolta lens, I could see the shutter going smaller or larger. I described aperture to Jenn once as the squinting of the eye. Now, I saw what it really meant! Ohhhhh amazeeeeeng staaaffff.

My mind went crazy when I couldn't find the knob to open the camera. I pressed every button, turned every possible knob, and I still couldn't get it open. "Where will I put the film?! Whaaaat the heeeeelll!" Ignoramus alert, panic attack.

DADEEEEEEEEE. Opeeen for me puhleeezzzeee!

With just a pop on the rewinder, click! The camera popped open. OHHHHHHHH.. Another discovery. COOOOOOLLLLLLLL. Lemme try, lemme try. Pop! Click! Pop! Click!

I'll buy a film soon and take it out for a ride. The eye-piece is kinda dirty, I don't know how to clean it. My breath isn't enough to wipe off the smudgy view. *breathes* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH... It's all blurry when I look through it. The lens are clean and the mirror inside the camera is clean too. So, shrug, I dunno.

I can't find my camera brush! It's here somewhere, and it's hiding from me. Peek-a-boo, where are you?

No more bad feelings Minolta, okhaaay? I'm not ashamed of you anymore. You are one cool doode.


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