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reputation gone

>> Thursday, February 07, 2008

My reputation is destroyed.

I'm supposed to be this girl who doesn't like rock music. The girl who places "anything but rock music" under "Favorite music" in her Friendster profile.

Favorite band: Orchestra (yes, I actually placed those in slum books when I was in grade school)
Favorite singer: Josh Groban

See, the mellow ones! Not the kind of music that would make your heart pound with all the ridiculously fast drum beats.

*Points a bony finger at Bella Way* Wa-wait, but it was a fat finger yesterday!

This cannot be! I shouldn't be ogling and drooling over Mikey Way (and now, Frank Iero). They're sweaty, their hair is all over the place, and they lie on the floor while strumming their guitars. They're part of this screamy, rock band name My Chemical Romance.

I shouldn't be saying, "Fire me up!" to a guy who kisses Gerard Way. I shouldn't be singing along to "Teenagers," quoting the "Ghost of You," or even watching "I Don't Love You!"

I shouldn't be dreaming of Frank wrapping his arms around me. I shouldn't be dreaming of his hair. I shouldn't be remembering the hug from my dreams.

But here I am, begging for Frank and Mikey pictures from the Bella Way. Here I am, talking for hours with the Bella, with only one topic, My Chemical Romance. Here I am, laughing at the poor and sorry state I am in. Here I am, contradicting the very music I was supposed to hate.

The world has come to an end! *Drops to the ground*

Bella Way, this is all your fault! You and your husband has ended my angelic (HA! HA! HA! Yeah right.) profile!



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