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leo the late bloomer

>> Friday, August 31, 2007

*insert kiddie squeal*


*end kiddie squeal*

when i was in prep, our late school directress teacher lola (that's how we all called her) would pull me out of class whenever there was a visitor. she'd bring out this tattered book and let us read the whole story.

leo the late bloomer.

leo is a tiger who was a late bloomer. he was slow in learning stuff. his parents became worried that he might stay that way, behind from all his peers.

his father watched him closely, wishing on the day that leo blooms.

on God's own time, leo bloomed. he was brimming with inspiration, with enthusiasm, with sheer joy. the story ends with his first sentence, "I MADE IT!"

i think i'm a late bloomer. not that i was slow, but there was a time that i was in my dirt moments. my adolescent years were adjustment years to me. it was the ugly duckling stage of my life. i felt that i wanted to rebel but couldn't, making me a super quiet and a person with a lot of angst inside.

college proved to be my time to bloom. the whole block became my family, i to be a block and course representative, muster courage to act on stage, have my written work staged, volunteer for various school activities, head two sanggu events, and spear-head the largest event of block e's lives: fine arts festival.

we all have our own perfect times to bloom. some are early bloomers, showing signs of success at a young age. some discover their potentials in their later years. we can't predict the moment when our time will come; it's all to God to determine that. God's time is always the perfect timing, even if sometimes we feel that the waiting is so unfair. the waiting is a way of preparing us for the big things He has planned for us.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

life is getting better. i may have moments where i feel like the world is crashing down on me, but i know that i should pick myself up and move on. life isn't over after just one problem. there are problems i will face and i should be strong to be able to overcome them.

life started in college. it picked up at a fast pace early this year and life has opened a lot of doors for me. i can continue yakking about the blessings i have received, but i think it'll take me forever to write them all down.

"It's getting better all the time
better, better, better
It's getting better all the time
better, better, better
Getting so much better all the time"

- The Beatles

so don't be saddened if you feel that you're behind. you'll have your own special time. that time might be your moment to lead your own pack, your peers, your generation. think of leo the late bloomer, and soon you'll be able to say your own "i made it" statement.


bull's eye

you missed the center. try again.

photo by yumi
full view at deviant art.

new additions:
staring blankly: link
take a seat: link


put 'em up

>> Thursday, August 30, 2007

i got this site from johan. it's a sign generator and you can put your own logos or slogans in different themes. here's what i've made.

giant glass rules. this is a fun and enjoyable game. my creative juices are flowing again.

1. blackboard: i want to post this every time someone posts a statement full of grammatical errors. yeah, yeah, i know that's evil; but they're being evil to the english language!

2. keyboard: i'm sure everyone has seen this vandalism on classroom chairs at least once in their lives. many times i've pressed that drawing on the chair, wishing that it'll come true. i remember seeing a short chat written on the chair right after the "press button to eject teacher" note.

press button to eject teacher
*presses button*
it's not working!
*presses again*

what if there's a special keyboard key for it? wouldn't it be wonderful?

3. rocket: after years of believing that pluto is a planet, scientists found out that pluto is just a dwarf planet, kicking him out of the magic 9. pluto is no longer part of the milky way galaxy as the smallest and farthest planet in the solar system. poor little thing. i wonder what pluto the dog has to say about this.

bah. it's supposed to be justice for pluto. but i'm to lazy to edit. ow well. haha

4. cereal box: i'm feeling evil today, so even my cereal box is looking for a kicker fight. hahaha but hey, it's catchy. 100% kicker, agree with me or eat my socks.

5. boat: my little boat will go places! if i were given that boat, i'll paint it orange and red. oh la la.

6. hollywood: move over hollywood sign, it's my name on yer mountains!

on the other hand...

because i haven't been there. =))


without love

>> Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Once i was a selfish fool
Who never understood
I never looked inside myself
Though on the outside, i looked good!

Then we met and you made me
The man i am today
Tracy, i'm in love with you
No matter what you weigh

Without love
Life is like the seasons with
No summer
Without love
Life is rock 'n' roll without
A drummer

Tracy, i'll be yours forever
'Cause 1 never wanna be
Without love
Tracy, never set me free
No, i ain't lyin'
Never set me free, Tracy,
No, no, no!!

Living in the ghetto
Black is everywhere ya go
Who'd 've thought i'd love a girl
With skin as white as winter's snow

In my ivory tower
Life was just a hostess snack
But now i've tasted chocolate
And i'm never going back

'Cause without love

Life is like a beat that you can't follow

Without love

Life is doris day at the apollo

Darling, i'll be yours forever
'Cause i never wanna be
Without love

So darling, never set me free

I'm yours forever
Never set me free

No, no, no!

If you're locked up in this prison, trace
I don't know what i'll do

Link, i've got to break out
So that i can get my hands on you

And girl, if i can't touch you
Now i'm gonna lose control

Seaweed, you're my black white knight
I've found my blue-eyed soul

Sweet freedom is our goal

Trace, i wanna kiss ya!

Then i can't wait for parole!

'Cause without love

Life is like a prom that won't invite us

Without love

Life's getting my big break and laryngitis

Without love

Life's a '45' when you can't buy it

Without love

Life is like my mother on a diet

Like a week that's only mondays
Only ice cream never sundaes
Like a circle with no center
Like a door marked "do not enter!"

Darling, I'll be yours forever
'Cause 1 never wanna be...
Without love

Yes now you've captured me

Without love

I surrender happily

Without love

Oh seaweed

Never set me free

No, no, no

No, i ain't lyin'

Never set me free

No, no, no
No, i dont wanna live without

Love, love, love

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Darling, you had best believe me,
Never leave me without love!


welcome to the 60s!

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i'm sucked back to the 60s era.


1. love hopes concert - while doing the script, i was taken down history lane with all the events during the 1960s. i learned about the vietnam war, the new movement of the blacks, james bond, the berlin wall, etc etc. because of that concert, i was introduced to the music of the...

2. the bloomfields - they play 60s music, aka "daddy music". they wear the 60s outfit and groove to the 60s era. the fun part about them is that they weren't born in the 60s. they're about my age. they take their 60s music seriously. i met cool friends in the forums who gave me the 60s education. two of them are avid fans of...

3. the beatles - i now have 12 albums by the beatles and i know trivia about them. chikai and ia are my beatles' encyclopedia. they know a lot and they orient me about the band. i now made 5 wallpapers in tribute to the beatles.

4. other 60s bands - last night, i asked my dad why he never became a fan of the beatles. he said he liked a different band, the monkees. i'm currently downloading albums by the monkees. i wonder how they sound :)

5. hairspray - it's the latest musical craze of this year. the setting is on the 60s. fashion, music, dance moves, and history. the new movement was featured there too, making me remember all i learned while making the love hopes script. the cast is the best, from edna to tracy to link to seaweed to everybody! i even made wallpaper. i'll make a link larkin at home. my photoshop here in the office is slowing my computer down. haha

6. i love the 60s fashion. the shoes are similar to what we have now, pointed flats. more or less, the dresses are the same, except for the bloomers under the skirts. one thing that isn't returning is the hairdo. hairspray is prohibited already, because of the chemicals emitted that hurt the ozone layer. but everything else is being recycled to this era. wonderful innit?

what's next on my 60s addiction? share some 60s love if you have something!


black eyeliners and rock music

>> Thursday, August 23, 2007

you know that i've never really been a fan of rock music; nor have i liked a rock band. they're loud, they're noisy, and they're scream-y.

but why in the world am i writing about a rock band?

because i like them?

nooooo! that cannot be! rock isn't part of the yumi dictionary! no, no, no!

i found this channel in youtube. and i fell in love with mikey way's pose here. the picture itself is hot too.

wait, wait, wait. did i just say that the picture was hot? oh my goodness, what is happening to the world?

trish introduced my chemical romance to me weeks ago. i've been hearing their songs over the radio or seeing their videos whenever i watch tv. trish oriented me with the members, their songs, and their videos. i downloaded all of their albums.

i found some songs scream-y, but there were songs that i enjoyed listening to. those were the songs that were mellow, but still kept the angsty rock attitude. take for example their songs from the black parade. it's the right blend of and upbeat song, but not painful to the ears. life on the murder scene was the screamy one, so i listen to it only when i'm feeling angsty and angry. :)) but it's the black parade that i listen more or less once a day.

the song teenagers gave me the longest song-slash-video LSS for more than month. i don't know whats with that song, but it always makes me smile. the song isn't even happy, it's about teenagers being the troubled citizens or how they are the headache of society. however, at the end of the video, it said that violence is not the key or the solution to any problem. so there's still something good in the video. harharhar.

listen to it, and see how it gets to your mind. it's really catchy.

because of that, i made a mikey way icon and included a line from teenagers in my lj's layout. i hoarded all pictures from starpulse.com. there are a lot of pictures there, mostly of gee. i saved all mikey pics. wheee!



josh on 100x100

>> Sunday, August 19, 2007

ok, sue me. i was bored. with the pictures in my josh groban folder and a click away from photoshop, i needed a break from the typing job i'm doing. (i'm not yet done with the training handouts! daym.)

i'm having second thoughts on buying those tickets. they're too expensive for the cheapest seats in the house. i hope there's a contest where you have to submit photoshopped works with josh groban in it. then the winner or the finalists get a free 15k ticket and backstage passes. wouldn't that be sweet? ahaha yeah, yeah, dream on.

but i really want to see him live. this manila tour is a once in a life-time experience. i don't think i'll be able to see him live anymore after this concert.

*bawls* i need ticket money. or a free ticket.


how to become a bloomfield

>> Thursday, August 16, 2007

thanks to faith for showing me this!


rocky: hi, i'm rocky. table rhymes with red. (smile)
pepe: *all smiles*

hello, i'm pepe. (pause) the best way to a woman's heart (pause) is ice cream. (pause) why is that? (pause) no, don't think like that. (pause) because it's bad. (pause)

(waves both hands) bah-bye!


louie: hi, i'm louie. see you later! (pause) crocodile!
lakan: hi, i'm lakan. keep your ticket, for inspection!
jayjay: hi, i'm jayjay. i love you, three times a day. hiyeehee!



>> Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i was feeling nature-y yesterday, i took random pictures of wood at home. i did a little tweaking with photoshop, just to bring out the colors of the greens and the browns.

the photos were a break to a lot of wallpapers (beatles and bloomfields) i made for the past days. more at my deviant art.


josh groban sing for me in manila!

>> Monday, August 06, 2007

so it's final. josh groban is indeed coming to manila. THIS YEAR.

and when i get hold of the schedule of his concert, i'm gonna buy a ticket. for one. haha mom doesn't want to spend a ticket to see josh groban. so it seems i'll be going alone.

(trish, will you be my groban-mate for the night?)

oh i wanna hug this cutie-patootie. AYIIIIIIII!!!!! *squeal*

oh, oh, oh! josh groban has an article in inquirer today. hohoyes, i'm gonna clip that article tomorrow. we subscribe to inquirer every mwf at the office. i'm nicking the entertainment portion.

i don't care how big the picture is, i'm filling yer lj windows with his face! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

interesting trivia: josh groban hates treadmills.

WHUUUUUT???? hahahaha i hate treadmills too. i can't run properly without grabbing the handlebars on the machine (is there anything is this world that will make you stop? ohhh, you're a machine!!) that's why i got a pool card.

omg, was he talking about a treadmill for the song machine? hahaha i'm thinking gymming for him is traumatizing =))

and he loves playing tennis. oh cool, i love tennis. well, watching tennis, not playing tennis. *imagines scenario* he plays tennis while i sit in the bleachers, staring at him pull off those tennis moves. can i be yer towel girl?


and if yeh laaaav me and my fan girl mode for josh groban, don't hold his schedule on ransom. gimme, gimme, gimme details if you know anything about his concert. all i know that he's singing in picc.

sign me cd! sign me cd! oh wait, that's too subtle. SIGN ME FOREHEAD! SIGN ME FOREHEAD!

ok. fan girl too much? AHLOVEEEEET.



>> Friday, August 03, 2007


national anthem

>> Thursday, August 02, 2007

the philippine national anthem goes like this:

Bayang magiliw
Perlas ng Silanganan
Alab ng puso
Sa dibdib mo'y buhay.

Lupang hinirang,
Duyan ka ng magiting,
Sa manlulupig
Di ka pasisiil.

Sa dagat at bundok
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw;
May dilag and tula
At awit sa paglayang minamahal.

Ang kislap ng watawat mo'y
Tagumpay na nagniningning,
Ang bituin at araw niya
Kailan pa ma'y di magdidilim.

Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati't pagsinta,
Buhay at langit sa piling mo;
Aming ligaya na pag may mang-aapi
Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo.

we were asked to memorize the song in preschool. what schools failed to teach is the meaning of the song. i'm sure majority of us do not even know what some of the words mean. i would admit that i only paid attention to the lyrics lately. picking up a dictionary to understand what the song really says isn't normal for us, especially when it's the national anthem. i think knowing the meaning of the song (or at least being aware of what the song says) is a requirement for everyone. no one should not be allowed to vote without memorizing and singing the national anthem without fumbling on the words. how could you say you're a citizen of the philippines if you don't know the lyrics to the country's national anthem? it's not a difficult task to know the song. if people can memorize lyrics to the popular songs, it wouldn't be a chore to memorize this one right?

it's a beautiful song. though i think that the music shouldn't be too march-y. it would be heartfelt if it were in a slower and melodic version, emphasizing on every vowel and word. but since we grew up to this tune and julian felipe would haunt me if i say we change it, we must at least pay respect to the lyrics.

if you're having a hard time translating the words, here's an english version. read through it, see how glorious and wonderful each line is.

Land of the morning
Child of the sun returning
With fervor burning
Thee do our souls adore.

Land dear and holy,
Cradle of noble heroes,
Ne'er shall invaders
Trample thy sacred shores.

Ever within thy skies and through thy clouds
And o'er thy hills and seas;
Do we behold thy radiance, feel the throb
Of glorious liberty.

Thy banner dear to all hearts
Its sun and stars alright,
Oh, never shall its shining fields
Be dimmed by tyrants might.

Beautiful land of love, oh land of light,
In thine embrace 'tis rapture to lie;
But it is glory ever when thou art wronged
For us thy sons to suffer and die.

now, are you a filipino citizen, willing to die for the country?



filipino poems are soooo romantic. not the puppy-love kind of romantic, the kind of romantic that will make you fall for anyone. at first, i didn't get the poem. but when i looked the words up in the dictionary, i saw how heavy and appropriate the words are to making a girl smile. i can't even classify the poem as cheesy because it doesn't give you a momentary bliss. the poem sticks with you, affecting you in a romantic way. go grab a filipino dictionary. say the words out loud, listen to the rhythm, imagine every scene.


Manaog ka, irog, at kata’y lalakad
Maglulunoy katang
Payapang-payapa sa tabi ng dagat
Ang daliring garing
At sakong na wari’y kinuyom na rosas!

Manunulay kata
Habang maaga pa, sa isang pilapil
Na nalalatagan
Ng damong may luha ng mga bituin
Patiyad na tayo
Ay maghabulang simbilis ng hangin
Ngunit walang ingay
Hanggang sa sumapit sa tiping buhangin

Pagdating sa tubig
Mapapaurong kang parang nangingimi
Gaganyakin kita
Sa nangaroroong mga lamang-lati
Doon ay mga tahong
Talaba’t halaang bakigha-bighani
Hindi kaya natin
Mapuno ang bulso bago tumanghali?

Kata’y magbabalik sa pinanggalingan
Sugatan ang paa
At sunog ang balat sa sikat ng araw
Talagang ganoon
Sa dagat man, Irog, ng kaligayahan
Lahat, pati puso
Ay naaagnas ding marahang-marahan


diploma (subtitle: oo, matanda ka na)

>> Wednesday, August 01, 2007

batch 2006,

you can get your diplomas already. just be prepared with 15 pesos (whadahek is the docu stamp for?).

don't bother reading your diploma, everything is in latin. HAHAHA the only thing recognizable is my name and the siggies of fr. nebres, doc leo and dr. intal. the rest, leave it to faith that it declares that you're a graduate.

i laughed when i the registrar people handed me the diploma. it was a rolled up huge-ass piece of paper. the fake diploma given during graduation looked more presentable because it had a blue ribbon around it. my diploma was wrapped in rubber band. is the school so damn sure that they're proud of their graduates? hahaha UP diplomas are more presentable. their diplomas are given inside a maroon folder with the emblem of UP on it. tssss... ateneo? naka rubber band. san ka pa.

anywhoo, they're ready for release. your parents will have one more framed thing of yours to add to their memorabilia on the wall.

and an atenean-related meme...

Place an X inside the box if it applies to you.

[X] Bought something from the A Shop
[X] Got an A for at least one subject (hello major subjects, i loff you)
[X] Understood the definition of "HELL" week… (extended to months)
[X] and regretted finding out what it meant
[X] Has taken/ Currently taking PE 101 (required yan ano)

total: 5

[X] Crammed three papers in one night (ho yeah. nagka ADHD ako dahil sabay-sabay ko siya ginawa)
[X] Gave a class presentation that you now regret (yes o yes)
[X] Know at least one photocopy lady because of professors who loved Xerox machines
[X] Got an F in a long test
[X] Promised to do better but didn't (hahaha happens every time)

total: 5

[X] Exerted effort to be exempted sa finals (oo. pero never naging exempted. olats)
[X] Striven for bonus points
[X] Slept in the library (2 hours beybeh! sa sobrang pagod)
[X] Ate lunch outside the caf
[X] Get a Jesuit for a teacher

total: 5

[X] Ate at least in 10 establishments in Katipunan (lahat na yata eh.)
[ ] Got an attack from Higad (goodness thank God hindi nangyari yon)
[X] Watched BlueRep and TA plays (TA DA BOMB!)
[X] Preferred Manang's food over the Caf's (ay oo noh. walang tatalo sa liempo)
[ ] Screamed your lungs out in Araneta for the Blue Eagles (olats. blue eagle gym lang ako)

total: 3

[ ] Puked at Math 19 and 20
[ ] Went to CERSA night
[X] Signed-up for an Org
[X] Joined an org that has a screening
[X] Became active in that org

total: 3

[X] Joined a socially oriented org (does sanggu count?)
[X] Played cards during long breaks (i learned cards because of david and ryan)
[X] Found immersion trips meaningful (i miss my foster family)
[X] Went to school in flip-flops
[X] Went to school in "pambahay attire" (especially during fa fest. ngarag mode)

total: 5

[ ] Went to school wearing chucks (i don't have chucks. nike adidas ako eh aha)
[X] Hated your random number (once lang. kasi i always get the good numbers haha)
[X] Been to Drew's (but i didn't drink.)
[ ] Have an organizer, whether it be from Starbucks, Go Nuts, Belle de Jour or whatever! (di uso organizer sakin. i write my reminders anywhere)
[X] Went to class without showering after P.E (yeah. katamad maligo eh.)

total: 3

[X] Wanted to tell the guards to F*ck off
[X] had accidentally seen a make-out session (kasi di magtago sa kwarto. sa may escaler pa)
[X] Used consultation times properly
[X] Brought an umbrella but it didn't rain (mababasa payong ko eh!)
[X] Left an umbrella and then it rained (thanks to that anonymous guy who offered his payong)

total: 5

[X] Went to school trying to make porma but no one noticed
[X] Went to school looking crappy and everyone noticed
[X] Camwhored a lot
[X] Saw artistas and completely ignored them
[X] Spoke in a conyo way (frosty moments call for conyo moments)

total: 5

[X] Found a Chinese girl/boy hot
[ ] Nagulat sa lumulubog na block sa SOM-Overpass walkway (lumulubog siya?)
[X] Had a block party
[X] Cut class to watch a movie with blockmates
[X] Have at least 25 Ateneans on your Ym list

total: 4

[X] Became an FFL (Fucking freeloader!)
[ ] Traded dvds of American tv shows with your friends
[X] Went to Ewood for nothing
[ ] Wore aviator glasses in Ateneo
[X] Ate in class

total: 3

[X] Became EMO for no apparent reason in school
[X] Thought friendster is a bust and multiply is SOOO much better
[X] Voted in the Sanggu elections (kelangan eh. i need those votes. haha)
[X] Read the Guidon and Matanglawin thoroughly way back... (pag bored)
[X] Tried to avoid the guards because you left your oh-so-precious id (and i snuck regi inside the campus haha)

total: 5

[X] Engaged in deep-thinking while in Ateneo gardens such as Zen and SOM walkway
[ ] Bought coffee from Figaro sa MVP basement! (eh di ko naabutan yung mvp eh)
[ ] Nakapaghang-out sa isang MVP room (daan lang.)
[x] Became an official YouTube addict
[X] Knew why Jesuit education is priceless

total: 3

[X] Learned a lot about life due to your Philosophy and Theology subjects
[X] Went to Ateneo even if you had no class
[X] Knew at least 7 famous Ateneo Alumni (i think)
[X] Laughed at Tapdancers
[X] Ran out of ink due to numerous papers you had to pass

total: 5

[ ] Maximized the use of your flash drive (wala akong flash drive non olats)
[X] Celebrated diversity in the Ateneo
[X] Kept OrSem memories
[X] Watched a movie with fellow Ateneans that aren't from your block
[X] Has the hots for a fellow Atenean.

total: 4

Worth 3 points each:
[ ] Attended simbang gabi at Gesu
[x] REGed2Vote
[ ] Screamed in Araneta for the Blue Eagles
[X] Know at least 3 Ateneo cheers
[X] Memorized and sung A Song for Mary whole-heartedly (para may pang-asar ako sa mga friends ko from lasalle)
[x] Got to be on the Dean's list for at least a semester
[ ] Prayed to St. Ignatius of Loyola

total: 4x3 = 12

Worth 5 points: [X] Called yourself an Atenean

A= 92-100
B+= 86-91
B= 77-85
C+= 69-76
C= 60-68
D= 50-59
F= 49 and below

80 lang ako? a B? unfair, di pa uso MVP building nung panahon ko eh. hahaha


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