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Do it the Egyptian Way

>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

What I like about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is that they put the groove to the characters, while keeping the story and its theme. With my third day of playing only Joseph songs, my 60s vibe always tingles when I listen to the "Song of the King."

"Song of the King" is about the Pharaoh telling Joseph about his dream. We most probably know the famous Pharaoh dream where Joseph interpreted it as 7 years of harvest and 7 years of famine for Egypt. Because of that interpretation, he was appointed head of the harvest.

Andrew Lloyd Webber gave a "twist" to the libretto of the script by making the Pharaoh a very interesting character. Pharaoh puts on his 60s groove and becomes Elvis Presley. He turns into a famous rock n' roll icon, fan girls fainting in his presence. Amazing.

Bring out those suede shoes and jive with the Pharaoh!

Song of the King

Well I was wandering along by the banks of the river
When seven fat cows came up out of the Nile, uh-huh
And right behind these fine healthy animals came
Seve other cows, skinny and vile, uh-huh
Well the thin cows ate the fat cows which I
Thought would do them good, uh-huh
But it didn't make them fatter like such
A monster supper should

Well the thin cows were as thin
As they had ever, ever, ever been
Well this dream has got me baffled
Hey, Joseph, won't you tell me what it means?

Well you know that kings ain't stupid
But I don't have a clue
So don't be cruel Joseph
Help me I beg of you

Well I was standing doing nothing in a field out of town
Whe I saw seven beautiful ears of corn, uh-huh
They were ripe, they were golden and
You've guessed it,
Right behind them came seven other ears
Tattered and torn, uh-huh

Well the bad corn ate the good corn
They came up from behind yes they did
Now Joseph here's the punch line
It's really gonna blow your mind

Well the bad corn was
As bad as it had ever, ever, ever been
Well this dream has got me all shook up
Treat me nice and tell me what it means

Hey, hey, hey Joseph
Won't you tell poor old Pharaoh
What does this crazy dream mean?
Oh yeah


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