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welcome to the 60s!

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i'm sucked back to the 60s era.


1. love hopes concert - while doing the script, i was taken down history lane with all the events during the 1960s. i learned about the vietnam war, the new movement of the blacks, james bond, the berlin wall, etc etc. because of that concert, i was introduced to the music of the...

2. the bloomfields - they play 60s music, aka "daddy music". they wear the 60s outfit and groove to the 60s era. the fun part about them is that they weren't born in the 60s. they're about my age. they take their 60s music seriously. i met cool friends in the forums who gave me the 60s education. two of them are avid fans of...

3. the beatles - i now have 12 albums by the beatles and i know trivia about them. chikai and ia are my beatles' encyclopedia. they know a lot and they orient me about the band. i now made 5 wallpapers in tribute to the beatles.

4. other 60s bands - last night, i asked my dad why he never became a fan of the beatles. he said he liked a different band, the monkees. i'm currently downloading albums by the monkees. i wonder how they sound :)

5. hairspray - it's the latest musical craze of this year. the setting is on the 60s. fashion, music, dance moves, and history. the new movement was featured there too, making me remember all i learned while making the love hopes script. the cast is the best, from edna to tracy to link to seaweed to everybody! i even made wallpaper. i'll make a link larkin at home. my photoshop here in the office is slowing my computer down. haha

6. i love the 60s fashion. the shoes are similar to what we have now, pointed flats. more or less, the dresses are the same, except for the bloomers under the skirts. one thing that isn't returning is the hairdo. hairspray is prohibited already, because of the chemicals emitted that hurt the ozone layer. but everything else is being recycled to this era. wonderful innit?

what's next on my 60s addiction? share some 60s love if you have something!


Anonymous,  2:17 PM  

I recently saw a great band in the Washington, DC area. They're called the American Hot Club Band. They're the best local band I seen in quite some time. When I saw them they played mostly 60s rock and soul stuff, although they're not really a tribute band because they don't impersonate people. They did a few other things besides 60s, but that was about 90 percent of their material. They're the only band I've ever seen anywhere with two guitarists playing 12-string Rickenbackers (but not every song). It was something to behold. Practically every song had harmony parts. Those guys are really tight.

Their website is http://www.dsmusician.com


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