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Taking pictures

>> Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In less than a week, I have already taken over 1000 pictures. Most of them are test shots, as I tried on different apertures and shutter speeds (did I just say a technical term over there?). Everything around me become instant models, may it be a stuffed toy, books, and random people.

It still hasn't sunk in. Every time I see the camera on my table or pictures, I keep on thanking God for this great gift. I managed to survive before with only my camera phone, and doing the necessary edits using photoshops. Now that I have Joshua, I can take better pictures. Yey for cameras!

Now to save for lenses and maybe workshops on photography. Mom gave an excellent suggestion that will help me in my writing. :) Let's see how that goes.

I wrote a poem in 2006, comparing a camera to the eye. I posted this in my DeviantArt, and now I'm posting it here.

by yumipitz

Lids are shutters
capturing a photograph
of images, color, and light.

is the word
to twist tube-like lenses
for automated
zoom ins and outs

The mind is an endless
roll of film
storing each frame
in a bank
of memory, of remembering

Words are strung into
into a signal of nerves
developed into
a new memory
that is shared
with another shutter.

Here's to 1000 and more pictures! Thanks to Billy for the picture, by the way.


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