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Be-e-end and snap!

>> Friday, January 25, 2008

I watched Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon when I was in high school. At first I thought it was some blonde moment with all the dumbness and the pink dresses. The movie proved that blondes can do something, such as being true to sisterhood and winning a court case.

I was surprised to see that Broadway made a musical out of the movie. Fab-yoo-loos! I want to see this on stage; better, be part of the chorus. The music fits the genre of college blondes and jocks, mixing the musical theme with the pop culture. You can't put operatic Patty LuPone style of singing in a giddy spring break mood. Hats off to the production team and the musical director, as well as the choreographer.

MTV gave the audience a backstage pass as well as front row tickets to see the musical on tv. One of my favorite songs is "Chip on my Shoulder," where Emmet was telling Elle about his journey to get into Harvard -- that it's not all about love and vanity to get through college, but hardwork and determination.

There's a chip on my shoulder
And it's as big as a boulder
With the chance I've been given
I'm gonna be driven as hell

I'm so close I can taste it
So I'm not gonna waste it
Yeah, there's a chip on my shoulder
You might wanna get one as well

Boohoo, YouTube doesn't have the video for "Get into Shape." It's also a favorite because Brooke, the accused Delta Nu member whom Elle freed, sung her song while doing aerobics. I wonder how she was able to reach the high notes without wheezing through those jumps and poses. I want to learn the moves too.

They didn't forget the bend and snap!

I'm adding this to my "to watch" list when I get to NY to watch plays. Well, whenever that will be. They even used real dogs for Bruiser and Paulette's dog (I forgot the name). Trained dogs who barked on cue. Soooo cute.

Let's all get a perm! But hey! Don't go in the shower, not until 48 hours after the perm! Or else, you'll be guilty for lying!


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