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November 30: Bonifacio Day

>> Tuesday, December 04, 2007

With Dad on the driver's seat; cousin Bimboy on the passenger; Lola, Lolo and Tita Mimi on the first row; me, Mom and Thirdy on the second; and Tita Mercy, Jam and Jovel on the third, we headed off to adventures along the shores of Manila bay.

It was a double treat last Friday: Dad's birthday and Tita Mimi's welcome back celebration. Horrah for birthdays with holidays. Dad was born on Bonifacio day. He was supposed to be named after Andres Bonifacio, but because the typist was paying attention to my dad's birth certificate, he (or she) typed Andri instead of Andre. Good job typist. [/sarcasm]

Tita Mimi came from a three-month working experience in Maldives as a spa manager. She arrived last Thursday and was craving for any dish with pork. :)) Maldives is a Muslim country; thus, pork is prohibited on dinner tables.

Half of the Pitargue family drove to Harbor Square in Manila for lunch. Tita Mimi did a story telling of her three-month stay while we just focused on the food. By the time we were done, she was just starting her meal.

(1) the bamboo dancers (2) that's part 1 of 10000 of Tita's story

Tita was halfway (or so I thought) done with her story-telling when some of us decided to take a walk outside. More cam whoring from the cousins. Can't blame us, when there's a camera around, we all go crazy. We're a bunch of wackos.

(3) We weren't supposed to go beyond the chains, but Jovel wanted to be little ms. devious. We got scolded by manong guard "Ne, Ne, bawal diyan" =)) (4) fooling around

See the resemblance. That's the Reyes-Pitargue genes in our blood!

(5) the second generation (6) with Tita Mimi, Tita Mercy and Lola Bibing

Since we were out already, and a few blocks away from the famous M/V Doulos, we went to check it out. (Giddy bookworm in me coming right up!) We left our grandparents in Tita's house in Makati because there was no way they would be able to climb those stairs. Doulos robbed me again of my dear salary.

(7) come on, tama na pictures! (8) race you to the books! HAH! *grabs a basket*

Jovel has this love relationship with trashcans. I dunno why. Showing Exhibit A of Case Nutheads.

(11) Exhibit A-1: Harbor Square (12) Exhibit A-2: M/V Doulos (13) Exhibit A-3: Jam decides that it's a cool place to be (14) Exhibit A-4: Me and Bimboy realizing that trashcans are love.

I'll have myself robbed again because I'm going back before they leave on December 23. :))

Dinner was served back in Tita's house, where we did our last batch of camwhoring. Even before we left the house, Thirdy kept on clicking. Walang patawad!

I nenoked all pictures from Thirdy who bought a spankin' new camera. :)) Thanks lots. :P WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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