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>> Monday, October 08, 2007

answers are not serious. SERIOUS? try to take my answers seriously. i'm gonna laugh.

1. real name - do i have to? it's yumi ading bading sabaw to the nth power
2. like it – yeah, it's who i am.
3. single or taken - taken by work, single if you want to be emo about it
4. zodiac sign- go figure it out. it's in july
5. male or female - oh wow, i must be a beautiful male
6. elementary - the name of the school is the same as the thing that you plant into the ground and grows into a plant or a tree
7. high school - holy mamaw (holy ghost)
8. college - this i'm proud of. ateneo de manila university (hey, this is true)
9. eye color - i wish it were red
10. hair color – i'll try dying it red next time
15. are you a health freak - i am healty. i am a freak. maybe if you put them together it'll be me.
16. height - i love the number 5.
17. do you have a crush on someone - who doesn't? come on.
18. do you like yourself - you can't like others if you don't like yourself in the first place. (trying hard to philosophize)
19. piercings – pierce my heart with pain and agony (right.)
20. tattoos - i write on my arms when i'm bored.
21. righty or lefty - tighty, righty.

22. first surgery - on the tooth. minor.
23. first piercings - check out my ears. i'm a deviant at a young age.
24. first best friend - she's now studying in csb. we do keep in touch, but we're not that close anymore, ever since she changed schools.
26. first sport - running around the living room
27. first pet - a caterpillar named harry
28. first vacation - everyday is a vacation for me
30. first crush - i think it was ariel rivera. (hit me hard)

49. eating - dipping oreo in milk
50. drinking - i drink milk
51. about to - finish this personal project
52. listening to - the birds from a distance
53. waiting for - my brain to function
54. wearing - decent wear, but not fashionable. (hello a pink shirt on a black and red plaid shorts. it's an ugly betty hit)
56. want to get married - wants are different from needs
67. careers in mind - mentor

68. lips or eyes - eyes.
69. hugs or kisses - hugs
70. shorter or taller - hello taller. i'm short already to begin with
71. tan skinned or light skin - more melanin, less prone to skin cancer
72. romantic or spontaneous - a little of both.
73. dark or light hair - as long as it's not dyed for heaven's sake
74. muscular or normal - not too bulky. rock hard abs are not fun to hug.
75. hook-up or relationship - i'm not a four letter word that rhymes with chut. (courtesy of kyle xy)
76. similar to you or different - similar and different. it'll be scary if everything about him is similar to me.

78. kissed a stranger - in my dreams
80. broken a bone - i can break yours
81. climbed up a tree - yes. and got bitten by an army of red ants.
82. broken someones heart - oh that's easy.
83. turned someone down - y-e-s
84. liked a friend as more than a friend – am i going emo?

86. yourself - if i didn't, i would've killed myself by now
89. Santa Claus - darn, he must be really old. i wonder why he's not getting a heart attack, check out that belly.
90. kiss on the first date - a peck on the cheek is fine.
91. angels - you are one

92. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? - i'd enumerate.
93. Do you hang out with these people? - soon. i haven't seen some of them.
94. Are you cool? - cool or hot? i'd go for warm.

95. Text message - it's from the marthakins
96. Received call - trish i think. that 15-minute call
97. Call made to - my boss
98. Comment on friendster - it's my helgalooo
99. Missed Call - can't remember. too lazy to check my phone.
100. Person you hung out with – mom and dad.
101. You hugged - mom
103. You talked to - martha
104. You slapped - the table. poor wooden thing.
105. Said I love you to - mom.


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