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>> Sunday, September 02, 2007

1. photoshop
my lj took an overhaul and changed its layout for the start of the month. the stripes are influence of chikai, who loves stripes and circles. it's a 60s influence. :)

these are just some of the things that add color to my life. :)

funny how a simple arrow got me instant favorites and comments. it's so flattering, i didn't even know people would actually like the "composition." my philosophy for pictures is that if i think it looks good, then it is good. i don't even think of lighting-lighting whateverchamacallit. if there's one photography rule that i follow, it's the rule of thirds. the rest, is up to photoshop. haha

to the right
(yeah, yeah, i know the arrow is pointing to the left)

photo by me
motorola v3i
edited with photoshop

3. partaaay!
last night was a swanky cool and groovy night at angge's birthday! she celebrated in pink, and with the 5 guys in ties. you know they are!

we danced the night away, with over 3 hours of non-stop live music. it was fun, dancing a few inches from the boys. the funny part was when i was asked twice by angge's brother and her friends, "are you angelica's classmate from high school?"

oh you don't know how old i am. i'm not even in college anymore! haha

i embarrassed myself again. when they said, "thanks to the bloomies who are here" i was the only one who cheered, again. hahaha so, where's the support, loves?

jenn, me, chikai and kay

i went to a party with a huge pimple on my face. booo. :)) and right after the fondue moment, my lipstick was gone. nyahaha.

so, who's the favorite bloomfield? haha one boy is missing. ay di pala. rocky, your head is blocking pepe. yihah! lakan is lookin at the cam!

i left early. boo. well not really, i left after the performance and when i was sitting in one table with the boys. tssssss. at least i got to see pepe's teeth smeared with chocolate from the fondue. priceless. chikai's got picture of them. haha

some of the pictures are uploaded already in my multiply. i'll snag away when they post the other pictures.


wanderingminstrel 12:58 PM  

it must have been a lot of fun ;-)

yumiskee kulitskee 1:18 PM  

it was fun dancing :) never danced like that before.

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