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josh groban sing for me in manila!

>> Monday, August 06, 2007

so it's final. josh groban is indeed coming to manila. THIS YEAR.

and when i get hold of the schedule of his concert, i'm gonna buy a ticket. for one. haha mom doesn't want to spend a ticket to see josh groban. so it seems i'll be going alone.

(trish, will you be my groban-mate for the night?)

oh i wanna hug this cutie-patootie. AYIIIIIIII!!!!! *squeal*

oh, oh, oh! josh groban has an article in inquirer today. hohoyes, i'm gonna clip that article tomorrow. we subscribe to inquirer every mwf at the office. i'm nicking the entertainment portion.

i don't care how big the picture is, i'm filling yer lj windows with his face! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

interesting trivia: josh groban hates treadmills.

WHUUUUUT???? hahahaha i hate treadmills too. i can't run properly without grabbing the handlebars on the machine (is there anything is this world that will make you stop? ohhh, you're a machine!!) that's why i got a pool card.

omg, was he talking about a treadmill for the song machine? hahaha i'm thinking gymming for him is traumatizing =))

and he loves playing tennis. oh cool, i love tennis. well, watching tennis, not playing tennis. *imagines scenario* he plays tennis while i sit in the bleachers, staring at him pull off those tennis moves. can i be yer towel girl?


and if yeh laaaav me and my fan girl mode for josh groban, don't hold his schedule on ransom. gimme, gimme, gimme details if you know anything about his concert. all i know that he's singing in picc.

sign me cd! sign me cd! oh wait, that's too subtle. SIGN ME FOREHEAD! SIGN ME FOREHEAD!

ok. fan girl too much? AHLOVEEEEET.


racky 2:34 PM  

nimm mich nimm mich!!! (sama mo ako) hahah

'love him too!

yumiskee kulitskee 2:37 PM  

racky! racky! COME LET'S WATCH!

sasha 2:39 PM  

OMG! Is this true, Yumi?? Naku manonood din ako!!! I love Josh Groban din!!

Na-excite daw ako sobra hehehe... kumusta ka na?

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