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sa na ta ah na

>> Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In a Peanut voice: "Ahmighad!" I found the Spark of Insanity clips by Jeff (fafa) Dun-HAM (dot com). Thank you YouTube!

Walter: What happens in DC, stays in YouTube.

Warning: YouTube clips overload.

1. Peanut mispronounces Santa Ana. "Sah-na-ta-ah-na" (Arguing With Myself)

I won't put in the second clip anymore because it's the one I placed in the previous post. The spa session.

2. Peanut reading Dunham as Dun-HAAAM and not "Dunnam"

3. Peanut doing his signature gesture, the zooming over the head. Apparently, there are different ways of doing it.

4. Jose joins Peanut on stage and bicker about immigrations.

5. This time it's Walter.


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