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Late and Early

>> Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Belated Merry Christmas to you guys! And an early New Year to everyone!

This has been a wonderful year. If I may use the cliche "roller coaster ride," then I will use it for this year. I've shed tears, laughed with friends and families, experienced excitement, given "aww" moments, and seen love. There are still things to do for the 2008, but before I go on to welcoming another step in life, I'd like to be thankful for the things around me.

I thank everyone for making this year a special year. From blog friends, to blockmates, family, church friends, and new-found friends (special mention to the bloomies!).

Above all, I'd like to thank the Creator for teaching me a lot. I have fallen down a lot of times, but He's the only one who can pick me up. Thank You. I lift all of them up to you.

Let's celebrate the new year together! Cheers!


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