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trick or treat

>> Monday, October 29, 2007

there's a preschool at the third floor of our office building. last friday, the children did a door-to-door trick or treating for halloween. a particular kid caught my eye. he was wearing a captain hook costume, complete with a hook attached to his right hand. he didn't look evil to be playing a villain. he's the most adorable and cute villain i have ever seen. he even said "thank you" in a shy manner after we dropped candies in his pumpkin basket. i managed to take a picture of him, though i wasn't able to ask for his name.

arrr, my candies
motorola v3i
october 26 2007



>> Friday, October 26, 2007

i may have posted this a thousand times, but i can't get over it. i've watched this a million times already, but i am always awed at his talent.

he plays the drums since he can't have the corrs to sing canto alla vita in every concert.

it's the third time i've watched this today. i love how his eyes twinkle during close-ups. if i can just scream and cheer after every time the video ends, i will do it. i just might get kicked out of the office room for creating a josh groban racket. hahaha



>> Thursday, October 25, 2007

-- names in your inbox cellphone?
how many names? there a lot. i don't want to type all of them here.

-- your main ringtone?
we get along by the bloomfields. it's the only song that has an intro with a bang. :P

-- what u did at 12 last night?
stare at my computer and think of the outline for c-futures

-- who was the last person/s u went out with? where?
chino. supah-bowl with supah-food

-- the color of the t-shirt you're wearing now?
brown with pale pink stripes

-- the last thing u did ?
ate chocnut.

-- 3 of your favorite items.
my notebook from fully booked. my optical goggles. my phone.

-- How's life?
bothering. =)) interesting actually.

-- Who is/are your bestfriend/s?
helga, margaret, cheson =)) go figure.

-- what will you do next week?
revise a script. sleep. sleep. go to the province. BEAAAAAACCCHHH!!!

-- when was the last time u saw your mom?
this morning?

-- where is she now..?
at home.

-- When was the last time you talked to your parents?
this morning.

-- who is the last person that texted you?

-- where did u have your dinner last night?
supposedly at the e-lounge. sa house nalang.

-- the last surprise u've got?
some shocking surprise.

- - What do you feel now?

-- What do you order at McDo?
anything that i feel like eating. but fries should always be present

-- The last time you felt so sad?
last sunday was the worst.

-- What is your wish for tomorrow?
that i don't feel lazy and finish what i'm supposed to do.


little drummer boy

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the first time i heard 'little drummer boy' on josh groban's christmas album, i quickly fell in love with it. i've known the song since i was a kid and this new arrangement made it feel that it was a new song that i had to learn. i keep on telling people that the drum arrangement is brilliant, resounding rhythmically in the background.

i was wrong. DEAD WRONG.

it wasn't just a set of drums. it was a guitar playing. seriously, listen to it again. the genius behind this amazing musicality is andy mckee. i've seen him play on YouTube (that's where josh discovered him too!) and he's such a talented person.

thank heavens for youtube, this guy was discovered by josh groban and is part of his album.

cool guitarist + great arrangement = added points to my favorite christmas song!

thanks to the grobanites for the youtube link to josh's interview about his christmas album. buy the album guys. i tell you, it's really worth it. groban fan or not, it's a good buy.



>> Monday, October 22, 2007

that umbrella song is so famous, even josh groban sang it during his manila concert.


stroke, kick, swim, and LEARN

>> Thursday, October 18, 2007

I saw this entry by Andrew M.C. Guitarte in the Magis book edited by Queena Lee-Chua. It talks about his reflections in triathlon. I was inspired by this non-fic essay that I decided to make one for swimming. I thought of it while I was doing my regular laps last Friday. So, here it goes.

Stroke and Kick

i had a bad start at swimming. when i was around 7, my family and i went on a vacation with our family friends. we rented out a private pool and all the kids went rushing to the waters. i already knew how to float and i bragged that i can brave the deep end of the pool.

i jumped into the deep end (silly me) and found myself gasping for air. so much for bragging rights. my friend pulled me to the shallow end. i cried like hell. i was so embarrassed, my ego drowned and wasn't saved. poor little me.

i vowed never to swim again, until high school. we had mandatory swimming classes and i had to swim again. eventually, i joined the swimming club and was a member for two years.

swimming has been my known sport. i watch tennis. i took up badminton and table tennis for pe; but it is swimming that is always close to my heart.

i was overjoyed when planet infinity opened memberships for their swimming pool. i swim at least once a week, to keep my heart healthy. i have to admit, i'm on this age where people talk about health and exercise. it's the season of taking care of my health and body. swimming is one of the best sports that tones all parts of the body.

every swimming day is a moment of reflection. my mind still races with my pace as i do my strokes. my body is exercises, so is my brain. i've learned some things that keeps me going, every time i visit the pool.

1. count the laps, not the minutes
my first goal was to swim for an hour. i kept on looking at the large clock on the wall every lap, that it seemed too long to reach one hour. it became boring and taxing to wait for the minutes to pass that i only did less than 20 laps. counting the laps forgets the time, the next thing you know, you're swimming for more than an hour already. it also adds to your bragging rights that you did 50 or so laps in an hour, without really thinking about it.

2. get even
count your laps in even numbers. i do it in tens because it's easy to track the number of laps i do. if you want to practice your multiplication skills, do it in sixes or in fourteens. it depends on you, just do it in even numbers. that way, you return to the side where you once started. it's easier to remember.

3. it's all about sets
another mathematical way. after counting in even numbers, group them into sets. i do six sets with ten laps each set. that way, i can forget about the first ten laps when i'm into my second set. what if you lose count in the 49th count? where do you start? at least you can back track to the latest set you did. it's easier to count sets than 40+ laps.

4. give it a go(al)
promise yourself a number of laps (choose a reasonable number, don't promise yourself 100 laps if you can't do a hundred) and stick to it. no matter how lazy and tired you should be, make sure you stick to your goal. i promise you, it'll be fulfilling if you finish your set. it's not just about keeping fit, but also being disciplined in your training.

5. don't cheat
for heaven's sake, don't cheat. if you lost count, go back to zero (or to the first number of your new set). be sure of your lap counts. the word "maybe" isn't acceptable. "maybe i did five." no, don't say that. it has to be a sure five. if
you can't remember, go back to the number that you are really sure. don't let God do a parting of the red sea to tell you that you're not keeping your goals straight.

6. do it gradually
if you're a first time swimmer, don't do sprints right away or push yourself to 70 laps without stopping. start with ten. if you feel your heart's gonna pop out of your body, stop. you own your body and you should know its limitations. add to it when you feel comfortable with ten laps. increase difficulty when it becomes comfortable.

7. don't skip a beat
unlike gyms, swimmers don't have the privilege of having an ipod during training. you're lucky if your pool area comes with speakers to provide music. music is actually helpful because it can determine your pacing. since i can't afford those waterproof mp3s (or the ipod shuffle modified for swimming, complete with earphones that also serve as plugs), i found a way to keep myself amused while in the pool. hours before swimming, i drown myself with one song. i prefer an upbeat song to hasten my pace. i make sure that it will give me the LSS and make me sing it subconsciously. when i'm in the pool, my mind races with the beat and my body catches up. it also keeps me entertained. if you can LSS yourself with more than 3 songs, better.

8. love little miss muffet
remember the nursery rhyme little miss muffet? there's a line there that says, "eating her curds and WHEY." whey is a source of protein. it is in powder form and can be mixed with anything. most gyms spike their shakes and smoothies with whey. it provides muscle development.

swimming is not just a sport. the pool is a venue to test discipline, values, and attitudes. it is a place for life reflections, where not only the body is toned, but also the character.



>> Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i noticed that i've been posting about josh groban in all my other blogs except blogspot. i'm sorry blogspot, i forgot about you.

josh groban arrived last monday, 7 pm manila time. excited to stage his only asian show, josh showed his face, all smiles and ready to rock philippine grounds.

yesterday, he dropped by the inauguration of MTV philippines. he's also featured today on the philippine daily inquirer.

just look at the sun-shiny smile.

his yellow shirt compliments my orange blog. mwehehe


God's orange skies

>> Saturday, October 13, 2007

taken two days ago, from our office rooftop. i work on the penthouse of goodwill corporate center. the view was just spectacular from the rooftop. i just had to take a shot.

God's Orange Skies

deviant art was able to detect the settings of the camera i used. i'm going to post it, it makes me feel like a real photographer, even for a day.

Make: SONY
Model: DSC-V3
Shutter Speed: 10/1250 second
F Number: F/4.0
Focal Length: 23 mm
ISO Speed: 160


you think math is boring?

>> Tuesday, October 09, 2007

math ain't boring!

learn the secrets to mathematical problems!

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program brings you another Excellent, Educational, Enrichment Event!

click for a larger image

with Scott Lee-Chua

Sunday, October 28, 2007
10:30 am
Powerbooks Live, Greenbelt 4

Tickets at P150
For ages 6 to 66 only
Limited seats only so grab a ticket now
Tickets will NOT be sold at the entrance

for ticket inquiries, call our mind warehouse:
895.2509 or visit:


chasing chickens

>> Monday, October 08, 2007

i was busy talking to martha via ym and doing my personal project when i heard something that didn't belong in our garden.

chicken clucking.

i ran to the window and saw three chickens running frantically around the tennis court and the garden, trying to get away from my parents.

i hollered, "what the hell are three chickens doing in our garden?"

mom shouted, "i don't know. get down here!"

i went down to see the commotion. mom thrusted a walis tingting to my hands. "chase them out of my garden!"

dad held a stick and tapped it on the ground like a blind man. the tapping sound alerted the chickens, causing them to run away from him. i wagged the walis tingting, pushing their way towards the gate. mom just kept on screaming, "sa gate!! SA GAAAAATEE!!!"

one chicken tried to fit itself through the mesh fence. it only got his head through it. one chicken ran around the trees. the other just kept on running back and forth on the tennis court. the tennis court chicken was dad's project. he got his own jogging session right there. he even gathered rotten rambutan to throw at the chicken. don't worry animal rights advocates, the chicken was unharmed.

i managed to chase one out of the gate (i think the "hey chikie-chiken" call worked. or not). the tennis court chicken flew over the bodega. the other was no where to be found.

5 minutes of running and screaming. that's a cheap way of exercise. if we had a dog, the dog would do the job for us. maybe even provide our dinner for the night.



answers are not serious. SERIOUS? try to take my answers seriously. i'm gonna laugh.

1. real name - do i have to? it's yumi ading bading sabaw to the nth power
2. like it – yeah, it's who i am.
3. single or taken - taken by work, single if you want to be emo about it
4. zodiac sign- go figure it out. it's in july
5. male or female - oh wow, i must be a beautiful male
6. elementary - the name of the school is the same as the thing that you plant into the ground and grows into a plant or a tree
7. high school - holy mamaw (holy ghost)
8. college - this i'm proud of. ateneo de manila university (hey, this is true)
9. eye color - i wish it were red
10. hair color – i'll try dying it red next time
15. are you a health freak - i am healty. i am a freak. maybe if you put them together it'll be me.
16. height - i love the number 5.
17. do you have a crush on someone - who doesn't? come on.
18. do you like yourself - you can't like others if you don't like yourself in the first place. (trying hard to philosophize)
19. piercings – pierce my heart with pain and agony (right.)
20. tattoos - i write on my arms when i'm bored.
21. righty or lefty - tighty, righty.

22. first surgery - on the tooth. minor.
23. first piercings - check out my ears. i'm a deviant at a young age.
24. first best friend - she's now studying in csb. we do keep in touch, but we're not that close anymore, ever since she changed schools.
26. first sport - running around the living room
27. first pet - a caterpillar named harry
28. first vacation - everyday is a vacation for me
30. first crush - i think it was ariel rivera. (hit me hard)

49. eating - dipping oreo in milk
50. drinking - i drink milk
51. about to - finish this personal project
52. listening to - the birds from a distance
53. waiting for - my brain to function
54. wearing - decent wear, but not fashionable. (hello a pink shirt on a black and red plaid shorts. it's an ugly betty hit)
56. want to get married - wants are different from needs
67. careers in mind - mentor

68. lips or eyes - eyes.
69. hugs or kisses - hugs
70. shorter or taller - hello taller. i'm short already to begin with
71. tan skinned or light skin - more melanin, less prone to skin cancer
72. romantic or spontaneous - a little of both.
73. dark or light hair - as long as it's not dyed for heaven's sake
74. muscular or normal - not too bulky. rock hard abs are not fun to hug.
75. hook-up or relationship - i'm not a four letter word that rhymes with chut. (courtesy of kyle xy)
76. similar to you or different - similar and different. it'll be scary if everything about him is similar to me.

78. kissed a stranger - in my dreams
80. broken a bone - i can break yours
81. climbed up a tree - yes. and got bitten by an army of red ants.
82. broken someones heart - oh that's easy.
83. turned someone down - y-e-s
84. liked a friend as more than a friend – am i going emo?

86. yourself - if i didn't, i would've killed myself by now
89. Santa Claus - darn, he must be really old. i wonder why he's not getting a heart attack, check out that belly.
90. kiss on the first date - a peck on the cheek is fine.
91. angels - you are one

92. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? - i'd enumerate.
93. Do you hang out with these people? - soon. i haven't seen some of them.
94. Are you cool? - cool or hot? i'd go for warm.

95. Text message - it's from the marthakins
96. Received call - trish i think. that 15-minute call
97. Call made to - my boss
98. Comment on friendster - it's my helgalooo
99. Missed Call - can't remember. too lazy to check my phone.
100. Person you hung out with – mom and dad.
101. You hugged - mom
103. You talked to - martha
104. You slapped - the table. poor wooden thing.
105. Said I love you to - mom.



>> Thursday, October 04, 2007

by this time, i'm sure almost all of you know the line from desperate housewives that made a lot of filipino blood boil. watch this video if you haven't seen it.

i didn't feel offended. after the nursing leakage last year and the numerous doctors taking up nursing, i feel that that's the reputation we have earned. it's also partly our fault.

my friend vittorio wrote about it and i agree with everything he said. i'm posting your entry, donya, hope you don't mind. :P

So the Filipino community is fuming over this so-called racist line from Desperate Housewives. In this scene, Teri Hatcher's character is freaking out over the doctor's diagnosis that she is entering menopause.

Okay. Before we go any further, can I check those diplomas to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Philippines?

Bam! Fire the producers! Send the writers to Iraq! We want a public apology! Boycott ABC! Or was it CBS! Or NBC! I'm not sure! Crucify Teri Hatcher! Racists! I think it's Bravo TV! Imperialists! Capitalists! End the show! But please continue Heroes! Communists! Socialists! Hitler's children! Faggots! Jews! George Bush!


The character is freaking out. Of course she's supposed drop some incoherent bitchy line. What would you say if you learned that the counterfeit iPod you bought from Greenhills wasn't functioning? Of course: Hay nako, mga Muslim talaga! Mandaraya! Manloloko! Terorista! Or what if the fluorescent lamp you got from some little hardware store in Binondo didn't light up? Putang inang mga intsik yan! Talagang sila ang nag-imbento ng corruption! Or what if you smelled something spunky in the MRT? Bumbay!

The line was called for and appropriate given the context of the scene. It wouldn't have had the same comic impact if Teri's character blurted out Kenya or Northern Marianas. One point for camp Wisteria Lane!

People are insisting that it's an attack on the Philippine health care education sector. Please. The Philippine medical education system is more quack than Toilet Duck right now. There's a med and nursing school in every corner in the city. The number of students majoring in the health and allied sciences is bigger than the country's GDP.

Desperate Housewives writers: two. Angsty Filipinos: zero!

There's only one way for the TV network to deal with this PR crisis. They should just release a statement that the ex-husband of the mother of the manicurist of the neighbor of Teri Hatcher's personal assistant's maid's cousin's brother's ex-girlfriend is 1/16th Filipino. The protesters are going to love that. Pinoy Pride, y'all!

I'm sure this issue will die down soon. What, the show's producers and writers are going to issue an apology and cancel the show? Jeniffer Hudson winning a second Oscar is more likely to happen than that. I also heard that the overseas Filipino health workers are planning to stage a strike or protest or some Communist thing.

One word, people: Deport!

i'm also on the same sentiment as jace.

everyone's a little bit racist. just embrace it and move on. jeez. it's just a tv show.

funny how a sentence can break the ego of the country.


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