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>> Tuesday, July 31, 2007

three films in the span of one week. i'd say i'm indie-fied.

endo by jade castro

first shot at cinemalaya. thank God for films like this and there are no sampalan moments. haha silence is better than the usual pinoy screaming and slapping. best part for me was when leo asked his gf candy, "ano pangarap mo?" it gave reference to how tanya was different to candy.

i agree with jace, the music was appropriate for every scene. even the cd player bridged the gap between the two characters, a barrier for leo and candy, and a communication symbol for his pregnant ex-gf. all objects were made for a purpose, and they served the purpose well.

the ending was quite unclear. when leo was standing in front of a gate and a woman came out, my first reaction was that the woman was leo's relative. it was unclear why tanya went home to the province before she boarded the ship. maybe it would've been better if they showed tanya riding the bus, then appearing at the gate when the woman checked to see who was standing in front of their house.

rating: 4 out of 5 tickets.

still life by katsky flores

sir ron rocks. the scene shots were pretty, it's like capturing a still life painting on film. good location too, everyone was commenting "wow, ganda ng location nila."

the twist at the end of the story shook my time frame. haha i had to backtrack and remember the scenes to be able to understand how the pieces fit together. nice touch in the twist of events, it really made the audience think.

best parts, all of sir ron's one-liners. "ang lapit kasi ng tubero sa pintor eh." trust doesn't come right away, it takes a clogged sink to warm up with a stranger.

soundtrack was a little bit iffy. the piano and guitar solos were nice, though they could've put more variations to it. more bases on the drama parts, or broken chords at the high notes for light moments. the movie dragged at the start, though it picked up in the middle. maybe it's just me over analyzing it, but my rationale for the slow start was that a painter feels that time is such a drag when you're uninspired.

oh lookie, ariel is there! and the moderator of entablado (forgot the name), is also a doctor in the film. wehehehe

rating: 3.75 out of 5

this evening, i watched a film by rahyan carlos. it was the product of the summer acting and film production workshop held by c-futures. rahyan carlos directed and wrote the play, while the workshoppers were the actors. they also got veteran actors for the big roles. karylle and lj reyes watched the film. mother lily was there daw. I SAW JOMS! JOMS! i miissshed you. sorry tinapon ko yung chips mo. harhar

ang parol sa aking burol by rahyan carlos

click this link for the trailer. the person who uploaded this disabled embedding. mwehehe.

the symbolic reference of a parol giving light to people was used. it was an unusual setting to have a wake during the christmas season. an irony of feelings; you don't know if you're gonna be happy for the yuletide season or be sad because there's a dead person in your living room.

the story focused on family relationships, and how the death of the mother brought out the real relationships among brothers and sisters. soundtrack was excellent (aha von de guzman), even the direction and choice of actors. lynn sherman is such a winner.

i found it funny when they started to forgive the cousin. the cousin inherited the large house that the family lived in. they didn't know about this cousin; because apparently, the cousin was the son of the illegitimate sister of the deceased. the family thought he was the boyfriend of the deceased and that he was hoarding the money of the family.

the forgiveness came right away. if i were the daughter, i would doubt the cousin. he could've forced the mother to put that he was the cousin and that he should have the right to the house. maybe i'm being too filipino soap opera-ish, but i wouldn't give my whole trust to it. at least someone from the family had to know that the mother had a sister. someone trustful from the family to convince the other members that he is really a relative. there could've been a better resolution. but the flickering parol was nice for an ending.

funny moments: it's a laugh trip when you know the people in the film. myk acted as a gay fan. HAHA di bagay myk, you're too manly to become a gay fan. i wanted to poke you during your fan mode, but you were at the other side of the aisle. the producers were there as "chismosang mourners": sis evelyn, sis lynette, sis elaine, bro eugene (kakai, umaarte tito mo. hahaha)

rating: 3.5 out of 5 tickets

i wish to watch more. but pisay is at 5 pm tomorrow at film center. sakker, i get out at 5. i'll try to watch ligaw liham on thursday, but i can't promise anything. rrrr... more showing dates up, MOOOORE!!!


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