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little drummer boy

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the first time i heard 'little drummer boy' on josh groban's christmas album, i quickly fell in love with it. i've known the song since i was a kid and this new arrangement made it feel that it was a new song that i had to learn. i keep on telling people that the drum arrangement is brilliant, resounding rhythmically in the background.

i was wrong. DEAD WRONG.

it wasn't just a set of drums. it was a guitar playing. seriously, listen to it again. the genius behind this amazing musicality is andy mckee. i've seen him play on YouTube (that's where josh discovered him too!) and he's such a talented person.

thank heavens for youtube, this guy was discovered by josh groban and is part of his album.

cool guitarist + great arrangement = added points to my favorite christmas song!

thanks to the grobanites for the youtube link to josh's interview about his christmas album. buy the album guys. i tell you, it's really worth it. groban fan or not, it's a good buy.


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