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Say "ventriloquist" without opening your mouth

>> Sunday, January 06, 2008

I just finished watching Jeff Dunham's ("dunnam" according to Jeff, but for Peanut, it's pronounced as "Dun-HAM" ... *in a small voice* "dot com!") DVD, and my cheeks are painful from all the laughing. He's my favorite comedian.

I came across his performance when I was downloading various short clips of Comedy Central from Limewire. Jeff's unique because he does not only think of the best jokes, he is also a ventriloquist. A ventriloquist (Bubba J: you don't eat meat?!) is a person who can give voices to puppets without the need of hiding himself under a table. He can speak clearly without moving his mouth. Jeff does that. He can even simultaneously voice two puppets at the same time, while speaking as himself. How the hell does he think of his script while thinking of the specific voices for his puppets? Talent, I say, talent.

Among his puppets (Bubba J, Sweet Daddy D, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno, Melvin, Walter, and Achmed), the woozle Peanut is my favorite. He's wacko, he's crazy, and his character is so funny. Especially when he gets into a fight with Jose Jalapeno (on a steek). Jeff always puts Peanut and Jose on stage at the same time and they bicker like hell.

Jeff: Did you have a nice day?
Peanut: Yes.
Jose: No.
Peanut: Shut. Up.
(they bicker for a minute)
Jeff: You should've taken him to the spa.
Peanut: Yes, I took him to the spa.
Jose: He took me to the vegetable steamer.
Peanut: It's the same thing! It gets hot, it gets steamy, and it goes, "DING!"

Watch the whole thing. This came from "Arguing with Himself." It's friggin' hilarious.

Trish said that Peanut has a crush on Jeff. It shows that Peanut is Jeff's favorite because of the long exposures. Thus, Peanut loves to make a joke out of Jeff. The audience loves Peanut too. Peanut has this sing-song way of telling jokes. I get LSS on the way he says "What the hell." I can't find a clip of it on YouTube and I don't know how to extract that short sing-song line from the video I have.

Clips from his DVD are scattered across YouTube. All you have to do is type out "Jeff Dunham" and almost all his clips will pop out. Someone should post the Peanut portion from the other dvd, "Spark of Insanity" because that's the most hilarious Peanut performance ever. I kept on burying my face in my hands from laughing. This is one stomach ache I would like to enjoy very much.


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