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Dusting off dust

>> Saturday, January 05, 2008

This year is about starting anew. With new plans to fulfill and tricks to discover, it is also a year to take out that memory box and blow the dust off the surface.

After heaven-knows-how-long, I lifted off the dusty cover of my piano and brought it back to life this afternoon. One hour every weekend, I promised the piano. I'll add an hour again during the summer. Maybe find a way in my budget to get back to lessons. I must not let go of what I started in Grade 1.

My piano's gonna kick me now. "FINALLY! Someone remembered me!"

I held my nose when I took off the cloth covering the piano. The once black and white checkered table cloth was now all grey from all the dust it accumulated in the piano room. Thank you to the ever trusty Pledge, I restored its shine and wiped all the dust. It smells orange-y too. I didn't bother washing the rag that I used. I threw it away. I think no washing machine detergent or soap bar can clean that dirty rag.

It's a miracle! I can still read notes -- a bit rusty though, which can be improved with practice. I thought I'll be reading the notes in the FACE or EGBDF (Every Good Boy Does Fine) way. My piano has forgiven me, I can still recognize the notes and the tempo in a jiffy.

Johannes Brahms, why does your waltz have to be so difficult? The tempo is fine, but how are you supposed to play five notes at a time. Not just five notes, they're spread out in an octave. I even think it's more than an octave. My thumb will have play two notes. Now I need bone extensions for my fingers. Haha

Waltz in A Flat? Tsss. BRING IT ON BRAHMS! Give me all Saturdays of the month till June. YOOOOUUU WILL SEEEEE!!!


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