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Corrinne May

>> Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Every hope, every prayer lies in the heart of a seed that flowers
Intertwined all across the land
We're all seeds in the maker's hand"
- Beautiful Seed, Corrinne May

A Singaporean has tickled my favorite music list. Corrinne May is a new artist from Singapore, and her album has reached Platinum. I first heard her on the radio last Saturday. Her voice is mellow and relaxing. She weaves lyrics like an inspirational book. I fell in love with her music the first time I heard her.

She has the gift of words, and one of the few who can write lyrics that aren't cliche. She should be given more exposure, because she has a lot of potential.

I like "Safe in a Crazy World" better than "Beautiful Seed", because she added catchy drum beats to her songs. The melodic voice is still there, but more instruments to keep your head bopping. I think she became experimental with "Safe in a Crazy World." The arrangement was modern, adding machine-like sounds to some of her songs. But don't get me wrong, I still like "Beautiful Seed."

Here is one of my favorite songs from her SINCW. The video doesn't have pictures, it's just audio, so just sing along. :D

Everything In its time

Sometimes i wonder what lies ahead
How long til my hunger is fed
They say it's hard to make it in this part of town
so many people on this merry-go-round

Some folks try astrology
Some turn to crystal balls
To find an answer
To get through it all
I just fall on my knees and i try to pray
in the silence i can hear Him say

The river runs and the river hides
Out to the ocean and under the sky
I promise you, the answer will come
Hold on to patience and watch for the sign
Everything in its time

I often feel like that i'm two steps behind
Somebody must have moved that finish line
There are a thousand reasons
why i should give up
But i'm stubborn in the things i believe

The river runs and the river hides
Out to the ocean and under the sky
I promise you, the answer will come
Hold on to the patience and watch for the sign

'cause maybe there's another plan
One i still cant see
A little surprise, like your love in your life
Funny how time changes how we see

The river runs and the river hides
Out to the ocean and under the sky
I promise you, the answer will come
Hold on to the patience and watch for the sign
Everything in its time
Everything in its time


what's your taste in music?

>> Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snagged from Roni. I wonder how many bands I know. I'm ignoramus when it comes to the music industry.

Check the bands you like or heard of.
Don't lie.


[ ] Breaking Benjamin
[x] Paramore
[x] Panic! At The Disco
[x] Linkin Park
[ ] The Academy Is...
[x] Coldplay
[ ] Three Days Grace
[ ] Yellowcard
[x] 30 Seconds to Mars
[ ] Chevelle


[ ] Rascal Flatts
[x] Carrie Underwood (Jake's favorite)
[ ] Leanne Rhymes
[ ] Garth Brooks
[x] Dixie Chicks
[ ] Kenny Chesney
[ ] Tim McGraw
[x] Faith Hill (Thanks to Josh Groban and his duet with her. HAHA)
[x] Shania Twain
[x] Johnny Cash


[ ] Hawthorne Heights
[ ] Chiodos
[ ] Forgive Durden
[ ] Amber Pacific
[x] The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (emo pala sila. haha)
[ ] From First to Last
[ ] Senses Fail
[ ] Underoath
[ ] Something Corporate
[ ] Hit The Lights
[ ] Dear Whoever


[ ] The Hush Sound
[ ] Eisley
[x] Death Cab for Cutie
[x] Dashboard Confessional
[ ] The Killers
[ ] Yeah Yeah Yeahs
[ ] Hot Hot Heat
[x] Gym Class Heroes
[x] Franz Ferdinand
[ ] Modest Mouse

[x] Slipknot
[ ] System of a Down
[ ] Disturbed
[x] Metallica (my grade school classmate Vic loves them)
[x] Guns n' Roses
[ ] Lamb of God
[ ] Slayer
[ ] Hatebreed
[ ] Killswitch Engage

[ ] Teddy Geiger
[x] Ashlee Simpson
[x] Kelly Clarkson
[x] Jesse McCartney
[x] Avril Lavigne (hey, hey you, you, i don't like your girlfriend!)
[x] Pink
[ ] The Veronicas
[x] Daniel Powter (I like his video for "Free Loop")
[x] James Blunt
[ ] Natasha Bedingfield
[x] Ryan Cabrera


[ ] Hellogoodbye
[ ] Cute is What We Aim For
[ ] Cartel
[x] The Click Five (Trish's fault. YEAH YEAH WOAH WOAH!)
[x] Fall Out Boy (teh Mea's favorite. I misheard "Let's Dance" to "This is!" haha)
[ ] Rise Against
[x] Good Charlotte
[ ] Bowling for Soup
[ ] Relient K
[ ] Anti- Flag
[x] Simple Plan


[x] Ying Yang Twins
[ ] T.I.
[ ] Paul Wall
[x] 2pac
[x] Jamie Foxx (he raps?!)
[ ] Ludacris
[ ] Lil' Jon
[x] Outkast
[x] 50 Cent
[x] Kanye West
[ ] Notorious B.I.G
[ ] Young Jeezy
[x] Eminem


[ ] Reel big fish
[ ] The Specials
[ ] Mad Caddies
[ ] Rancid (
[ ] The Aquabats
[x] Sublime
[x] No Doubt (ska pala sila?)
[ ] Madness
[ ] Operation Ivy
[x] Bob Marley

[x] Taking Back Sunday
[x] All American Rejects
[ ] Motion City Soundtrack
[ ] Avenged Sevenfold
[ ] Angels and Airwaves
[x] Evanescence (gasgas sa mga singing contests. haha)
[x] My Chemical Romance (another conversion by the trish velez)
[ ] Drowning Pool
[x] Green Day
[x] Blink 182
[ ] Madina Lake

[x] The Beatles
[x] Led Zeppelin (thanks to Chino)
[x] The Rolling Stones
[x] The Cure
[x] The Who
[ ] Pink Floyd
[x] Jimi Hendrix
[x] Queen
[ ] Van Halen
[ ] Poison
[x] AC/DC

Tennis update:
- women's singles champion: Maria Sharapova (def. Ana Ivanovic) YEAAAAAH!!
- men's singles champion: Novak Djokovic (def. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga) OHLALA! Sorry Federer, Djokovic is now my favorite.
- I want Sharapova's tennis dress:

- Hats off to Tsonga. He beat Nadal in the semis. Come to think of it, he's lucky enough to reach the finals. He's a non-seeder, meaning he's not ranked. So for a "nobody" to beat the number 2 player, Rafael Nadal, that's something.
- I just realized Nadal is hot. HAHA
- I want to watch the Australian open live. LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!


at night

>> Saturday, January 26, 2008

Night shots are difficult to do. You either have to have a tripod, or a steady hand to avoid blurry pictures. Once you get it right, you'll have perfect lights shining on your camera.

This is a picture I took of the Makati Skyline last Thursday. It's a bit shaky, because I didn't have a tripod with me. The shutter speed is slow so that the right amount of light will enter the lens, so it takes a great deal of patience to get perfect night shot. I do want to take a picture from the MRT Buendia Station. I'll do that next time, especially when the sun is setting and there's a streak of blue, purple and orange on the sky. A perfect combination for the army of buildings in Makati.

Another place for beautiful night pictures is along Roxas Boulevard. Even though the Aesthetics class of Badong Bernal will agree that those pompom lights are hideous, the colorful lights are fun to photograph. They contrast the coconut trees and look like distracting giant lollipops, but they add color to the street. Halogen street lights, green lanterns on trees, and even the fountain in CCP would be a perfect addition to a shot list.

For day pictures, I'd like to try Manila and Quiapo. Those places may be unsafe to bring expensive cameras, but they produce very expressive pictures. I love taking pictures of people in action and Quiapo is that place to be. When I bought my camera in December, I saw a lot of potential shots. The vendors outside Quiapo church, the fortune tellers, the kid asking for alms, the man selling drain cleaners, the people waiting in line for a Jollibee meal. You can focus on one face in the sea of people. The chaos of it all is wonderful.

So far, all of my pictures are still life, since there are only three people here at home. My usual models are dad's pair of shoes, the faucet, mom's plants, my books, and our stray cat. Joshua (my camera) wants to see more.

When I get one day off, I want to explore Manila and take a thousand pictures. Wait, make that 500 because that's how many my memory card can hold. :P


Be-e-end and snap!

>> Friday, January 25, 2008

I watched Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon when I was in high school. At first I thought it was some blonde moment with all the dumbness and the pink dresses. The movie proved that blondes can do something, such as being true to sisterhood and winning a court case.

I was surprised to see that Broadway made a musical out of the movie. Fab-yoo-loos! I want to see this on stage; better, be part of the chorus. The music fits the genre of college blondes and jocks, mixing the musical theme with the pop culture. You can't put operatic Patty LuPone style of singing in a giddy spring break mood. Hats off to the production team and the musical director, as well as the choreographer.

MTV gave the audience a backstage pass as well as front row tickets to see the musical on tv. One of my favorite songs is "Chip on my Shoulder," where Emmet was telling Elle about his journey to get into Harvard -- that it's not all about love and vanity to get through college, but hardwork and determination.

There's a chip on my shoulder
And it's as big as a boulder
With the chance I've been given
I'm gonna be driven as hell

I'm so close I can taste it
So I'm not gonna waste it
Yeah, there's a chip on my shoulder
You might wanna get one as well

Boohoo, YouTube doesn't have the video for "Get into Shape." It's also a favorite because Brooke, the accused Delta Nu member whom Elle freed, sung her song while doing aerobics. I wonder how she was able to reach the high notes without wheezing through those jumps and poses. I want to learn the moves too.

They didn't forget the bend and snap!

I'm adding this to my "to watch" list when I get to NY to watch plays. Well, whenever that will be. They even used real dogs for Bruiser and Paulette's dog (I forgot the name). Trained dogs who barked on cue. Soooo cute.

Let's all get a perm! But hey! Don't go in the shower, not until 48 hours after the perm! Or else, you'll be guilty for lying!


All The World's A Stage

>> Monday, January 21, 2008

by William Shakespeare

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players,

They have their exits and entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
Then, the whining schoolboy with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover ,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress' eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon's mouth. And then, the justice
In fair round belly, with good capon lin'd,
With eyes severe, and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws, and modern instances,
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose, and pouch on side,
His youthful hose well sav'd, a world too wide,
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again towards childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

Gary Oldman agrees too. :)

I know it's an old ad, but I encountered the poem by Shakespeare this morning and remembered Nokia's ad again.

The world's a stage. We act for an audience. They react to how well we act out a scene. Our entrance cue are the cramps and term called "labor" from our mother. The curtain falls down on our death. We prepare our own props and costumes, do our make-up appropriate and modulate our voices for each scene. Plot after plot, conflict after conflict, each having a purpose and a higher meaning to our own stage.

Which play are you in? Who do you play for?


The other Atenean

>> Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm not the only Atenean in the family.

My dad keeps this old Ateneo yearbook of my great grandfather, Lolo Andres. It dates back to 1916, where girls weren't allowed in Ateneo grounds. The only course at that time was the Humanities and everyone was required to study Latin, Spanish, and Greek.

30 mm - f/4.2 - 1/15 sec - ISO 400

I still got the privilege to meet Lolo Andres. My dad took care of him during his last 10 or so years on earth, that's why Lolo Andres gave us his house when he died. (There's still an engraved date in our bodega, decades before I was born).

He was born November 30, 1896. It's the Andres Bonifacio day, that's why he was named after the leader of the Katipunan. Dad was also named after him because of the same birthdate. One month after Lolo Andres' birth, Jose Rizal died. My lolo was party of hees-to-ree!

Go Ateneo!


how 'bout a shave?

>> Saturday, January 19, 2008

If you want the blood and gore, go watch Sweeney Todd. The art in every death is so bloody, you want to squeal in delight. Not because of the morbid-ness of it all, but how perfectly Tim Burton directed it. The colors, the zoom ins and outs, the creative input. It's a perfect movie to analyze.

Oh, I'm going all Badong Bernal over again.

(Little background. Sir Badong Bernal is our aesthetics teacher, and the National Artist for Theater Design!!! We love him so much that every time we watch a movie, we analyze it and see the purpose of each scene or costume, even if we're outside the classroom or aren't enrolled in his class anymore. He taught us how to see the art in things, that's why my mind was racing while watching Sweeney Todd. I saw a looooot of things to analyze. :P)

Tim Burton loves dark colors. Notice that the real scenes are dark, while the dream sequence is in bright and light colors. It's like they're living in a nightmare, just as Johanna said to Anthony, "All I have are nightmares." Each of them is living in depression or sadness. Sweeney for his wife, Mrs. Lovett for her business, Anthony for his fate with Johanna, Johanna for her destiny with Judge Turpin, Toby for his abusive past, Pirelli for his fake elixir, and so on and so on. It is only Mrs. Lovett who adds color, when she dreams of something else beyond her meat pie shop, bringing two people she cared about: Toby and Sweeney. It's as if that happiness can only be achieved in dreams and after a song, they'll be brought back to the harsh reality they all have to face.

Then goes the mad lady. A mad person is an occurring symbol in musicals. Mad persons are usually those who see the sanity in things. They tell the truth, they see what is real, they know what sits behind all those lies. When the mad lady screamed "sign of the devil" as she saw the smoke coming out of Mrs. Lovett's furnace, she knew what is cooking in them. She tried to tell the people who is enjoying the meat pies, but unfortunately, since she's the "mad person," no one believed her. She's also one of those characters who is living in a nightmare. Poor her.

Even the lights hanging outside Mrs. Lovett's meat pie shop (during the flourish of her business) has something to say. Notice the color. Red. It's as if blood is hovering over them. The blood that Sweeney has shed has shone light over Mrs. Lovett's meat pies.

Trish and I were talking about the costumes. During the dream sequence, my friend Geopet noticed that the scene resembled My Chemical Romance's video, "I don't love you." Even the costumes reminded us of MCR. Trish mentioned minutes ago that the costume designer for Sweeney Todd was also the costume designer for Black Parade. Swanky isn't it? Now there goes the connection.

It doesn't matter anymore if they removed some songs from the original musical by Stephen Sondheim. It's still a wonderful musical. Imagine, Johnny Depp singing. The boy who plays Toby, Ed Sanders, is a genius with his voice. His transformation from a weakling to a vengeful boy at the end is really evident. Helena Bonham Carter is um, still Helena. Haha, I mean she always look like a lost goth, with her white face and unkempt hair. Don't get me wrong, she's perfect for the role. Anthony reminds me of an emo pop artist. Trish doesn't want to agree with me when I said Anthony looks like Kyle Patrick of Click Five. It's the hair and the shape of the face that made me think he looks like the Kyle. The actress who plays Johanna is fine, though sometimes her high notes are shrilly. Oh well, even the actress in the 1982 musical had similar timber for Johanna. I guess it's intentional.

Oh, to be able to enjoy the movie, you have to be legal. Meaning, you're 18 and above. If the movie houses denies you entry, there's always the download. Haha, kidding.


What is truth?

>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

Simple lang naman eh. Pero dahil sa Philo na yan, maraming mga tanong ang pumapasok sa utak ko. Napapaisip ako lagi kapag may lumalabas sa bibig ko. Tulad ng,

"What is truth?" (Ay, biglang nag-ingles.)

Tinanong ko yan kahapon, habang nagkakada-gulo-gulo na utak ko sa mga nangyayari sa linggong 'to. Sabi niya sasabihin niya yung katotohanan. Pero maniniwala ba ako sa susunod niyang sinabi? May reputasyon na siya sa pagsisinungaling. Ano ang mas paniniwalaan ko, yung mga kasinungalingan na sinabi niya bago siya nangako, o yung mga sinabi niya pagkatapos mangako?

Ano mas matimbang, yung sinasabi niyang katotohanan, o yung lumalabas na katotohanan sa pinaggagawa niya?

Gulo diba? Naguguluhan narin ako.

Lahat naman sila may puntos. Mukhang kapani-paniwala naman lahat ng rason nila. Pero di sila nagtutugma kapag nilapag mo lahat sa lamesa. Kaya hanggang ngayon, hinahanap ko parin ang katotohanan o ang sagot sa mga kani-kanilang katotohanan.

Ayoko na makialam, kahit pilit akong sinasama nitong loko-lokong to. Basta ako, ayoko nang makigulo sa mga akusasyon. Sabi niya, umamin siya. Sabi naman ng isa, hindi siya yon. Pero sabi ng lahat, siya yon. Siya, siya. Sino ba kasi si siya.

Ang tanong, kelan ko malalaman yung totoong siya? Sino magsasabi na siya talaga yon? Paniniwalaan ko ba yung sino?

Ang hirap ng katotohanan ano.

Wala lang, feel ko lang mag-tagalog. Malay ko ba kung purong tagalog yung sinasabi ko. Basta, hindi ingles yon. Yun na.



>> Monday, January 14, 2008

The Thirteenth Tale by Dianne Setterfield. Ian recommended this to me last Friday and I immediately rushed to Powerbooks TriNoma to buy it. I felt like a lucky girl that day, because Powerbooks had the last copy. I did not let go of it anymore, and I waited for my parents to fetch me there. I was a hundred pesos short, so I still had to wait. Boo me, I didn't know that they were on sale. I could've bought them earlier. I grabbed another book to add to my bill. Ahhhhrrrgh, the books aren't part of my January budget! Why o why do books have to be so tempting? :P

I couldn't sit down and read the whole day last Saturday because of our English training. I used up all my free time to cram a powerpoint that I had to submit. I only got to start the book Saturday evening.

As of 7:18 AM today, I finally read the last word on the last page of the book. The thirteenth tale, as superstition would say, is a book about misfortunes. If you love suspense, mystery, horrors, writing and books, the Thirteenth Tale has all of these.

The story is fiction, but there's so much truth in it. The story is about Margaret Lee, a biographer who is tasked to know the truth about a best-selling author, Vida Winter. Vida Winter is known to weave stories, with over 40 books that has sold millions. As Ms. Winter tells the story of two twins, Margaret slowly learns about the truth and the real story behind Ms. Winter's life. Ms. Winter's story also wakes up Margaret's past. Now Margaret has to face the truth about her own past and Ms. Winter's.

The story keeps you thinking all the time. How this character is connected to another, or what is her relation to him, or where did he go? While reading on my favorite reading chair under the moonlight (and the help of my table lamp of course) I was feeling chills. My surroundings turned into the Angelfield household and I felt that the characters were just acting around me. My hunches were always wrong, because of the way the story was written. You think you already got it, but there's always something new popping out of the story. There's always a secret hidden in every secret revealed. The truth isn't given in one sitting, the writer reveals it one small piece at a time.

I have to read Jane Eyre, because the author included a lot of references from that book. It just takes me weeks to finish a classic novel, because of its style of writing. The old English makes me feel old and sleepy. Haha, no offense to the classic writers, I respect your language. It's not you, it's me. I need to watch my attitude, and start reading those classics. Thank God for contemporary books like this, they give me the drive to give the classics a second chance.

The book is written like a story. Separated into three parts, Beginning, Middle and End, the structure adds to how a story should go. However, an Ending doesn't really mean the literal end of the story. That what makes the book interesting.

Another interesting paragraph that caught my eye while I was reading it was Ms. Winter's opinion about truth.

"My gripe is not with lovers of the truth but with truth herself. What succor, what consolation is there in truth, compared to a story? What good is truth, at midnight, in the dark, when the wind is roaring like a bear in the chimney? When the lightning strikes shadows on the bedroom wall and the rain taps at the window with its long fingernails? No. When fear and cold make a statue of you in your bed, don't expect hard-boned and fleshless truth to come running to your aid. What you need are the plump comforts of a story. The soothing, rocking safety of a lie."

Some truths are better said in stories. Truths are better understood if made into a story. Stories make you want to research more, learn more. You find the truth yourself through stories.

*possible spoiler warning* For me, the thirteenth tale is Ms. Winter's life story, and not the unpublished and unfinished story. To stop the misfortunes from happening, Margaret decides to keep the family story a secret. It's also a way of respecting the writer and what she has gone through. A Cinderella story waiting to happen, and Ms. Winter somewhat got it by telling the truth... through a story.



>> Sunday, January 13, 2008

Today was extra special when I had a cup of coffee with two of my friends.

Yippeedoo-day, they spelled my name correctly. I always give my real name to test the spelling skills of the baristas.

40mm - f/5 - 1/15 sec - ISO 800

A nice hot cup of toffee nut latte on a cold day.


sa na ta ah na

>> Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In a Peanut voice: "Ahmighad!" I found the Spark of Insanity clips by Jeff (fafa) Dun-HAM (dot com). Thank you YouTube!

Walter: What happens in DC, stays in YouTube.

Warning: YouTube clips overload.

1. Peanut mispronounces Santa Ana. "Sah-na-ta-ah-na" (Arguing With Myself)

I won't put in the second clip anymore because it's the one I placed in the previous post. The spa session.

2. Peanut reading Dunham as Dun-HAAAM and not "Dunnam"

3. Peanut doing his signature gesture, the zooming over the head. Apparently, there are different ways of doing it.

4. Jose joins Peanut on stage and bicker about immigrations.

5. This time it's Walter.


Say "ventriloquist" without opening your mouth

>> Sunday, January 06, 2008

I just finished watching Jeff Dunham's ("dunnam" according to Jeff, but for Peanut, it's pronounced as "Dun-HAM" ... *in a small voice* "dot com!") DVD, and my cheeks are painful from all the laughing. He's my favorite comedian.

I came across his performance when I was downloading various short clips of Comedy Central from Limewire. Jeff's unique because he does not only think of the best jokes, he is also a ventriloquist. A ventriloquist (Bubba J: you don't eat meat?!) is a person who can give voices to puppets without the need of hiding himself under a table. He can speak clearly without moving his mouth. Jeff does that. He can even simultaneously voice two puppets at the same time, while speaking as himself. How the hell does he think of his script while thinking of the specific voices for his puppets? Talent, I say, talent.

Among his puppets (Bubba J, Sweet Daddy D, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno, Melvin, Walter, and Achmed), the woozle Peanut is my favorite. He's wacko, he's crazy, and his character is so funny. Especially when he gets into a fight with Jose Jalapeno (on a steek). Jeff always puts Peanut and Jose on stage at the same time and they bicker like hell.

Jeff: Did you have a nice day?
Peanut: Yes.
Jose: No.
Peanut: Shut. Up.
(they bicker for a minute)
Jeff: You should've taken him to the spa.
Peanut: Yes, I took him to the spa.
Jose: He took me to the vegetable steamer.
Peanut: It's the same thing! It gets hot, it gets steamy, and it goes, "DING!"

Watch the whole thing. This came from "Arguing with Himself." It's friggin' hilarious.

Trish said that Peanut has a crush on Jeff. It shows that Peanut is Jeff's favorite because of the long exposures. Thus, Peanut loves to make a joke out of Jeff. The audience loves Peanut too. Peanut has this sing-song way of telling jokes. I get LSS on the way he says "What the hell." I can't find a clip of it on YouTube and I don't know how to extract that short sing-song line from the video I have.

Clips from his DVD are scattered across YouTube. All you have to do is type out "Jeff Dunham" and almost all his clips will pop out. Someone should post the Peanut portion from the other dvd, "Spark of Insanity" because that's the most hilarious Peanut performance ever. I kept on burying my face in my hands from laughing. This is one stomach ache I would like to enjoy very much.


Dusting off dust

>> Saturday, January 05, 2008

This year is about starting anew. With new plans to fulfill and tricks to discover, it is also a year to take out that memory box and blow the dust off the surface.

After heaven-knows-how-long, I lifted off the dusty cover of my piano and brought it back to life this afternoon. One hour every weekend, I promised the piano. I'll add an hour again during the summer. Maybe find a way in my budget to get back to lessons. I must not let go of what I started in Grade 1.

My piano's gonna kick me now. "FINALLY! Someone remembered me!"

I held my nose when I took off the cloth covering the piano. The once black and white checkered table cloth was now all grey from all the dust it accumulated in the piano room. Thank you to the ever trusty Pledge, I restored its shine and wiped all the dust. It smells orange-y too. I didn't bother washing the rag that I used. I threw it away. I think no washing machine detergent or soap bar can clean that dirty rag.

It's a miracle! I can still read notes -- a bit rusty though, which can be improved with practice. I thought I'll be reading the notes in the FACE or EGBDF (Every Good Boy Does Fine) way. My piano has forgiven me, I can still recognize the notes and the tempo in a jiffy.

Johannes Brahms, why does your waltz have to be so difficult? The tempo is fine, but how are you supposed to play five notes at a time. Not just five notes, they're spread out in an octave. I even think it's more than an octave. My thumb will have play two notes. Now I need bone extensions for my fingers. Haha

Waltz in A Flat? Tsss. BRING IT ON BRAHMS! Give me all Saturdays of the month till June. YOOOOUUU WILL SEEEEE!!!


Having a blonde moment?

>> Friday, January 04, 2008

18 or lower means you’re not stupid.

[x] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were talking.
[] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking.
[ ] You have run into a glass/screen door.
[ ]You have jumped out of a moving vehicle. -- I'm NOT that stupid:P
[x] You have thought of something funny and laughed, and then people gave you weird looks.
total= 2

[ ] You have ran into a tree.
[ ] It is possible to lick your elbow
[ ] You just tried to lick your elbow.
[ ]You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same rhythm.
[ ] You just tried to sing them.
[x] You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen.
[ ] You have choked on your own spit.
[ ]You have seen the the Matrix and still don’t get it.
[ ] You didn’t notice that in the last question “the” was spelled twice
[ ] You just looked at it. -- :P:P:)))
[ ]Your hair is blonde/dirty blonde.
[x]People have called you slow.
total so far= 4

[ ] You have accidentally caught something on fire
[ ] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose/eyes/cheek.
[ ] You have caught yourself drooling.
[x] You’ve fallen asleep in class (History class. EH! Film showing. boooring)
[ ] If someone says “fart” you laugh.
[ ] You just laughed. (Its not cuz of fart. :)))
total so far= 5

[x] Sometimes you just stop thinking (my brain needs a break yah know)
[x] You tell a story and forget what you were talking about
[ ] People are often shaking their heads and walking away from you
[ ]You are often told to use your “inside voice”.
[ ]You use your fingers to do simple math.
total so far= 7

[ ]You have eaten a bug.
[x]You are taking this test when you should be doing something important
[x] You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn’t realize it
[ ] You’ve looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand or pocket
total so far= 9

[ ] You sometimes post bulletins because you are scared that what they say will happen to you if you don’t even when you know it won’t happen to you.
[ ] You break a lot of things.
[ ] Your friends know not to use big words around you
[ ] You sometimes tilt your head when you’re confused
[x] You have fallen out of your chair before
[x] When you’re lying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling.
Total = 11

Here we go again on the stereotypes. :P


Taking pictures

>> Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In less than a week, I have already taken over 1000 pictures. Most of them are test shots, as I tried on different apertures and shutter speeds (did I just say a technical term over there?). Everything around me become instant models, may it be a stuffed toy, books, and random people.

It still hasn't sunk in. Every time I see the camera on my table or pictures, I keep on thanking God for this great gift. I managed to survive before with only my camera phone, and doing the necessary edits using photoshops. Now that I have Joshua, I can take better pictures. Yey for cameras!

Now to save for lenses and maybe workshops on photography. Mom gave an excellent suggestion that will help me in my writing. :) Let's see how that goes.

I wrote a poem in 2006, comparing a camera to the eye. I posted this in my DeviantArt, and now I'm posting it here.

by yumipitz

Lids are shutters
capturing a photograph
of images, color, and light.

is the word
to twist tube-like lenses
for automated
zoom ins and outs

The mind is an endless
roll of film
storing each frame
in a bank
of memory, of remembering

Words are strung into
into a signal of nerves
developed into
a new memory
that is shared
with another shutter.

Here's to 1000 and more pictures! Thanks to Billy for the picture, by the way.


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