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Hold your breath

>> Friday, February 01, 2008

Even if I'm comfortable with my laps, I'm lazy to add to them. I broke my promise of adding 10 laps every time I feel that my sets are getting easy to accomplish.

To make up for it, I tried something different. My stroke habit is that I take a breath after four strokes. One after gliding in the water, then one after every four strokes. All in all, it takes me three breaths before I reach the other end. Last Wednesday, after taking one breath on my glide, I didn't breathe again. I pushed myself until the other end of the pool without taking my routinely breath.

It's actually possible! I was already struggling when I used my paddles because of the extra effort I gave. The paddles use up my energy, in exchange for a faster swim speed. I had to hold my breath for 13 strokes. Lung power!

Surprisingly, my strokes with the paddles went smoothly. I sometimes do a wrong stroke entrance during freestyle. I'm supposed to cut through the water by letting the tips of my fingers enter the water first. If I don't pay attention (or pay too much attention), I tend to slap the water palm first. It's a bad stroke because the hands push on the water, creating more pressure on the muscles, and lessening the strength of the stroke. I lose more power when I have the paddles and do the stroke incorrectly. Last Wednesday, I didn't slap the water. Cool.

I'll try that technique again on Monday. Or maybe try adding another 10. NAAAAAAAAAAAH...


kamskee now kaakaams,  2:52 AM  

hi po! can you edit my link to www.kaakaams.co.nr?? thanks po! please lemme know if na edit mo na sis.. okay?? thanks again! ingat! sorry if i had to post this here pa on your 'comment' part kasi i was trying to post it in your shoutbox pero i think something's wrong.. ayaw mag post ehh.. sorry talaga sis!

yumiskee kulitskee 10:21 AM  

kakams! i edited your link already, kaso when I tried visiting your site, nag-eerror siya. :(

marga 3:32 PM  

bebe! i just discovered the best olympic pool in the metro EVARRRR! makati aqua sports arena is lurrve! owen and i are going later :)

yumiskee kulitskee 4:12 PM  

bab! saan sa makati yan? baka mamatay ako sa olympic size. haha I might not be able to reach 10 laps. hahahahaha

you make kwento after the swim ha!

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