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3 colors

>> Friday, July 20, 2007

in the span of one day and numerous pages of worksheets, i was able to procrastinate three wallpapers.

the skies, the seas, and the trees

the first one was an inspiration from miya. haha she was thinking of creating an account with livejournal, and i volunteered of making a layout. she said she'll think about it first. the inspiration just hit me, i made something blue (which is her favorite color). i gave ideas, and one of them was a pop-artish layout. it's up to her if she's going to use it -- that is if she creates an account.

the green layout is the third of the series. the inspiration for that is an mtv announcement for the shows. the circle with dangling lines came from mtv, the i just added the other shapes. figure out what that is. :)

quincy dared me to make a pink layout for him. who says seas can't be pink? besides, i had blue for the sky, i can't make the seas blue too. imagination is everything. a fairy tale land. i made two versions of that. the first one was crappy, so i'm not sharing it with you. haha

full views are in my deviant art.


sasha 6:16 PM  

I love the colors, Yumi! :) Galing! Artistic ka sobra! :)

Saka itong new layout mo... i love it! :)

Happy weekend!

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