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>> Monday, July 16, 2007

in a world of r&b, metal rock, alternative rock, pop and rap, you'd think that music will go no where but forward. it seems that classical music will never be unearthed or appreciated by today's generation. music is so contemporary that music by orchestras are considered old style and boring.

but after seeing the videos from "britain's got talent," i realized that somewhere out there, classical music still has a chance of capturing people's hearts.

enter paul potts. a telephone operator. nothing's so grand about him: he's not attractive, he has an ordinary job, he even looks like a total loser. but once he opened his mouth to sing, everyone jumped to their feet for a standing ovation. even simon cowell, the notorious basher from american idol, is wowed at his talent.

his intention is not to impress people, or to show off. he does not even want to go with the flow and sing pop. he wants to sing opera. that's it. he also reveals that with singing opera, he begins to forget everything around him who adds to his low self-esteem.

notice the look on the judges' faces when paul says, "i want to sing opera." they got the look of this-is-not-the-right-place-to-do-that. the subtitles on their faces were just screaming, "okhaaay. let's get this done. quickly."

but once he sings, the audience gets teary eyed, the judges drop their jaws and people starts cheering for him. he's an instant crowd favorite.

we all know that paul wins the competition, hands down. people voted for him even if he's not going to enter the world's 50 handsome men or would be a hot action star. he's got talent, britain saw he's got potential, and they didn't rely on face factor to determine the winner.

with that gesture, we know that classical music is not yet buried six feet under. classical music needs to be re-discovered to inspire lives and uplift souls. just as classical music gave paul strength, it can have the same effect to other people. classical music is just there in the music archives, waiting for the right person to press the play button and appreciate what it has got to give.

i've also grown up with classical music. three of my most favorite artists are classical singers: josh groban, il divo, and charlotte church. josh groban is experimenting with other genres but he's still keeping his classical voice. il divo is still il divo with four hot classical singers. haha charlotte church used to be a pure classical singer before she shifted to pop three-four years ago. i still listen to her pop songs but i prefer her classical side.

i've appreciated other genres (especially country and 60s rock n' roll), but i always come back to classical music. in the car on the way to the mrt, when i go home, before i sleep, and when i need to concentrate at work, i have classical music on my ears. my blockmates know that i'm on the classical music genre that's why when they send songs, they make sure it's near the uplifting music of the orchestra; nothing to metal-ish rock, or too noisy for my taste.

whenever i'm on a classical mod at work, i always wish that the day people will start appreciating classical music again will come soon. classical music has many wonders. it can boost a person's brain, it can increase memory, it can aid the intelligence of a child, it can calm nervous feelings, and even make plants bloom. without classical music, there wouldn't be derivations of the music we have today. :)


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