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photography in a glass

>> Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i'm part of this lj community called behind_the_lens. even if i'm not a photographer or have a cool camera, i like to look at pictures once in a while. it's by observing that i get tips on how to capture moments or how creative a photographer can be with his pictures. maybe i can do the same the moment i save up for a camera.

for the meantime, i take pictures using my phone camera, then open photoshop to bring out the colors; especially if the lighting is really bad. photoshop gives justice to my phone pictures. hardy-harhar.

anyway, the latest picture from the community blew me off my seat. picture is by freak41. checkeetawt dawg.

i only had three words for it.

woooooaaahhh. wooooaahhh. WOOOOAAAAH.

it's a perfect reflection shot. it's like the image of the ship in pirates of the caribbean 3, where a ship is directly upside down underwater. the house seems like it's inside the glass, overturned, floating like an ice cube. notice how the house bends to the outline of the glass. sweeet little thing.

it's the world caught and trapped inside a wine glass.


stepanya 11:05 PM  

ang galing nga nito!

kahit di rin ako photographer. hehe. my dad thinks i have potential. pero yun ay dahil tatay ko siya! wahaha

yumiskee kulitskee 11:08 PM  

dapat binibilhan narin tayo ng cool camera. hahaha

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