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at night

>> Saturday, January 26, 2008

Night shots are difficult to do. You either have to have a tripod, or a steady hand to avoid blurry pictures. Once you get it right, you'll have perfect lights shining on your camera.

This is a picture I took of the Makati Skyline last Thursday. It's a bit shaky, because I didn't have a tripod with me. The shutter speed is slow so that the right amount of light will enter the lens, so it takes a great deal of patience to get perfect night shot. I do want to take a picture from the MRT Buendia Station. I'll do that next time, especially when the sun is setting and there's a streak of blue, purple and orange on the sky. A perfect combination for the army of buildings in Makati.

Another place for beautiful night pictures is along Roxas Boulevard. Even though the Aesthetics class of Badong Bernal will agree that those pompom lights are hideous, the colorful lights are fun to photograph. They contrast the coconut trees and look like distracting giant lollipops, but they add color to the street. Halogen street lights, green lanterns on trees, and even the fountain in CCP would be a perfect addition to a shot list.

For day pictures, I'd like to try Manila and Quiapo. Those places may be unsafe to bring expensive cameras, but they produce very expressive pictures. I love taking pictures of people in action and Quiapo is that place to be. When I bought my camera in December, I saw a lot of potential shots. The vendors outside Quiapo church, the fortune tellers, the kid asking for alms, the man selling drain cleaners, the people waiting in line for a Jollibee meal. You can focus on one face in the sea of people. The chaos of it all is wonderful.

So far, all of my pictures are still life, since there are only three people here at home. My usual models are dad's pair of shoes, the faucet, mom's plants, my books, and our stray cat. Joshua (my camera) wants to see more.

When I get one day off, I want to explore Manila and take a thousand pictures. Wait, make that 500 because that's how many my memory card can hold. :P


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