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>> Thursday, October 04, 2007

by this time, i'm sure almost all of you know the line from desperate housewives that made a lot of filipino blood boil. watch this video if you haven't seen it.

i didn't feel offended. after the nursing leakage last year and the numerous doctors taking up nursing, i feel that that's the reputation we have earned. it's also partly our fault.

my friend vittorio wrote about it and i agree with everything he said. i'm posting your entry, donya, hope you don't mind. :P

So the Filipino community is fuming over this so-called racist line from Desperate Housewives. In this scene, Teri Hatcher's character is freaking out over the doctor's diagnosis that she is entering menopause.

Okay. Before we go any further, can I check those diplomas to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Philippines?

Bam! Fire the producers! Send the writers to Iraq! We want a public apology! Boycott ABC! Or was it CBS! Or NBC! I'm not sure! Crucify Teri Hatcher! Racists! I think it's Bravo TV! Imperialists! Capitalists! End the show! But please continue Heroes! Communists! Socialists! Hitler's children! Faggots! Jews! George Bush!


The character is freaking out. Of course she's supposed drop some incoherent bitchy line. What would you say if you learned that the counterfeit iPod you bought from Greenhills wasn't functioning? Of course: Hay nako, mga Muslim talaga! Mandaraya! Manloloko! Terorista! Or what if the fluorescent lamp you got from some little hardware store in Binondo didn't light up? Putang inang mga intsik yan! Talagang sila ang nag-imbento ng corruption! Or what if you smelled something spunky in the MRT? Bumbay!

The line was called for and appropriate given the context of the scene. It wouldn't have had the same comic impact if Teri's character blurted out Kenya or Northern Marianas. One point for camp Wisteria Lane!

People are insisting that it's an attack on the Philippine health care education sector. Please. The Philippine medical education system is more quack than Toilet Duck right now. There's a med and nursing school in every corner in the city. The number of students majoring in the health and allied sciences is bigger than the country's GDP.

Desperate Housewives writers: two. Angsty Filipinos: zero!

There's only one way for the TV network to deal with this PR crisis. They should just release a statement that the ex-husband of the mother of the manicurist of the neighbor of Teri Hatcher's personal assistant's maid's cousin's brother's ex-girlfriend is 1/16th Filipino. The protesters are going to love that. Pinoy Pride, y'all!

I'm sure this issue will die down soon. What, the show's producers and writers are going to issue an apology and cancel the show? Jeniffer Hudson winning a second Oscar is more likely to happen than that. I also heard that the overseas Filipino health workers are planning to stage a strike or protest or some Communist thing.

One word, people: Deport!

i'm also on the same sentiment as jace.

everyone's a little bit racist. just embrace it and move on. jeez. it's just a tv show.

funny how a sentence can break the ego of the country.


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