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online buying

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

I rarely promote Multiply business sites because the invites annoy the hell outta me, and they spam my updates with "buy now! Cheap deals!" However, if I see sites that promote good quality products and that sell stuff for a cause, I help them earn buy purchasing their stuff.

Ohlala, I think this will be my first time to promote Multiply sites.

1. Little Red Dress
This is managed by Jihan Estrella. What I like about this site is that it doesn't just post photos of the apparel. Jihan really takes time to go out and have photoshoots with the clothes she's selling. Her clothes caters to teens and yuppies. She has also teamed up with Milk & Co and Red Logo.

For this Christmas, I had an easy shopping for gifts at Little Red Dress. I think I bought over 8 tops for my cousins and Titas. I had a chat with Jihan and she even helped me pick the perfect clothes for various age ranges.

You can check her clothes at: http://littlereddress.multiply.com/

Oh and another plus point: she doesn't spam.

2. Bilogically Speaking

This is a starting business, run by a group of high school girls. Bilogically Speaking sells accessories, all hand-made and personalized. They basically charge you for the materials used, with a minimum pay for labor (i think. haha).

Before even looking through all their products, I ordered for a bracelet. Talk about impulse buying. I first ordered a pendant of the first letter of my name (guess what that is). Then, of course I needed something to hold that pendant. I chose a bracelet, because I rarely wear necklaces. I had two choices: chain or band. I got band and left the creative license to the maker.

HO daym the result was BEAUTIFUL.

I wasn't expecting that kind of bracelet. I can't wait to get it from them. I got a discount. I don't know why though. They said it's for the first customer. Hahaha I insisted that I pay the full price because it's all worth it. I'll be getting the bracelet in January.

Check them out at: http://bilogically.multiply.com/



>> Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is my cousin Iyah. This was taken yesterday on the way to Majayjay, Laguna. This is the only shot I took, because Iyah and Daniella took over my camera. They enjoyed the privilege of tinkering with an SLR.

More photos at my multiply.

The whole story of that road trip is also narrated in my multiply. Just click the links at the end of each entry.


spirit of Christmas cheer

>> Friday, December 26, 2008

We celebrated Christmas by having a Christmas party for less fortunate kids.

It was the first Christmas for them to have a camera around. Kids are such camwhores. :D

They got too giddy when they saw their faces pop on the screen after taking the shot. "Uy! Ako yon oh!" they squealed in excitement.

This group has the potential to become dancers. Man their bodies are so flexible!

The judges during the stop dance game.

A new haircut for the Christmas season.

Yes, I cut my hair again. It's shorter now and more manageable. :P


Plan a Planner

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plan A: (this was around April) Save enough to buy 18+ cups of Starbucks coffee so I'll get my planner.

The good news is that they cut the sticker count down to 16. The bad news? I didn't save.

Plan B: Photoshop and print my own planner.

The good news is that I will save on caffeine and cut down my Starbucks expenses. The bad news is that I'm going to waste ink, considering I always go color crazy when it comes to Photoshopping. Another is that I was supposed to do it on InDesign, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to layout the days and the months.

Plan C: Buy a cheap planner from National Book Store.

The good news is that it's cheaper. Bad news: It's dulllllllll. And most of them doesn't have a pencil holder.

And that's one, two, three strikes, YER OUT!! From the olllllld balll gaaaaa-iye-iyeeaaaaayyyym!!

But wait, there's more!

Because of my extreme boredom this Christmas vacation, I pushed myself to stay away from the computer (which really didn't happen) and decided to make my own planner without the use of Photoshop or any form of printing.

And tah-daaaah! My own 2009 planner. It's for sale, but only for a limited stock. Stock being one piece. =)) Keeeedeeeng.

I rummaged through my art materials and found everything that will make me my planner. I also got to clean my art drawer of unnecessary stuff.

Illustration board. Check!
Board paper. Check!
Bond paper! Check! I only needed 40 pieces.
Scissors. Check!
Pencil. Check!
Ruler. Check!
Water color, colored pencils, crayons. Check!
Glue. Check!
DOUBLE SIDED TAPE. CHECK!!! (oh this is my life saver. Right Cerz?)
Sign pens. Check!

A-ok, I was ready to do major arts and crafts.

The stuff inside was easy to do. I copied the format of the weeks from the 2008 Starbucks planner. For each month, I only used up 5 half-bond sheets. One half-bond for one week. I used board paper to separate the months. I also put in extra few sheets for notes or important numbers and addresses.

The cover was tricky. I wanted to have a pencil holder. I searched online for ideas, and I saw this very innovative design for a cover.

Brilliant design by poppytalk.blogspot.com.

Too bad I didn't have the cloth, so I made use of the board paper as a cover. I cut a hole into the board paper, before covering the illustration board with it.

The only expense was the metal ring binding. It wasn't much, just 60 bucks from the ever reliable UP Shopping Center. I had to search for a binding service that could cut through illustration boards. I was already losing hope because almost everyone turned me down. Thank God for one stall that took a risk in destroying their punching machine. They're 60 pesos richer than the others because they accommodated me! HAH!

Param-pam-pam-pam! Me and my drum planner! Param-pam-pam-pam!

Cover with the hole.

Sadya talaga yung punit. Now with the pencil.

I placed slots for calling cards. There's also a mini folder for random cut outs or small pieces of paper like tickets or sudoku puzzles from Inquirer. Mwehehe

Ay demn. 2008 pala yung nalagay ko. Hahaha Well, there's still room to edit. Hip hip horrah to for seeing the error. I'm too fixated on year 2008. :))

It has my name, yo.

Separating the months.

Everything is manually done, down to the months and the days.

I wrote lyrics on the back portion. There's Groban, Cook, Archuleta, Mead, Corrinne May, a song from Lord of the Rings the Musical, Castro and Anberlin.

Now I'm a happy little arts and crafts girl who only spent 60 pesos on a planner.


somfthang's fishyyyy!

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

More photos from "Out of the Water!!" Hip hip horraaaaah! All together now, TA! TA! TA!

Thanks to Ihanzki's cupcake, RJ, for the wahhhnderful shots. You can check his multiply for photos from the other plays.

Fish: Fish can live outside water!

Frog: If I win this competition, a princess will see me and give me a kiss. That kiss would transform me into a Price and I will rule you all!

Snake: You don't have to be loud to be heard. It's all in the word "persuasion."

Snake: How will you call yourself a King if you look filthy in front of those under you?
Lion: Who says I'm filthy?
(I do. Hahaha drench mode.)

Fish: But how sure is Frog that Frog will be the frog Princess will choose?
Frog: I will return her happiness. I will be her life.
(Toldya the make-up was melting. Look, the Frog looks like he was cursed by Maya (from Heroes). hahahahaha)

Snake: You gave your best too, isn't it? You can jump higher. Can you win?
Fish: Fish can also win!

Lion: Back to where she belongs.
(ooops, I killed my fishy.)

More photos to come, as soon as I get the cd from Reamur. :D


all about music

Uh-oh. This will show how little I know about music and how biased I am to Josh Groban. hahaha

What describes the majority of the music you listen to? Acoustic, Classical, Pop and some of Rock
What's a band/artist you recently discovered that you really like? Anberlin and Benjamin Lewis
Do you only listen to bands on the radio? No. I don't listen to the radio. The ads annoy the hell outta me. :))
Only undiscovered bands? Not even.
What's the weirdest thing that you listen to? Bjork? :))
What's the most underground band/artist you listen to? The Filthy Youth. Is it an underground band? :P
The most popular? Beatles. My Chemical Romance. Daughtry. Ummm.
Do lyrics or music matter more to you when you're deciding if you like the song? I go with the music first. Then when the lyrics is nice, the song becomes a favorite.

Favorite genre? Classical
Least favorite genre? Rap. Oh camon.
Favorite band? Anberlin. I need to listen to them more.
Least favorite band? Cueshe. :| =))
Favorite solo artist? I don't need to think twice. OH HAI JOSH GROBAN.
Least favorite solo artist? Some Filipino singers. Won't mention names. HAHAHAHA
Favorite retired band? The Beatles
Least favorite retired band? Uhhh. I don't know a lot of retired bands.
Favorite year for music? 2007. Josh came up with the best Christmas album evar.
Least favorite year for music? When was the New Wave? 80s?
Favorite album? Awake. :P (Buble's, Archuleta's and Cook's come in close second)
Favorite song? Now or Never by Josh.
Least favorite song? The Day You Said Goodnight. Pinakamalabong kanta.
Favorite radio station? 98.7 DZFE
Favorite band shirt (that you own)? I don't own band shirts. :P
Favorite music video? I'll go with Trish's answer: The Ghost of You and I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance. There's also David Archuleta's A Little Too Not Over You
Favorite guitar solo? Ummm. Dunno. :))
Drum solo? Josh's solo at Canto Alla Vita
Bass solo?
Keyboard solo? Josh's intro to America by Simon and Garfunkel. :P
Favorite lyric line? Maybe I'm young and in the ways of love naive - Josh Groban, Awake
Favorite album cover? Josh Groban: A Collection. HAWT. HOHAWT.

Do you have a song as your ringtone? What song? Mai by Josh Groban.
What's your profile song? Uhhh. None.
What do you like to listen to when you're sad? David Archuleta. haha
When you're happy? Josh Groban or Jon McLaughlin. Or Phil Stacey. or Idina Menzel.
When you're pissed off? David Cook or Michael Johns. :P
When you're in love? Josh Groban, Lee Mead, Christian Bautista
When you're heart broken? Dunno. Any, I guess.
Has a song ever made you cry? Yes.
What song? Cancer by My Chemical Romance. I guess it's because of the unofficial video on youtube.
What song currently describes your life? Awake by Josh Groban
What song makes you smile? Works for Me by David Archuleta
Most overrated song of all time? Bring me to Life by Evanescence. Gasgas naaaaaa.
What song makes you want to dance? Songs from Legally Blonde the Musical. :))
What song have you listened to too much recently? David Archuleta.

A musician you have a crush on? Josh Groban. Jason Castro.
Name a musician you think is a sell out? Ummm. Dunno.
What musician do you think would be really nice? David Archuleta. He's such a happy little kid.
Which would be a total a hole? I can't think of anyone as of now.
Which musician has the best style? Jason Mraz. :)
The worst? Miley Cyrus. :))
The hottest musician? David Cook/Michael Johns.
The ugliest? Dunno.
The weirdest? Bjork!! (I'm still in the "trying to appreciate her music" phase)
The most boring? I dunno. KLC? =))
Who's your favorite? JOSH GROBAN!
Have you ever had a dream about a musician? I had a recent dream about Josh Groban :))
Have you ever met a musician that you admire? Michael Johns. SQUEEEEEEE.

Ever role played about a musician/band? No.
Ever wrote a story? I have written a story. but not about my fandom :))
Ever made fan art? Yeah. The famous Josh doodle. A circle and curls. =))
Have you ever planned out your marriage to a musician? AHA AH HAHAHAHA May baby pa nga eh.
Do you have a band as a top friend? No.
Which one(s) and what place(s)?
Do you leave musicians comments and messages? Yeah. As if they read 'em.
Do you tell them that you love them? Ay they know. :))
Do you fantasize about them? Ahahahahahahahahahaha NEXT!
Do your friends get annoyed by how much you talk about them? No. Quits lang. They fantsize about other artists too. Nakikijoin lang ako.

First Concert? I can't remember. Baka Kuh Ledesma. :))
Last concert? Michael Johns! HOT.
Favorite concert? Josh Groban. But I didn't watch. WALA KASI AKONG PAMBAYAD. APO concert!!! Laughtrip sobra.
Least favorite concert? Dunno.
What's the most you've paid to go to a concert? 4000-worth of receipts to get passes to Michael Johns' concert
Do you go to local shows? I used to.
What band do you really want to see in concert? Not band, but artist. JOSH GROBAN, ARCHULETA, COOK, CASTRO.
How many concerts have you been to? Dunno. I can't remember the past concerts.
What's the craziest thing you've ever seen done on stage? Michael dancing the schmexy dance. But it wasn't crazy. It was hot.
Would/have you thrown stuff at the performers at a concert? No WAI.
Do you mosh? NOoooooooo!!!
Do you dance? YES! I can't help it.
Do you sing along? OH HELL YEAH.
Do you yell? YES.

What instruments do you play? Piano. I used to know how to play the ukelele.
What instruments do you wish you played? The timber drums. :)) Violin.
Favorite instrument? Violin/piano
What instrument do you think is the hardest to play? Tuba. Carrying it is difficult enough! hahaha
The easiest? Triangle. heller. :)) ting ting ting!
Were/Are you in band/orchestra in school? Band, yeah. :))
If so, what did you play? Keyboards
Can you read music? Uh-huh!
What is the coolest instrument, in your opinion? French horn.
What instrument screams "DORK!!"? Those huge drums.

Have you ever been in a band? Yeah. But that was for church.
Are you now? No. Boooo. =))
If you were and you aren't now, why'd you break up? We grew up ang graduated from sunday school.
If you are now, have you ever played a live show? No.
Have you ever recorded a song? No.
Have you ever played in battle of the bands? NO.
Names of the bands you've been in? Sonshine Street. :))
Considered a career in the music industry? Yes.
If so, what career? Pianist :P
Do you dream of being famous? Who doesn't?
If you had a band (and you don't currently), what would you name it? Stringed notes? hahahaha
What would your stage name be? Naomi
What would you play? Percussions.
Do you write songs? No. :))
Music AND lyrics? lyrics nalang.

How many albums (case & all, not burned) do you own? 20+?
How many mp3's do you have on your iPod/mp3 player? over 150.
How many songs do you have on your computer? 3000+. I just cleaned my iTunes. The real count is in my lappy.
How many bands/artist do you have listed on your myspace music section? I don't have myspace. Wait, I have. but I don't check it. :))
How many of your friends on myspace are bands? Walaaaaa.
What's the most played song on your music library or mp3 player? Josh Groban, Archuleta, Cook.
How many band shirts do you own? None.
How many posters on your wall are band posters? None. I threw away my bloomfields poster. :| =))

Drummers? Cool beat-keepers
Back up dancers? Not needed!
Guitarists? Harmony. :D
Lead singers? Charmers. Hellooo Ed Westwick.
Groupies? Feeling girlfriends. =))
Bassists? You think they're unnecessary, but they bring the oomff to the melody.
Keyboardists? LOVE THEM. hahaha biased.
Pianists? I miss being one. :P
Country? Love-hate relationship. Phil Stacey woooo!
Pop? Cute. head-bopping.
Emo? Don't like em, don't hate em either.
Death metal? Sakit sa tenga.
Punk rock? Define punk rock. haha ok siguro. :))
Christian rock? Love em.
Goth? No
Classical music? First love.
Boy bands? Nakakamiss. Di na uso boybands ngayon. :))
Sell outs? EW.
Grammys? I only watch the Grammy's if Josh is there. :))
Musicals? LOVE THEM.
The Beatles? They're an essential part of music history.
The guitarist from HH dying? :(

Do you think illegally downloading music is wrong? Yes, IF you're sell them.
Do you blast your music? Yuh. As long as it's Josh Groban.
Do you respect bands/artists that don't write their own music? Yep. Some people are born to perform, not write. :P
Do you add bands on myspace? No myspace ngaaaa.
Do you listen to local bands? Used to? :))
How do you discover new music? Through friends.
Do you and your friends have similar music interests? Yes. :)
You and your siblings? No siblings.
You and your parents? Josh Groban and Michael Buble.
What band/musician do you really want to meet? JOSH GROBAN PLEASE. AND THE AI7 BOYS.
What band/artist do you think is ruining music? AHA. HA. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Saving music? Josh Groban. ahahahaha Biased kung biased.
What band/artist do you think is going to break up/retire soon? Umm. secret. :))
What band/artist do you think is going to be around for another ten years? Josh Groban. David Cook.


tennis and ages

>> Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let's sing Christmas carols the Tennis way! Well, that's if you know the words to the song.

Haaay Nole, you don't know how to count!

"10 lords a leaping
9! 9!"

"Six geese are geezing." ANORAW?
"Three French fries."

You are definitely the court's Djoker.

And something I nicked off Martha's multiply.

My Marrying Age

[x] I know how to make a cup of coffee. (well, you didn't specify it it was a good cup of coffee. hahahaha kidding.)
[x] I keep track of dates using a calendar.
[ ] I own more than one credit card. (I don't own one!)
[ ] I know how to change the oil in my car/bike.
[x] I do my own laundry. (Undies, yeah)
[ ] I vote every election. (I'm not even registered yet! hahaha)
[x] I can cook for myself.
[x] I think politics is exciting. (more showbiz than showbiz)
[x] I balance my checkbook. (Balance my salary, yes.)
[x] My parents have better things to say than my friends.


[x] I show up for school/college/work everyday early.
[x] I always carry a pen in my pocket/purse.
[x] I've never gotten a detention.
[x] I have never smoked a cigarette.
[x] I have never gotten completely trashed. (I don't even drink)
[x] I have forgotten my own birthday at least once. (HAHAHAHAHAHA I remember this. Trishy was the one who reminded me!)
[x] I like to take walks by myself.
[x] I've watched talk shows.
[x] I know what 'credibility' means without looking it up.
[ ] I drink coffee at least once a week.


[x] I know how to do the dishes
[x] I can count 1 to 10 in another language. (Tagalog! hahahha I used to know the Italian, but I can only remember up to 6)
[x] When I say I'm going to do something I do it.
[x] My parents trust me.
[x] I can mow the lawn.
[x] I can make adults laugh without being stupid.
[x] I remember to water the plants.
[x] I study when I have to.
[x] I pay attention at school/college.
[x] I remember to feed my pets.


[x] I can spell 'experience' without looking it up (eks-peer-ree-yens?)
[ ] I work out on a regular basis. (used to. hahaha)
[x] I clean up my own mess.
[x] The people at Gloria Jeans know me by name. (starbucks)
[ ] my favorite kind of food is takeout.
[x] I have gained weight since middle/high school. (OO NAMAN. Umabot na ako ng 90+!)
[ ] The first thing I do when I wake up is get caffeine.
[ ] I cant go out of the store without getting something I don't need.
[x] I understand political jokes the first time they are said.
[x] I can type quickly.

total: 6

[x] I have realized that the weather forecast changes every hour.
[ ] My only friends are from my place of employment.
[ ] I have been to a Tupperware party.
[ ] I have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[ ] I have more bills that I can pay.
[x] Most of my friends are older than I am. (a year older?) hahaaha
[x] I can say no to staying out all night.
[x] I use the internet every day.
[x] My wardrobe hasn't changed for a while.
[x] I can read a book and actually finish it.


My marrying age: 38. OH NO. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Out of the Water is restaged by TALAB

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'd like to thank Zye, Herwin, Jellie, Kurt, Toni, Karlo, Bettina and Redj

For doing a good job on my play. I don't know how to thank you enough, but thanks. Really.

I'll post my review on "Out of the Water." As for the other plays, I have the review in my multiply. But you have to be my contact to see the review because I was pretty brutal in dissecting the plays.

Top: Herwin as Lion, Zye the Deerektorr.
Bottom: Moi the feeling college student, Toni as the oh-so-cute-and-adorable-Fish, Bettina as the beautiful SM (SM REEPREEZENT!), Kurt as the Frog, Jellie as the Snake and Karlo as the Monkey

Dundun, I'll be nice. Haha Because YOU DID ONE HECK OF A GOOD JAAAB MAH MEN! A little bit of history. Two of my cast members weren't really theater people. They were forced by their English teacher (and also our practicum teacher), Missy "my loooove" Maramara, to audition for extra points. They were freshmen at that time. I shove the scripts into their hands and asked them to read a few lines from the script. Surprise, I got my Monkey and my Frog from that class of non-actors. I'm so proud of them, with a few workshops, they became stage actors. So seeing these applicants on stage makes me remember those amateur kids (who are probably juniors right now, sniff sniff).

I met up with some of the cast and the director a few weeks back when I visited Ateneo. I gave Zye all the creative license to the script with only one condition: AYUSIN MO!! Awww, I think I pressured the little kid too much. And hell no, don't ever "po" me! I told him to surprise me, and to make TA proud. Rhem kept on texting me "Ang cute ng fish mo!!" Back then, I still favored my original fish, Fluff.

When I saw the new fish, I wanted to hug her soooo bad when she... died. (SPOILEEERRR ALEEERRRT!) She was sooo cute and adorable! Waaait! Don't kill me yet Fluff! You're still my number one Fish! Forever and ever and ever!

I don't have complaints with Out of the Water. You can breathe a sigh of relief now. Oh wait, I have one.

Since you were told that you were going to stage it at the Exhibit Hall, you could have anticipated the heat. I know how hot it could get inside that room. Hot room + hot lights = sweat. LOTS OF SWEAT. My play required make-up. They didn't use waterproof make-up. The result? Go figure.

They should've made up the actors with a design that won't melt when sweat comes rushing out of their pores. By the middle of the play, the frog's eyes looked like they were cursed like Maya's power (Heroes TV show). The black circles around his eyes were like tears already. Hahaha When the Lion said, "Who says I'm dirty?" I had to spurt out a giggle because he was in fact filthy like he drowned in murky water. The black marks on his face were smudged. Monkey looked like he had a mudpack session. The only make up that stayed intact were the Fish and the Snake. My production two years ago pwnd the make-up of this year's prod. They should've put less make-up on Frog to bring out the princely look on him. He was a green face with black eyes. Mwehehe.

And what is it with Frogs and Chinese guys? The first frog, Dwight, was Chinese. Chinky-eyed and white. TALAB's frog was also Chinese. Small eyes and white too. I didn't make it a requirement to have Chinese guys play the role of the Frog. Hahaha Tell me it's just a coincidence. Or is it a sign that my Frog Prince will be Chinese? AHAHAHHAHAH. Whuutever.

Anywho, good job guys. And to Zye, hephephorray on the dugong advocacy. Keep it up kiddo. Congratulations and thank you. :)

Oh. Zye, my surname is pronounced as Pee-tar-ge. Forgiven, foreigners always pronounce my surname as pitarg. arrrg. You pirate? hahahahaha

Oscar moment. Pagbigyan.

Thanks to the following:
Chikai *huuuuuug*
Jace. Write more plays! Write more plays!
Mitch. Tama na pagccheck ng papel!
Wowie and Steph and brother. That was a surprise. :)
Babe Geopet. Kahit late ka. Pffffft.
Reamur gehlprend. I thank you for everything. As in.
Xander. We will forever love you. YEEE. HAHAHAHAHA
The cast of Out of the Water. Thanks. Sobra. Kulang yung thanks, pero sobrang thanks. Ok, redundant na. Ang daming sobra at thanks. :))
Peanuts Valerio. For being so nice.
The Moon. Did you see the moon last night? Ang ganda. Perfect gift for the night.



>> Friday, December 12, 2008

This blog misses Josh Groban! It needs a Josh fix!

From his Paris photoshoot. Yay! No sucky watermarks.

Josh needs to host SNL soon. I swear he's soooo hilarious. This is a guesting at Never Mind the Buzzcocks. It's a British show and I've noticed that British shows bring out the comedic Josh.

First part:
"I can sing a song and make you cry. I kissed my hand and I liked it."

Second part:
Josh doing a Reggae version of a song. "MONN!" HAHAHAHAHAHA Win, win, win.

Third part:
Reciting a line from his song like he's in a declamation contest. Oh you'll always win my heart.

The whole thing is friggin' hilarious. He knows how to answer questions, even if some of the questions are quite annoying. That's our Josh!!



Hinala namin, may batang problema. Yung keyword na "consequence" kasi eh.

Hanggang ganito nalang ba tayo? Hanggang haka-haka? Patanong-tanong?

Makakakuha kaya kami ng sagot?


Olympic Dreams

>> Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanks to Galileo, I am now an Olympic gold winner.

For 2008, our Christmas party theme is the Olympics, since it was the big event for this year. We came in dressed as medalists. We drew lots on who would be our identities. I got Kluge Roger, a silver medalist in cycling. I wanted to get Rafael Nadal because I had Nadal shorts, but Cha got him. Darn.

I always take costumes seriously, just like the Master Jedi Illuminara costume I made for Mrs. Matti's surprise party. I had the cycling shorts as a start. What I had to do was was the helmet and the top.

Costume sponsored by:
1. Ukay for the long-sleeved shirt (ehehe Jace, I'll just pay for the shirt you bought at Anonas.
2. National Bookstore for the textile paint
3. Mom for the strainer
4. Archuleta and Cook for keeping me company during the silent nights. :)) Singing is the way to go.

Chocolate medals were given out as prizes for games. We won the first game (dress me up with tissue paper) while Group 1 won the two games (charades and taboo). Natupad na pangarap kong maging medalist.

Group 1: the basketball player, the runner, the fencer and the swimmer

Group 2: the Judo master, the kayak-er, the archer, the cyclist and the wrestler

Group 3: the taekwondo master, the boxer, the tennis player, the gymnast, and the equestrian

Our team won the dress me up game!

The table ornaments were perfect to replicate the flowers given during the real Olympics.

More photos at my multiply.


merry christmas?

>> Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Two scenarios while riding the MRT on the way to work this morning.


Christmas is the time for giving and jolly moods. Besides, as the song said, "Tis the season to be jolly. Falala-lala-lala-la-la."

For every station, there are random reminders given through the loudspeakers. There are tips on saving how to be safe with the Christmas lights, when are the good days for shopping, etc. But there was one reminder that was pure irony.

Not verbatim:
"Ngayong nagsh-shopping kayo para sa Christmas gifts, laging mag-ingat sa mga may masamang balak. Mga taong kunwaring didikit sa iyo, na hindi niyo namamalayang nananakawan na kayo. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!"

Am I supposed to be happy for Christmas or should I be scared?



Doors open at Cubao.

"YUNG. BAG. KO!!! (*&^*&^$*&#*&^!@@@!!!!!"

Insert garbled and irritated screams.

Cue in music from the EM-AR-TEE RAY-DEE-YO:
Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright.


Oh where is the Christmas spirit?



>> Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Live. Act. Beybeh!
A Tanghalang Ateneo Production
December 11-13, 2008
Exhibit Hall, Gonzaga Building
Ateneo de Manila University

"How to Get a Guy Without Really Trying"
Written by Sara Sangco
Directed by Riegeie Arceo

"Kung Paano Maglakbay sa Penny Lane."
Written by the Jihan Estrella (the ihanzki! the ihanzkeee! Heeey Juuudde. don't make it baaaddd. Take a saad soong and make it bet-er-errrrr)
Directed by Jan Rudolf Hermano

Written by Ceres Barrios (YEAH HELGA!)
Directed by Kathreen Solis

"Circus in the House"
Written by Miyo Sta. Maria (I love this play :D)
Directed by Melchor Pante

"Out of the Water"
Directed by Zye Carlos (Congrats! YOU DA MAN.)

"Oh My Gods"
Written by DenRocs
Directed by Jandee Chua

Awards night moment:
Thanks Xander and Reamur. :))


i see the moon and the moon sees me

>> Monday, December 01, 2008

While I was at Tito Benjie's house in Makati, I noticed something unusual at the sky.

ZOMG. A smiling moon. I went on a text brigade and texted almost everyone who owned a camera, especially those who had telephoto lens (hellooo idowl RJ, RJ, Jihan, Reamur).

Well, it wasn't exactly a smiling moon. Two stars (not stars nitwit, they're not blinking) -- planets, namely Venus and Jupiter -- were situated right above a crescent moon. It looked like a huge luminous smile across the night sky. It was amusing.

People were outside their houses, trying to get a photo of it. I didn't bring my cam, (BOOOOOOOOO) so I settled with the second best: my phone cam. I joined the other people who took out their phones.

Zoom zoom zoom!

Swanget the photo. Ah well, I'll just snag photos as soon as RJ posts his. :P


birthday holiday

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

While the country is celebrating the birth of a Philippine hero, I'm here celebrating the birth of MY hero.

Here's to 53 years and 53 more.

Happy birthday Dad, I love you.


ali baba

>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's fascinating how Filipinos are able to construct sentences with the use of only one syllable.

The syllable "ba" can be repeated a number of times, and mean different things depending on where you place the space in between the repetition.

1. Bababa ba?

The addition of one or two letters can change the meaning of the sentence.

2. Ibababa ba?

As not to leave you with clueless looks on what-the-hell I'm talking about, I'll translate them to English.

Number 1 can actually be a decent dialogue between two people. It simply means,

"Are you going down?
Yes, going down."

At the second number, I removed one "ba" and exchanged it with the letter "i." Notice how the sentence changes.

"Are you going to bring this [pertaining to any object] downstairs?"

You think that "baba" is a rootword meaning "down." Think again. I'll give you another example.

Babasahin. It still has the "baba," but it has no connection to down. Babasahin means "to read." Another confusing fact is that that word can also change its meaning, depending on which syllable you accentuate.

Bababa has a root word of baba. But babasahin has a root word of basa.

babaSAhin is to read. babasaHIN is what you're reading.

Babasahin ko ang babasahin. (I am going to read the reading.)

Oh, oh. let's try subtracting one letter from babasahin. Magic and wah-lah!

Babasahin (to read) - h = babasain

Babasain means "to wet." There is no way that the word is near to "to read." Confusing much? It's so confusing that I'm being fascinated about it.

There could be more combinations to the "ba" syllable. My mind's going blank just by thinking of these possible combinations (or maybe my brain refuses to think because I'm in a vacation mode -- OH YEAH 3-DAY WEEKEND!). The "Bababa ba?" dialogue has always been a joke among Filipinos. I'm sure they're also fascinated by the weirdness of the syllable combinations. I can't think of a Latin derivation explanation (just like English) to further understand roots of the Filipino language.

So, babay na ba?



promo, promo!

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Indios Experience
The Flickristasindios 1st Photo exhibit
Trinoma, Cinema Level
December 15-19, 2008

I got this from my multiply guestbook.

Free Concert against Free Music
Featuring Christian Bautista and the DLSU Pops Orchestra
November 28, 2008
Shangri-La Plaza
5pm onwards

I wanna watch Christian. ahahahaha


out of the water

>> Monday, November 24, 2008

The fish will once again jump out of the water.

Watch out for more details.
December 11-13, 2008



>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

David Cook's self-titled album is out now! For the Filipinos, the album is PhP 430, same price as Archuleta's. I have bought and spent my salary on Archie's album (plus Josh's special two-disc cd). I haven't bought Cookie's yet, which means I need to get to an ATM quick so I can withdraw and get my hands on that Cookie album.

BTW, Michael Johns is coming out with an album too. He said it'll be released by March of 2009. OHYEAH.

Back to the Cookie dough.

I'm drawn to the soft side of Cookie, as Lie and A Daily AntheM top my list of favorite songs from the album. The emotion put into the album touches your the soul. The sincerity on the lyrics is very evident. Most of his songs are co-written by him. All of his songs are based from personal experiences. Cook is definitely on his way of producing his own songs.

The most mellow song in the album is Lie. It has a nice ring to it, the melody makes you want to imagine a story that the song evokes. What I like about the lyrics is that deviates from the usual heart-broken lyrics of boo-hoo-you-broke-my-heart-and-i-can't-move-on. There is a sense of maturity in those words. My favorite lines are in the chorus.

The video was taken from his album launch at Hard Rock Cafe last November 18. The performance was also heard on his official website, davidcookofficial.com

David Cook
Lyrics from david-cook.org

You whisper that that you were getting tired
Got a look in your eye, looks a lot like goodbye
Hold on to your secrets tonight
I don’t want to know
I’m okay with this silence
It’s truth that I don’t want to end

You’re hiding regret in your smile
There’s a storm in your eyes I’ve seen coming for a while
Hang onto the past tense tonight
Don’t say a word
I’m okay with the quiet
The truth is going to change everything

So lie to me and tell me that it’s going to be all right.
So lie to me and tell me we’re going to make it through the night.
I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart
Look me in the eye
Lie, lie, lie
Lie, lie, lie

I know that there’s no turning back
If we put too much light on this we’ll see through all the cracks
Let’s stay in the dark one more night
Don’t want to know
I’m okay with the silence
It’s truth that I don’t want to end

So lie to me and tell me that it’s going to be all right
So lie to me and tell me that we’ll make it through the night
I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart
So look me in the eye and lie, lie, lie

Don’t want to believe in this ending
Let the cameras roll on
Keep pretending
Tomorrow’s all wrong if you walk away
Just stay.

So lie to me and tell me that it’s going to be okay
So lie to me and tel me that we’ll make it through the day
I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart.
So look me in the eye and lie, lie, lie


josh for christmas

Another christmas wish. Well, wishes.

You know how much I love hoodies and snuggly jackets! It's white!

Omg the back design is purdeeee. I WANT.

Price: $40. EHE.

A Josh kulot pendant! ohlalala!

This is cheaper. hahahaha
Price: $20


"As you walk on by, will you call my name?"

>> Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It was the best 11 songs of my life.

Michael Johns was a rockstar and he rocked the whole TriNoma. The moment the band went up the stage and the drummer banged his sticks together to signal the beat, everyone went NUTS. It was crazy amazing. Such love and support for the schmexy Australian.

Magic happened when he started singing. He didn't miss a note, people loved every second of it, and the band was fired up. Michael was sweating it out, but he didn't care. I'm sure he was having a wonderful time. He said so himself!

I am truly having a blast here in Manila. The people have been so warm and friendly. They love American Idol and MUSIC. Man is this country a music mad place.

Gaaaaaah. He actually indulged us with two more songs. After the 9th song (We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions), people were shouting "Mooore!" Of course we wanted more, 9 songs ain't enough! He ended the night by singing "Come Together" by The Beatles. THAT WAS FRIGGIN' AMAZING.

I can't believe he came to the Philippines. I can't believe I got to watch him.

I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT TO HUG HIM. AND HAVE A PHOTO WITH HIM. jhsfpaiuh45pqu3h5pudhpsfughpsurthphaaaaahahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Forgive me for I don't have a scanner. Actually I do, but I couldn't find the installer. hahahaha I just took a photo of it. :P Photo courtesy of Picture City, who gave out free photos. :)

I've said this a million times and I'm saying it again. HE SMELLS SO DARN GOOD. He gives the best warm fuzzly big hugs.

WHOHOOOOO! *flails* Who said I've moved on from my American Idol craze?!?


michael rawr johns

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Guess who will be meeting Michael Johns tomorrow at Trinoma?

*mumbles incoherently while staring at the meet and greet stubs*

Excuse me while I go crazy.



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