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nope, not today

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i got tagged by andianka, who is now under the evangelization of the bloomfields-mania (or is it just your mom?) haha

things that i hate don't like about... (yeah, hate is such a strong world. haha there still has to be some love in the world.

on food:
anything too slimy. oh, and for some weird reason, i don't like sushi. i've tried a thousand times -- ok, maybe just a couple of times -- but my taste buds never liked the feel of squishy raw meet in my mouth. it may be a psychological thing, or not. there's one sushi that i managed to eat (two slices too) and i forgot what it's called. i think it's the california maki. *shrug* feed me a bite size, and i'll flush it down my throat with a liter of iced tea.

on fruits:
i used to hate durian. however, i got warmed up by eating the durian candy, which is sweeter. now, i can tolerate the smell and the taste of durian; but definitely, i won't eat it as an everyday fruit. no siree. i can't think of a fruit that i don't like, or maybe i've forgotten about its name. haha

on veggies:
okra, ampalaya, gabi. i feel that gabi is white mud, and it'll slosh down my throat. then, clog my throat when it hardens. ampalaya, too bitter. i don't eat okra just because. oh, i prefer eating carrots raw than cooked. if it's cooked, i won't eat it. it feels and tastes like baby food.

on people:
people who are slow, who have BAD grammar, and who don't have manners. it pisses me off when people type in text language. hello, this is not the cellphone and you have all the space to type our your words. and please, stop mixing english and filipino words in a sentence, "dito na me. pwede po you makausap?" and please stop using "po" because it's getting overrated. use them if you're really talking to an older person. if it's just for pacute purposes, stop it. it's annoying.

manners too. simple manners such as putting the spoon and fork together after meals, letting a girl sit in a crowded bus, opening the door to an old person or a lady, and men staying at the danger side when crossing the street. simple courtesy rules. i don't expect everyone to know the encyclopedia of manners, just at least keep those that show respect.

on events, situations and incidents:
anything that concerns situations in politics. being 'balimbing'. whining about the government. blaming the president. don't put the blame on the president, you got a job to do on your own towns. she can't handle the whole philippines. that's why you're there, stoops.

tv shows, movies:
philippine tv. muwahaha. kidding. those shows that use dancing girls in skimpy wear and who give instant cash. aka wowowee. don't you notice, they're just making people look stupid. stupid questions, stupid answers. it's a sad state, people going crazy over a stupid show just to get money. and it's not even gonna ease poverty. give them jobs, give them education. that's real help, not cue some drama music while see them cry over how poor they are. that doesn't help you know.

on music:
metal rock bands. oops, sorry beanie. it's scary to listen to those kinds of music and the drums confuse my heartbeats. haha i'm on the mellow side of things, feel good music, and relaxing tones.

on household chores:
i can wash a thousand dishes, just don't let me sweep the floors. haha

things around the world:
billboards with wrong grammar and excessive apostrophes.

things about myself:
i procrastinate. A LOT. and when i'm not in the mood, i won't work. i won't force myself to work, i just pretend that i'm working. i also have a tendency to be lazy. hahahaha

enough procrastinating, i return to my worksheets. i tag whoever. i'm too lazy to think of people to tag. see, toldya i'm lazy.


andianka 1:09 PM  

ahahaha.. loved your response. cenxa na browsing lang ako ng mga entries. bihira makaikot eh. hehehe... :P

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