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giddy-yup informal

>> Thursday, July 19, 2007

i was in a bad mood when i woke up (maybe because of the stiff neck HAHA), so i wasn't expecting anything to cheer me up. while i was eating breakfast, i was thinking of the most "bruhilda" status for my ym. i even ate breakfast alone because i woke up at 830 and my parents ate when i was asleep. boooyeah.

while i was halfway through my meal of fried fish and grumpiness, dad stopped whatever he was doing at the library and sat down with me. awwwww... he even offered to get the milk from the fridge for me. grumpiness meter dropped halfway.

i sat at my computer and took out my worksheets to finish. frustrating for me, because i'm running out of insects, animals and trees to write about. i have to think of different topics to last me 10 levels. i'm only in grade 1, and all the species of the insect land are eating my worksheets. i need more of them to munch through grade 6. man, that's a long way to go.

so anyway, i did my usual routes in the net: ym, multiply, lj, mail. lastly was the forums, and i expected the boring blue header with the name of the host plastered on it.

but no, no, no! it was a refreshing sight to see something new. grumpiness meter dropped to minimal! around 10% was left. oh giddy joy!

it looks so informal. i love it! thanks peewee, you did a great job! you saved us from the bland smf host banner!

go join the bloomfields forums! it's ahlahttafahn!


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