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black eyeliners and rock music

>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

you know that i've never really been a fan of rock music; nor have i liked a rock band. they're loud, they're noisy, and they're scream-y.

but why in the world am i writing about a rock band?

because i like them?

nooooo! that cannot be! rock isn't part of the yumi dictionary! no, no, no!

i found this channel in youtube. and i fell in love with mikey way's pose here. the picture itself is hot too.

wait, wait, wait. did i just say that the picture was hot? oh my goodness, what is happening to the world?

trish introduced my chemical romance to me weeks ago. i've been hearing their songs over the radio or seeing their videos whenever i watch tv. trish oriented me with the members, their songs, and their videos. i downloaded all of their albums.

i found some songs scream-y, but there were songs that i enjoyed listening to. those were the songs that were mellow, but still kept the angsty rock attitude. take for example their songs from the black parade. it's the right blend of and upbeat song, but not painful to the ears. life on the murder scene was the screamy one, so i listen to it only when i'm feeling angsty and angry. :)) but it's the black parade that i listen more or less once a day.

the song teenagers gave me the longest song-slash-video LSS for more than month. i don't know whats with that song, but it always makes me smile. the song isn't even happy, it's about teenagers being the troubled citizens or how they are the headache of society. however, at the end of the video, it said that violence is not the key or the solution to any problem. so there's still something good in the video. harharhar.

listen to it, and see how it gets to your mind. it's really catchy.

because of that, i made a mikey way icon and included a line from teenagers in my lj's layout. i hoarded all pictures from starpulse.com. there are a lot of pictures there, mostly of gee. i saved all mikey pics. wheee!



stepanya 12:02 AM  

haha ignoramus din ako pagdating sa rock. ang alam ko lang sa chemical romance, hindi cute yung vocalist pero yung kapatid niya yung uber cute, not sure pero bassist ba?

at onga like ko rin yang teenagers! hind siya emo-screamo na dragging pakinggan. ang perky nga eh. hahaha

yumiskee kulitskee 12:07 AM  



kahit may swear words siya, kebs. nakaka-LSS.

stepanya 12:15 AM  

yun pala yung mikey way na nakikita ko sa status mo! haha. ok now i know.

it's always been kapatid ng vocalist eh. hahaha

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