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Master, Mission, Mate

>> Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Regi and I talked about the three Ms when I was in high school. I didn't understand it much before because I was still into cartoons and adjusting to high school. It was only a few months back where I really dug deep and reflected upon it. It was brought up in church and I realized that I'm in (or should be) that phase of 'maturity'.

I'm in for the spontaneity of life, but as much as possible I want to play by the rules. If there's one thing I would follow, it would be the three Ms. It's the perfect test of patience and trust of God's own time.

The three Ms: Master, Mission, Mate (or three Cs for those who are called for celibacy: Creator, Calling, Community). There's nothing religious about it, I tell you. It's a simple understanding that when followed, everything falls into place and symmetry. It's the perfect journey for a traveler called for a glorious quest.

1. Relationship with the Master - God first. Whether in a family, in school or in the workplace, God should always be first.

2. Mission - For me, Calling is more appropriate or more understandable. The calling is what you are tasked to do to carry on God's work. It becomes your responsibility and your life devotion. Your calling is the ultimate venue to be excellent. Be a champion in the game to be a champion in life (Motto of More Than Medals).

3. Mate - The mate or your partner will never or should never be the first in line. Think of it on the practical side: if you don't have a stable job, how will you be able to carry on with a relationship. You can't just be dependent on your partner all the time, he/she has his own mouth to feed, too. How will you two grow if the first two Ms aren't in a relationship?

It's not a high school romance anymore. I think of the future and a life-time goal. I don't mind waiting till someone comes around and I don't expect a fairy tale story.

Celina once asked me, "Why don't you have a boyfriend yet?" I told her I wasn't ready. Honestly, I'm not even past the first M. I owe God a lot of devotions. I've strayed away and make excuses for not giving at least 5 minutes for quiet time or something. I only learn during Sundays, where there are a lot of other opportunities, such as the Yuppies' (Young Adults) Gathering every other Friday. Liza and Joy keep in inviting me, and I keep on saying "No."

What more in my work. It's noticeable that I'm going through a decline in interest in work. I'm supposed to love it. A year ago, I keep on telling people that I got a job related to my course. It has been very helpful to me. My only problem is that it's becoming a routine and my brain juices are squeezed out of ideas. I'm decided that I'll go back to school next year. It may be an uphill climb in learning, but I still need the ropes to pull me up. I feel that I'm pulling myself down.

Right now, I'm still fixing the first two Ms. Edlyn and cerz dubbed me as a mean girl. It's true, for now. Finding someone isn't my priority. I'm tied to more important things. I always need to be reminded of the three Ms, when I get frustrated of whatever fate I'm experiencing. I shouldn't be in a hurry. It's not yet my time.


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