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the history boys

>> Friday, September 07, 2007

"How do I define history? Well it's just one fucking bloody thing after another, isn't it?"

history boys is a film on a group of students vying for an enrollment spot at the prestigious oxford university. they plan on getting an undergrad degree in history, and earning the respect of the school. the boys are on the top of the batch, getting As and Bs on their cards. they hope that their good grades in grammar school would land them a ticket to oxford.

the boys enjoy their classes with hector, whose classes are filled with animated scenes from plays and old literature. they reenact scenes, sing songs, and discuss readings openly, with the basis of universal truth.

during the course of their review, the headmaster felix hires a new teacher, irwin to assist hector and the resident history teacher, mrs lintott, to prepare the boys. however, irwin's style clashes with lintott and hector, as he pushes for objectiveness over universal truth. is history really what is stated in the books? or is there more to what they have on man's written history. dull essays after dull essays, the boys finally get how to explore with words.

mrs lintott opens another argumentative opinion on history. history is not about men fighting, men being the rulers, men in wars, but about women in the backstage. it is the unnamed wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters who should be honored because they stand by their men, praying that they come home safely for their families.

"History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket."

besides school, the boys face personal challenges. posner declares that he is attracted to dakin. dakin is having a relationship with felix's secretary. even irwin seems to be attracted to dakin. hector gives his students a hitch on his motorcycle once in a while, then touches them during stops. the boys, sometimes annoyed by the gesture, does not speak ill of hector. however, during one of the rides, a school guard notices hector, and reports the latter to the headmaster. dakin forces felix to reinstate hector, or else he would report the headmaster's malicious moves on the secretary.

the movie is a reflection on what goes on in the school lives of oxford candidates. you see that even during free periods, the boys talk about their lessons, discussing philosophy and art. they frequent the library and bask in thick books. however, education is not about facts, it's also about experiencing them outdoors. the boys take on trips with irwin, visiting historical places while having classes outdoors. they read history between the lines, and discuss the possibilities of the things not written in books. on the lighter side, the movie also changes the usual perception on nerds. it puts the "hot" on "nerds." hahaha

"the best moments of reading are when you come across something that you'd thought special to you. it's as if a hand has come out and taken yours."

good education lies in the hands of the teachers. they help the students open their mind portals, allowing them experience the possibilities of what the mind can comprehend.

"Pass the parcel. That's sometimes all you can do. Take it, feel it and pass it on. Not for me, not for you, but for someone, somewhere, one day. Pass it on, boys. That's the game I want you to learn. Pass it on."

teachers inspire. students learn. then when they grow up, they take the place of the teachers, being inspiring mentors to the next batch of learners. each of the history boys follow the path they were destined to take, each being a part of history.

the movie is so british, i kinda got caught up in the british accent. lockwood looks like a member of the beatles. dakin has the sheepish eyes of john mccartney. and they're all so damn cute. hahaha british accent is love.

lockwood is the one with the peace sign and over ten buttons on his coat. dakin stands on the right.

there, i didn't put too much fan girl-ish sentences, benny. i promised to keep it as informative and as reflective as possible because you read my blog. yeeee. special mention. hahahahaha


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