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weirdness 101

>> Friday, September 28, 2007

yes, benny, i still read your blogspot (with the same reason: when i'm bored.)

lo and behond, i find this latest entry where you wrote a meme (WOW! how unlikely of you. ahaha kidding beanie) and i am tagged. i am great in procrastinating, thus i will go with this you-tagged-me type of meme.

"Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a list of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

i got tagged by shiela and edden by a similar meme. so i'll be merging these two. (feeling forums, merge threads!)

*The 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don't know about you. Then at the end, you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.
*Each blogger post these rules first.
*Each blogger must start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
*Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
*At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
*Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

number 1. i never watch uaap games even if i am a fan die-hard atenean. if there's one superstition that i'd believe, it would be about the uaap games. if i watch a lasalle-ateneo game on television, ateneo will lose. the only way of securing a winning game for my alma mater is that i watch it live. live in araneta, live wherever they are playing. and since i've never watched an ateneo-lasalle game in araneta (or even set foot on that coliseum), i've never seen a full eagle-archer rivalry game. i only get scoop from my friends from both camps, then watch a replay of the highlights on tv. i'm a sucker in that way.

number 2. benny thinks this is weird. i keep a lot of blogs. one in multiply, two here in blogspot, one in livejournal, and one in deviant art. HAHA. scrap out the deviant art, i rarely post there. and if i even do, i just copy paste from an entry i wrote here in blogspot. the other blogspot is my artwork dump which is not really a documentary of my everyday ramblings, but a storage area for all the photoshopped wallpapers and icons i have made. lj is the place for anything that is personal. i like livejournal because i can filter out the people who read my entries. i can choose who can read certain blog entries. multiply is anything random, mostly for the bloomfields audience. how do i maintain them? i don't know. maybe it's the cause of severe procrastination.

number 3. i am flexible (or i think i am). i can bend my thumb 90 degrees backwards. i can push my hand back more than 90 degrees. i can curl up in a tight ball and maybe fit a small glass box. i can do the close-open-close-open with my toes. maybe it's the 2-month ballet classes i took when i was seven years old.

number 4. i can be loud and quiet. i'm actually shy most of the time then warm up after a while. i sometimes have a difficult time keeping a conversation going, especially when i'm shy to ask questions. there are certain people whom i get along pretty well, then there are some that i feel detached. i know that they do no harm, but i feel that the ground will open up and eat me alive if ever i say something wrong or stupid. oh the paranoid side in me.

number 5. i have a green blanket that has been with me since i was small. it was given to me by my great grandfather. he bought it from baguio. i can't sleep soundly without it and i bring it everywhere (except when i visit a friend's house for a sleepover). the ends are fraying, but who cares, it's still in one piece. i just love to snuggle under my 'security blanket' especially when it's the cold and rainy season.

number 6. i am a deranged fan of josh groban. (uuy, it rhymes.) i'm sure almost everyone knows by now how much i like josh groban and his music. i've been posting a lot of him, especially that he's coming to the philippines on the 17th. i still don't have that doggone ticket. the cheapest available is 15k (i checked with ticketworld) and i only have 5k. HAHA so if anyone will be willing to shell out 10k more for the love of me, i'd give you um... a hug. haha not much of a deal? here's another one. if you are a smart infinity member, please do tell me. i'll use your privilege to get 2 vip tickets. damn, i really NEED those. please, for my effin' sake.

number 7. i am selfish when it comes to books. i don't like lending books because i'm scared that that person might misplace it or do something unholy to it. i really take care of my books and i value every single one, even if i bought them at a cheap store. i hate it when someone borrows the book and adds creases to the spine. don't you just hate it when they pull the book to the extremes, putting those horrible creases? i had one experience with that, and i went nuts when that person returned the book. mhen, i couldn't even see the title on the spine anymore. i wanted her to pay for my book. but she obviously couldn't afford books like that and she was studying in a public school, i let it pass. never ever again will i lend books to those who can't respect my books.

number 8. i am a high maintenance person when it comes to washrooms and bathrooms. i feel iffy when there's no clean bathroom around. i can manage to hold my bladder until i get a decent bathroom. i don't like muddy floors, mossy tiles, and sour-smelling toilets. it just scares the creep out of me. so whenever i go out, i don't drink that much so i won't have to bother looking for a washroom. i don't like public bathrooms too. i don't take long in a public bath (aka in beaches) because i feel violated. HAHAHA seriously. it's the first thing i notice too in a house. if a person can keep a bathroom clean, then he's one step closer to heavenly approval.

so there. 8 random (and weird) things about me. now i can tag you too benny, when i get another meme. i know that you fall for these kinds of surveys. haha

i tag: faith, andianka, thirdy, randi, sasha, pot, wowie, and YOU


my heart was home again

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2007

josh groban compensated for the tackiness of the set. red curtains on a blue set? oh camon, you gotta be kidding me. i wish they placed the musicians where they will be seen, not like moving statues hidden in the corners of the stage.

another thing wonderful about this show besides josh groban is the free cd they gave to each member of the audience. mhan, when will i ever experience that?

as josh's concert is nearing, i'm watching all possible videos of him on youtube. it's the closest i'll get to watching josh, if ever i don't get a coveted ticket to his PICC concert on october 18.

My Heart Was Home Again

So it goes, history shows
Deserts must expand
And camels sail like wooden ships
Like women on the strand

There's sand on Second Avenue
And the wind blows like a train
Taxis light up like a string of pearls
Around the block again

And I remembered everything
And every windowpane
Every word came back to me
The way it used to be

Then I saw your face across the street
And my heart was home again

There's a bus that leaves at eight fifteen
And another one at ten
Should I climb aboard, risk everything
And ride it to the end

Watch the hills like roller coasters
Up against the sky
And wish that you were here by me
So close that I could die

You said love wrecks everything
And none of us survive
So I got over you last night
And I am still alive

Then I saw your face across the street
And my heart was home again

And I remembered everything
And every windowpane
Every word came back to me
The way it used to be

Then I saw your face across the street
And my heart was home again.


nope, not today

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i got tagged by andianka, who is now under the evangelization of the bloomfields-mania (or is it just your mom?) haha

things that i hate don't like about... (yeah, hate is such a strong world. haha there still has to be some love in the world.

on food:
anything too slimy. oh, and for some weird reason, i don't like sushi. i've tried a thousand times -- ok, maybe just a couple of times -- but my taste buds never liked the feel of squishy raw meet in my mouth. it may be a psychological thing, or not. there's one sushi that i managed to eat (two slices too) and i forgot what it's called. i think it's the california maki. *shrug* feed me a bite size, and i'll flush it down my throat with a liter of iced tea.

on fruits:
i used to hate durian. however, i got warmed up by eating the durian candy, which is sweeter. now, i can tolerate the smell and the taste of durian; but definitely, i won't eat it as an everyday fruit. no siree. i can't think of a fruit that i don't like, or maybe i've forgotten about its name. haha

on veggies:
okra, ampalaya, gabi. i feel that gabi is white mud, and it'll slosh down my throat. then, clog my throat when it hardens. ampalaya, too bitter. i don't eat okra just because. oh, i prefer eating carrots raw than cooked. if it's cooked, i won't eat it. it feels and tastes like baby food.

on people:
people who are slow, who have BAD grammar, and who don't have manners. it pisses me off when people type in text language. hello, this is not the cellphone and you have all the space to type our your words. and please, stop mixing english and filipino words in a sentence, "dito na me. pwede po you makausap?" and please stop using "po" because it's getting overrated. use them if you're really talking to an older person. if it's just for pacute purposes, stop it. it's annoying.

manners too. simple manners such as putting the spoon and fork together after meals, letting a girl sit in a crowded bus, opening the door to an old person or a lady, and men staying at the danger side when crossing the street. simple courtesy rules. i don't expect everyone to know the encyclopedia of manners, just at least keep those that show respect.

on events, situations and incidents:
anything that concerns situations in politics. being 'balimbing'. whining about the government. blaming the president. don't put the blame on the president, you got a job to do on your own towns. she can't handle the whole philippines. that's why you're there, stoops.

tv shows, movies:
philippine tv. muwahaha. kidding. those shows that use dancing girls in skimpy wear and who give instant cash. aka wowowee. don't you notice, they're just making people look stupid. stupid questions, stupid answers. it's a sad state, people going crazy over a stupid show just to get money. and it's not even gonna ease poverty. give them jobs, give them education. that's real help, not cue some drama music while see them cry over how poor they are. that doesn't help you know.

on music:
metal rock bands. oops, sorry beanie. it's scary to listen to those kinds of music and the drums confuse my heartbeats. haha i'm on the mellow side of things, feel good music, and relaxing tones.

on household chores:
i can wash a thousand dishes, just don't let me sweep the floors. haha

things around the world:
billboards with wrong grammar and excessive apostrophes.

things about myself:
i procrastinate. A LOT. and when i'm not in the mood, i won't work. i won't force myself to work, i just pretend that i'm working. i also have a tendency to be lazy. hahahaha

enough procrastinating, i return to my worksheets. i tag whoever. i'm too lazy to think of people to tag. see, toldya i'm lazy.


red globes

>> Wednesday, September 19, 2007

please come to our forum: (click for a larger image)

Helping Kids Excel in School
A Seminar conducted by Dr. Queena Lee-Chua
October 6, 2007
830-1130 am
14/F Hotel InterCon Manila, Makati City

Tickets at P200

Each ticket entitles the participant to a Galileo loot bag and a chance to win an iPod, Motorola phone kit, amusement park tickets, membership cards, gift goodies and GCs.

For inquiries, call 895.8095

i cleaned my memory card yesterday because i bought a 1gb memory card for my phone. i saved all pictures and saw shot of a rambutan tree i took from my bedroom window.

ready for picking!

motorola v3i
sunny lighting conditions

full view at my deviant art.
new wallpaper additions to my dumy thy art blog. chekitawt.

and because i'm bored. this is for friendster. but i'm hard-headed so i'm posting it here. haha


1. Who took your default pic?
- jace did.

2. Exactly what are you wearing right now?
- a pink shirt. and a pair plaid shorts. haha i'm at home, so i don't care about making a fashion combination.

3. What is your current problem?
- my laziness

4. What makes you most happy?
- friends and things i have accomplished

5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
- now? none. but i'm singing cancer by my chemical romance

6. Do you like MTV?
- i watch, sometimes. but i don't like-like it.

7. Name something that annoys you about people?
- wrong grammar! text language! no table manners.


Chapter 1:

1. Nickname(s):
- yumi

2. Eye color?
- dark brown

3. Hair color?
- vlak


Chapter 2:

1. Do you live with your parent(s)?
- yeah, because i don't have any where else to stay. haha

2. Do you get along with your parent (s)?
- oo naman

3. Are your parents married/seperated/divorced?
- married for 22 years. more more more!

4. Do you have any siblings?
- nada. unless you count the numerous birds and snakes here. haha kidding on the latter.


Chapter 3:


1. Ice Cream:
- cheese!

2. Season:
- christmas

3. Book:
- olive's ocean by kevin henkes (he deserves a newberry medal! not just an honor! haha)

4. Band:
- band? the bloomfields

- anything edible, except...

6. Drink(s) (non alcoholic):
- real fruit juice and milk

7. Drink(s) (alcoholic):
- none?

8. Past Time?
- buying books. ahaha expensive past time

9. Pen color:
- black. :) when checking worksheets, orange. :)

10. Store?
- hmm.. cdr king! folded and hung, shapes for clothes


Chapter 4:


1.Write on your hand?
- sometimes. when i'm reallly bored.

2. Call people back?
- if it's really important

3. Believe in love?
- oo naman.

4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?
- yeap. and with certain positions too.


Chapter 5:

Have You....

1. Broken a bone?
- nope. booo. haha

2. If ... where?
~ have you if where? is that a sentence?

3. Had physical therapy?
- nope.

4. Gotten surgery?
- minor tooth surgery? does that count?

5. Taken painkillers?
- just this morning. biogesic.

6. Are you gay?
- i'm happy! yes. but not gay, as in homo gay.

7. Stung by a bee?
- not yet.

8. Threw up in a doctors office?
- in the classroom, oo. hahahaha


Chapter 6:
Who/what was the last:

2. Person to text you?
- kakai.

3. Thing you touched?
- keyboard and my lampin full of snot. eheheeww.

5. Thing you said?
- yeah, i'm fine.

7. Person you hugged?
- mom

8. Person to call you?
- lemme seee... mom.

11. Last book you read?
- finished reading? "lady in the water" by m. night shyamalan

12. Time you cleaned your room?
- ooops.


dump thy art

>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

i made a new blog entitled, "dump thy art." it'll be the dump site for all the wallpapers i made. the wallpapers i submitted in deviant art were deleted because the admin said it was plagiarism. wtf, i know right. it's not like i claimed the pictures as my own or got a picture and completely said it was mine without altering it.

so because i am bitter about it and still pissed at their fakkoid rules, i deleted my other wallpapers. the only deviations i left are the photographs. fakkoid them if they still say that i plagiarized those pictures.

so anyway, ego hurt, time to move on. hahahaha i can't believe i'm on my second day of bickering about it. so shut up me now, i have found a better way to host my wallpapers.

so do visit dump thy art. don't mind the deviant art links on my other posts here in this blog. they're non-existent anymore, except for the photographs. wallpapers are now in my other blog. ok? all right!


josh groban singing bon jovi?

>> Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i'm currently recording josh songs from youtube. i came across a 38-second video that is worth your patience.

it's not a clear video, but you'll at least hear how josh groban impersonates bon jovi. he's such a hilarious guy, i looove him.

i was also able to rip a christmas song by josh, which will be released on december 2007. HAHAHAHAHA i have it already. i'll upload the songs in my multiply. but you have to be my contact to view the songs. :P

yes, i'm still desperate for josh groban tickets for his manila tour. if you are a smart infinity member and do not like josh groban, tell me. i'll use your smart privilege and get those free tickets. okay? ok.


of mustaches and videos

>> Saturday, September 08, 2007

you've seen the video. vote for it.

myx vote never let her slip away

send to 2366

did i just promote? omg. i did promote a video. first time. =))

actually, this is just an excuse to post a wallpaper for it.

drum picture by bambi bandong
the rest of the pictures are by kay hila

you know where to go to see the full version.

i'm hungry. i wonder what's edible in the fridge.


the history boys

>> Friday, September 07, 2007

"How do I define history? Well it's just one fucking bloody thing after another, isn't it?"

history boys is a film on a group of students vying for an enrollment spot at the prestigious oxford university. they plan on getting an undergrad degree in history, and earning the respect of the school. the boys are on the top of the batch, getting As and Bs on their cards. they hope that their good grades in grammar school would land them a ticket to oxford.

the boys enjoy their classes with hector, whose classes are filled with animated scenes from plays and old literature. they reenact scenes, sing songs, and discuss readings openly, with the basis of universal truth.

during the course of their review, the headmaster felix hires a new teacher, irwin to assist hector and the resident history teacher, mrs lintott, to prepare the boys. however, irwin's style clashes with lintott and hector, as he pushes for objectiveness over universal truth. is history really what is stated in the books? or is there more to what they have on man's written history. dull essays after dull essays, the boys finally get how to explore with words.

mrs lintott opens another argumentative opinion on history. history is not about men fighting, men being the rulers, men in wars, but about women in the backstage. it is the unnamed wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters who should be honored because they stand by their men, praying that they come home safely for their families.

"History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket."

besides school, the boys face personal challenges. posner declares that he is attracted to dakin. dakin is having a relationship with felix's secretary. even irwin seems to be attracted to dakin. hector gives his students a hitch on his motorcycle once in a while, then touches them during stops. the boys, sometimes annoyed by the gesture, does not speak ill of hector. however, during one of the rides, a school guard notices hector, and reports the latter to the headmaster. dakin forces felix to reinstate hector, or else he would report the headmaster's malicious moves on the secretary.

the movie is a reflection on what goes on in the school lives of oxford candidates. you see that even during free periods, the boys talk about their lessons, discussing philosophy and art. they frequent the library and bask in thick books. however, education is not about facts, it's also about experiencing them outdoors. the boys take on trips with irwin, visiting historical places while having classes outdoors. they read history between the lines, and discuss the possibilities of the things not written in books. on the lighter side, the movie also changes the usual perception on nerds. it puts the "hot" on "nerds." hahaha

"the best moments of reading are when you come across something that you'd thought special to you. it's as if a hand has come out and taken yours."

good education lies in the hands of the teachers. they help the students open their mind portals, allowing them experience the possibilities of what the mind can comprehend.

"Pass the parcel. That's sometimes all you can do. Take it, feel it and pass it on. Not for me, not for you, but for someone, somewhere, one day. Pass it on, boys. That's the game I want you to learn. Pass it on."

teachers inspire. students learn. then when they grow up, they take the place of the teachers, being inspiring mentors to the next batch of learners. each of the history boys follow the path they were destined to take, each being a part of history.

the movie is so british, i kinda got caught up in the british accent. lockwood looks like a member of the beatles. dakin has the sheepish eyes of john mccartney. and they're all so damn cute. hahaha british accent is love.

lockwood is the one with the peace sign and over ten buttons on his coat. dakin stands on the right.

there, i didn't put too much fan girl-ish sentences, benny. i promised to keep it as informative and as reflective as possible because you read my blog. yeeee. special mention. hahahahaha


never let her slip away

>> Thursday, September 06, 2007

this is way way waaay better than ale. spot ral! spot kay! spot isa!

Never Let Her Slip Away by Andrew Gold
version by: The Bloomfields

I talked to my baby on the telephone, long distance
I never would've guessed I could miss someone so bad

I really only met her 'bout a week ago
But it doesn't seem to matter to my heart
I know that I love her
I'm hoping that I never recover
'Cause she's good for me
And it would really make me happy
To never let her slip away

Never ever, never let her slip way
Never ever, never let her slip way
Never ever, never let her slip way
Never ever, never let her slip way

I feel like a kid with a teenage crush on a school date
I feel like the lead in "Romeo & Juliet"

I'm a little bit dizzy
I'm a little bit scared
I guess I never felt this much aware
That I'd love her
I'm hoping that I'll never recover
Cause she's good for me
And it would really make me happy
To never let her slip away

Never ever, never let her slip way
Never ever, never let her slip way
Never ever, never let her slip way
Never ever, never let her slip way


photography in a glass

>> Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i'm part of this lj community called behind_the_lens. even if i'm not a photographer or have a cool camera, i like to look at pictures once in a while. it's by observing that i get tips on how to capture moments or how creative a photographer can be with his pictures. maybe i can do the same the moment i save up for a camera.

for the meantime, i take pictures using my phone camera, then open photoshop to bring out the colors; especially if the lighting is really bad. photoshop gives justice to my phone pictures. hardy-harhar.

anyway, the latest picture from the community blew me off my seat. picture is by freak41. checkeetawt dawg.

i only had three words for it.

woooooaaahhh. wooooaahhh. WOOOOAAAAH.

it's a perfect reflection shot. it's like the image of the ship in pirates of the caribbean 3, where a ship is directly upside down underwater. the house seems like it's inside the glass, overturned, floating like an ice cube. notice how the house bends to the outline of the glass. sweeet little thing.

it's the world caught and trapped inside a wine glass.


you're the only one

>> Tuesday, September 04, 2007

this is currently my favorite josh groban song. now or never has to wait in second. teeheehee.

dang, where did this user get all those cool pictures? i'm a deranged fan, so i'm print screen saving the pictures. haha thank God for the print screen button.

Seems like our love is on a road to nowhere fast
All my life I thought a love like this would last
But every road can hide a corner we can't see
I had a vision that I woke up by your side
I felt you breathing and our souls were intertwined
But who controls love's destiny? Not me.

We had it all right in our hands,
We had the space to fly and still a place to land

So I'm calling out, I'm calling out to the only one
Who can save us from what we've done
Don't leave me hanging on
I'm reaching out and praying you'll come back again
It's just darkness I'm living in
And you're the only place my heart has ever been.

Maybe I'm young and in the ways of love naive
Maybe I'm desperate for a reason to believe
There wasn't any way I thought that we would fall.
I've seen perfection in a rainbow in the sky
I've seen a child make the coldest grown man cry
But loving you I thought was greater than them all.

We had it all, just you and me
Now there's a doorway to my heart without a key

So I'm calling out, I'm calling out to the only one
Who can save us from what we've done
Don't leave me hanging on
I'm reaching out and praying you'll come back again
It's just darkness I'm living in
And you're the only place my heart has ever been.

Wherever you are right now
Come back and show me how you feel
Because I'm lost without you here

Calling out, I'm calling out to the only one
Who can save us from what we've done
Don't leave me hanging on
And I'm reaching out and praying you'll come back again
It's just darkness I'm living in
Cause you're the only place my heart has ever been.


rainbow connection

>> Sunday, September 02, 2007

1. photoshop
my lj took an overhaul and changed its layout for the start of the month. the stripes are influence of chikai, who loves stripes and circles. it's a 60s influence. :)

these are just some of the things that add color to my life. :)

funny how a simple arrow got me instant favorites and comments. it's so flattering, i didn't even know people would actually like the "composition." my philosophy for pictures is that if i think it looks good, then it is good. i don't even think of lighting-lighting whateverchamacallit. if there's one photography rule that i follow, it's the rule of thirds. the rest, is up to photoshop. haha

to the right
(yeah, yeah, i know the arrow is pointing to the left)

photo by me
motorola v3i
edited with photoshop

3. partaaay!
last night was a swanky cool and groovy night at angge's birthday! she celebrated in pink, and with the 5 guys in ties. you know they are!

we danced the night away, with over 3 hours of non-stop live music. it was fun, dancing a few inches from the boys. the funny part was when i was asked twice by angge's brother and her friends, "are you angelica's classmate from high school?"

oh you don't know how old i am. i'm not even in college anymore! haha

i embarrassed myself again. when they said, "thanks to the bloomies who are here" i was the only one who cheered, again. hahaha so, where's the support, loves?

jenn, me, chikai and kay

i went to a party with a huge pimple on my face. booo. :)) and right after the fondue moment, my lipstick was gone. nyahaha.

so, who's the favorite bloomfield? haha one boy is missing. ay di pala. rocky, your head is blocking pepe. yihah! lakan is lookin at the cam!

i left early. boo. well not really, i left after the performance and when i was sitting in one table with the boys. tssssss. at least i got to see pepe's teeth smeared with chocolate from the fondue. priceless. chikai's got picture of them. haha

some of the pictures are uploaded already in my multiply. i'll snag away when they post the other pictures.


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