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to the APO: moar moar!

>> Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Tonight, you will be devirginized by the APO."

I was one of the many people who clapped when the APO asked who were the first-timers. Ok wait, lemme rephrase that. Erase, erase, rewind, rewind. Let's do it in script style.

APO: Sino yung mga first time na nakanood ng show namin? Pumalakpak naman kayo diyan! (Who are the people who watched us for the first time? Clap your hands!)
(a lot of people clapped)
APO: Aba, mga first-timers. Naiintindihan ko pa yung mga bata, pero may nakikita pa akong matatanda. 39 years na kaming nagsshow, ngayon niyo lang kami napanod? Ano yon, ngayon lang kayo pinayagang lumabas ng mga magulang niyo? O ganon katagal kayong nagipon para sa concert na ito? (Hey, we have first timers! I can still understand the attendance of the youth, but I see old people clapping their hands. We're 39 years in the business, and this is the first time you saw us perform? Is it because you were only allowed by your parents to watch now? Or it took you that long to save for this concert?)

It was my first time to watch a whole show of the APO. For those who aren't familiar with them (*gasp* you haven't heard of the APO! Oh, you're not Filipino. Wait, you are? From what planet did you come from and you haven't heard of them? Anyway, moving on.) APO is composed by Danny, Buboy and Jim. Waaay back in their high school years, they formed a singing group. It was originally AHS (initials of their school, Ateneo High School), then later changed it to Apo Hiking Society. From then on, they were known as the Apo. They have done over 26 albums in the span of 36 years.

Enough of the history, let's go back to Friday. What's up with Friday? It was their concert, (duh, that's why I'm writing about it now) and we got the chance to see them on stage. Live and alive!

They're amazing (wow of course you know that. Musical geniuses like them won't have two tribute albums in a year if they weren't that great). I've heard their songs on the radio or I've seen them on tv. And seeing them perform live just made me an instant fangirl. Some performers only sound so perfect on cd. Live performances aren't consistent, there would be some stray notes somewhere along their song. But for the APO, they sounded way way way (WAY WAY WAY MIKEY WAY! Ok, random and sooo not connected) better live. Their performance didn't show their age. It showed their maturity. Maturity in professionalism, maturity in their spiels (oh I'd tell you, some of their punch lines are for the mature audience), and maturity in their passion.

Performers like them are timeless. The wonderful thing about them is that they weren't scared of injecting the pop culture to their songs. They did a medley of their songs, where they sang it to the tune of popular performers. They danced and sang to the style of Beyonce, a rock band, and even those hip hop artists. Imagine your tito singing his favorite old-timer song to Beyonce. Only a cool uncle would be willing to shake bootays to it. Yes, APO did shake some bootays. Shake, shake, shake!

The secret to their group is how they connected to the audience. That's what the bands nowadays lack. APO didn't need any hosts, they were the hosts of their own shows. Their spiels were hilarious. They knew how to tickle the funny bone of the general audience. No fancy schmancy dances, no back up singers. It's just the band, them, and the audience. There were concerts that I've watched with big screens on the walls just in case you couldn't see the performers. They didn't need it. You can see them perform just by listening to them. Their voices gave so much emotion that you'd bawl your eyes out while laughing.

I realized that I knew a lot of APO songs. That's how I am, I know a song but I don't know who the artist of that song. It was the same with their songs. I kept on going, "Ahhh. APO pala yan."

Ew. Why am I talking like a fan girl? Oh wait, I AM a fan! I can't believe I stood up after their show and shouted "More, More!" until they came out and did an encore.

APO will make you laugh. It made me feel good after an overwhelming, teary, cry-cry Friday morning.


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