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>> Thursday, July 12, 2007

people say that in love (or in any other relationship), opposite poles attract. it's the differences that propel people to like each other, to click, to make a connection. it's the north that attracts the south, and vice versa.

have you ever thought it's not only in the differences but also in the similarities? magnets won't attract if they're not magnets, or made of metal. metal on metal, magnet on magnet, pole on pole. positive on negatives, but they're both signs, and both have currents. without those common points, a magnet won't attract another foreign object -- let's say magnet on plastic.

it's the similarities that connects people. they find something to share with each other, and it's the differences in those similarities that make it more interesting. the differences become the learning points for two people. then sooner or later, it'll become a bridge to their similarities. they'll become one in those learning points. you adapt to the other's likes, as the other person adapts to yours. you meet at a common point, you join forces. the north and south pole pull their way towards each other.

but what about having both norths in relationships? or both souths? it's for the cliche phrase of, "not meant for each other." it's the good versus the bad, the black versus the white, the up versus the down. not all people agree on certain ideas. too much similarities can be a source of jealousy and competition. you see yourself in that other person and you try to be like him. the more you try to push your way towards his "currents," the more you'll clash. you'll end up getting frustrated because you won't jive with that other person.

we were made to become magnets. we build relationships with others. it's in the matter of making the right connection. we match our poles with those different from us, but share the same current. let the electricity flow freely and everything will come full circle.


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