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>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

If you want the blood and gore, go watch Sweeney Todd. The art in every death is so bloody, you want to squeal in delight. Not because of the morbid-ness of it all, but how perfectly Tim Burton directed it. The colors, the zoom ins and outs, the creative input. It's a perfect movie to analyze.

Oh, I'm going all Badong Bernal over again.

(Little background. Sir Badong Bernal is our aesthetics teacher, and the National Artist for Theater Design!!! We love him so much that every time we watch a movie, we analyze it and see the purpose of each scene or costume, even if we're outside the classroom or aren't enrolled in his class anymore. He taught us how to see the art in things, that's why my mind was racing while watching Sweeney Todd. I saw a looooot of things to analyze. :P)

Tim Burton loves dark colors. Notice that the real scenes are dark, while the dream sequence is in bright and light colors. It's like they're living in a nightmare, just as Johanna said to Anthony, "All I have are nightmares." Each of them is living in depression or sadness. Sweeney for his wife, Mrs. Lovett for her business, Anthony for his fate with Johanna, Johanna for her destiny with Judge Turpin, Toby for his abusive past, Pirelli for his fake elixir, and so on and so on. It is only Mrs. Lovett who adds color, when she dreams of something else beyond her meat pie shop, bringing two people she cared about: Toby and Sweeney. It's as if that happiness can only be achieved in dreams and after a song, they'll be brought back to the harsh reality they all have to face.

Then goes the mad lady. A mad person is an occurring symbol in musicals. Mad persons are usually those who see the sanity in things. They tell the truth, they see what is real, they know what sits behind all those lies. When the mad lady screamed "sign of the devil" as she saw the smoke coming out of Mrs. Lovett's furnace, she knew what is cooking in them. She tried to tell the people who is enjoying the meat pies, but unfortunately, since she's the "mad person," no one believed her. She's also one of those characters who is living in a nightmare. Poor her.

Even the lights hanging outside Mrs. Lovett's meat pie shop (during the flourish of her business) has something to say. Notice the color. Red. It's as if blood is hovering over them. The blood that Sweeney has shed has shone light over Mrs. Lovett's meat pies.

Trish and I were talking about the costumes. During the dream sequence, my friend Geopet noticed that the scene resembled My Chemical Romance's video, "I don't love you." Even the costumes reminded us of MCR. Trish mentioned minutes ago that the costume designer for Sweeney Todd was also the costume designer for Black Parade. Swanky isn't it? Now there goes the connection.

It doesn't matter anymore if they removed some songs from the original musical by Stephen Sondheim. It's still a wonderful musical. Imagine, Johnny Depp singing. The boy who plays Toby, Ed Sanders, is a genius with his voice. His transformation from a weakling to a vengeful boy at the end is really evident. Helena Bonham Carter is um, still Helena. Haha, I mean she always look like a lost goth, with her white face and unkempt hair. Don't get me wrong, she's perfect for the role. Anthony reminds me of an emo pop artist. Trish doesn't want to agree with me when I said Anthony looks like Kyle Patrick of Click Five. It's the hair and the shape of the face that made me think he looks like the Kyle. The actress who plays Johanna is fine, though sometimes her high notes are shrilly. Oh well, even the actress in the 1982 musical had similar timber for Johanna. I guess it's intentional.

Oh, to be able to enjoy the movie, you have to be legal. Meaning, you're 18 and above. If the movie houses denies you entry, there's always the download. Haha, kidding.


tzie 3:00 PM  

is it really that good?:) ang dami ko na nababasa about the movie. shh. cant wait.:)

yumiskee kulitskee 6:20 PM  

it is! go watch! it is really a must-see!

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