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dump thy art

>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

i made a new blog entitled, "dump thy art." it'll be the dump site for all the wallpapers i made. the wallpapers i submitted in deviant art were deleted because the admin said it was plagiarism. wtf, i know right. it's not like i claimed the pictures as my own or got a picture and completely said it was mine without altering it.

so because i am bitter about it and still pissed at their fakkoid rules, i deleted my other wallpapers. the only deviations i left are the photographs. fakkoid them if they still say that i plagiarized those pictures.

so anyway, ego hurt, time to move on. hahahaha i can't believe i'm on my second day of bickering about it. so shut up me now, i have found a better way to host my wallpapers.

so do visit dump thy art. don't mind the deviant art links on my other posts here in this blog. they're non-existent anymore, except for the photographs. wallpapers are now in my other blog. ok? all right!


Janis 12:28 AM  

Oh that's too sad. Maybe you did not put any credits in those wallpapers? i looked at your dump thy art blog and those are pictures that can be found all over the net, and even though you didn't actually claimed it to be yours, maybe they (as in dA) want you to at least put some credits on where you found them? this is the first time i've read about dA deleting deviations. i hope it goes well sometime. deviantart is a good place to stash your stuff anyway. :)

yumiskee kulitskee 9:15 PM  

it sucks because i credited the pictures. i provided links and people who gave me the pictures. ow well, i think they delete when someone squeals. i'm guessing someone squealed on me. *shrug*

wandering minstrel,  9:47 AM  

Oh F*** them! They're not the only cyber- art gallery in the planet. I say, take all your stuff and leave the goddamn artsy-fartsy site.

Hemingway, I've checked your Dump Thy Art. Looks more comfy there ;-)

yumiskee kulitskee 12:05 PM  

super f*** them. if they deleted mine, they should delete others too. there are a lot of wallpapers like what i did! they suck, big time.

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