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chasing chickens

>> Monday, October 08, 2007

i was busy talking to martha via ym and doing my personal project when i heard something that didn't belong in our garden.

chicken clucking.

i ran to the window and saw three chickens running frantically around the tennis court and the garden, trying to get away from my parents.

i hollered, "what the hell are three chickens doing in our garden?"

mom shouted, "i don't know. get down here!"

i went down to see the commotion. mom thrusted a walis tingting to my hands. "chase them out of my garden!"

dad held a stick and tapped it on the ground like a blind man. the tapping sound alerted the chickens, causing them to run away from him. i wagged the walis tingting, pushing their way towards the gate. mom just kept on screaming, "sa gate!! SA GAAAAATEE!!!"

one chicken tried to fit itself through the mesh fence. it only got his head through it. one chicken ran around the trees. the other just kept on running back and forth on the tennis court. the tennis court chicken was dad's project. he got his own jogging session right there. he even gathered rotten rambutan to throw at the chicken. don't worry animal rights advocates, the chicken was unharmed.

i managed to chase one out of the gate (i think the "hey chikie-chiken" call worked. or not). the tennis court chicken flew over the bodega. the other was no where to be found.

5 minutes of running and screaming. that's a cheap way of exercise. if we had a dog, the dog would do the job for us. maybe even provide our dinner for the night.


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