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a day in school

>> Saturday, February 16, 2008

To veer my mind away from the very sad news I received a few days ago, I took out my camera and raided my toy cabinet. My Playmobile set is still in tiptop shape so I asked them to model for me. They were patient enough to help me with my photography, since I didn't have other people to shoot. They're people too, only in plastic. That will do.

Wanna go for a ride?

back to school! another day in the life of a mentor

The rest of the pictures are in my flickr. You can also check my deviant art.


stepanya 12:44 AM  

ganda ng playmobile mo!! garden lang yung ganyan ko huhu.

yumiskee kulitskee 1:59 PM  

meron ka rin?!? join forces tayo dali! para magkaron ng baong friends yung playmobile mo :P

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