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put 'em up

>> Thursday, August 30, 2007

i got this site from johan. it's a sign generator and you can put your own logos or slogans in different themes. here's what i've made.

giant glass rules. this is a fun and enjoyable game. my creative juices are flowing again.

1. blackboard: i want to post this every time someone posts a statement full of grammatical errors. yeah, yeah, i know that's evil; but they're being evil to the english language!

2. keyboard: i'm sure everyone has seen this vandalism on classroom chairs at least once in their lives. many times i've pressed that drawing on the chair, wishing that it'll come true. i remember seeing a short chat written on the chair right after the "press button to eject teacher" note.

press button to eject teacher
*presses button*
it's not working!
*presses again*

what if there's a special keyboard key for it? wouldn't it be wonderful?

3. rocket: after years of believing that pluto is a planet, scientists found out that pluto is just a dwarf planet, kicking him out of the magic 9. pluto is no longer part of the milky way galaxy as the smallest and farthest planet in the solar system. poor little thing. i wonder what pluto the dog has to say about this.

bah. it's supposed to be justice for pluto. but i'm to lazy to edit. ow well. haha

4. cereal box: i'm feeling evil today, so even my cereal box is looking for a kicker fight. hahaha but hey, it's catchy. 100% kicker, agree with me or eat my socks.

5. boat: my little boat will go places! if i were given that boat, i'll paint it orange and red. oh la la.

6. hollywood: move over hollywood sign, it's my name on yer mountains!

on the other hand...

because i haven't been there. =))


CoMeDy KiD 6:29 AM  

Many more themes/templates to make fun pics on www.CustomSignGenerator.com.

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